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Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 Challenge #4: Blood is Life

Updated on June 27, 2013

Scenario Description

You must survive the attack this round and counterattack to win next round.

He will attack with Rumbling Baloth (4/4) and Yavimaya Wurm (6/4, Trample), which is a combination more than strong enough to destroy you outright. A second Rumbling Baloth he holds in return to prevent your counterattack, but that's only if you live that long.

You have Markov Patrician (3/1, Lifelink) and Child of Night (2/1, Lifelink) to block with. You also have a Gloomhunter (2/1, Flying) which is tapped. Can you tap into Lifelink to survive this round?


Still want to try to solve this on your own? These tips can put you in the right direction.

  • You gain life from Lifelink as soon as the damage occurs
  • Trample damage occurs after damage between creature
  • Stopping the Baloth prevents four damage, while double-blocking the Yavimaya Wurm only prevents one extra damage
  • It doesn't matter how many creatures you have left if you're the last one standing


  1. Block both of the attackers with one blocker each, it doesn't matter which blocks which so long as both are blocked. (I don't know why she only attacks with two, she'd win if she attacked with all three...)
  2. Attack with the Gloomhunter
  3. Win

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  • profile image

    o.o 3 years ago

    you all realize if she had attacked with all three you start with two life, you can block both the 4/4's and tank the worm and skate buy with one life left. then finish it the next turn right? gahh no strategy from any of you.

  • profile image

    Kochab 3 years ago

    And no, the 4/4 does not have summoning sickness. If she attacked with everything she'd win. This challenge just got dumber.

  • profile image

    Kochab 3 years ago

    lol this was the dumbest challenge ever. It's not even a challenge. You obviously have to block both. It doesn't even matter which order. By whose definition is this a challenge?

  • profile image

    some guy 4 years ago

    the third one have summoning sickness, that why she didn't attacked with all three