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Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 Challenge #7: Go Berserk (with Heavy Hitter Achievement)

Updated on June 27, 2013

Scenario Description

Your opponent has no creatures at all, but he has a wall of traps and bottlenecks you need to get through. In addition, if you win by dealing more than 200 points of damage you win an achievement and an avatar profile for whatever game system you're using.

Your opponent has four Trip Nooses (Artifact, pay 2 mana and tap to tap target creature) and Crawlspace (Artifact, no more than 2 creatures can attack). He can, and will, tap four of your creatures to prevent you from attacking with them.

You have an army of giant creatures on your side: Baloth Woodcrasher (4/4, gains +4/+4 whenever you play a land), Dungrove Elder (9/9, Hexproof, has a power and toughness equal to the number of forests you have), Multani, Maro-Sorcerer (10/10, Shroud, has power and toughness equal to the number of cards in all hands), Heedless One (2/2, Trample, has power and toughness equal to the number of Elves in play), Drove of Elves (6/6, Hexproof, has power and toughness equal to the number of green permanents you control), Primalcrux (Trample, its power and toughness are equal to the number of green symbols on cards you control). You have some very powerful cards in your hand and a lot of choices to make.

(Note: the solution presented here is not the only solution, but this will also earn you the "Heavy Hitter" achievement)


Still want to try to solve this on your own? These tips can put you in the right direction.

  • He has many ways of tapping creatures, but he won't use them until you declare an attack
  • You have many ways of untapping creatures
  • Berserk is massively overpowered, and gets stronger the later you wait to play it
  • You have a lot of creatures who have power greater than 10 or can easily become greater than 10
  • You can use an ability to tap a creature in response to the Trap trying to tap it


  1. Play the Forest
  2. Play Quirion Ranger
  3. Play Mossbridge Troll
  4. Play Khalani Hydra (it's free because of how many creatures you control)
  5. Play Instill Energy on Mossbridge Troll
  6. Activate Mossbridge Troll's ability by tapping Primalcrux
  7. Activate Mossbridge Troll's ability again by tapping Drove of Elves
  8. Activate Mossbridge Troll's ability once more by tapping Dungrove Elder (it should now be a 65/65)
  9. Untap one of the either Primalcrux or Drove of Elves using Quirion Elf's ability (return a tapped Forest to your hand)
  10. Activate Mossbridge Troll's ability again by tapping the creature you untapped in step 9 (now an 85/85)
  11. Begin Combat Phase, opponent will use his traps on Mossbridge Troll, Baloth Woodcrasher, Heedless One, and Khalani Hydra
  12. In response to the final trap activating (it should be on the Khalani Hydra for some reason, even though it has summoning sickness) pause the action and activate the special ability of Instill Energy to untap Mossbridge Troll
  13. Still in response to the final Trap's activate Mossbridge Troll's ability one more time by tapping Multani, Maro-Sorcerer and Khalani Hydra
  14. Let everything resolve
  15. Cast Berserk on Mossbridge Troll's (now a 210/105)
  16. Attack with Mossbridge Troll
  17. Win, Achievement Unlocked

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  • profile image

    Robert 2 years ago

    Yep, agreed on the above. The respective Steam Achievement won't be possible using the described steps - there's just 1 creature missing to be tapped to get the Troll to 100+!

  • profile image

    Seth 3 years ago

    My fucking untap for the instill energy won't work I've tried this and several other ways and it all boils down to how my instill energy's untap ability will not work so thank you for the guide I assume it works

    P.s. Yes I know how to stop the timer and shit I'm not misusing the games mechanics the card just won't activate ability when I try idk why but whatevs I gave up on that challenge for this reason

  • profile image

    Kochab 3 years ago

    Great guide! I did not see this solution. I find it odd that I still got the heavy hitter achievement even though the first time I played this I only did ~40 damage to him.

  • profile image

    AG 4 years ago

    Correction, it is perfectly possible because of how Mossbridge Troll reads, turns out he needs a combined total of power 10, and apparently you can tap multiple creatures in order to achieve that. He has a weird and unusual wording that I thought worked differently, he is a lot more powerful than I originally thought. Good walkthrough for it, just pay close attention, I should have caught that sooner.

  • profile image

    AG 4 years ago

    When it gets to the final steps of tapping multani (who is only a 6/6 due to only 6 cards being in hand meaning he can't be tapped with mossbridge trolls ability) and kahlni hydra (who is already tapped and is only an 8/8 also being out of range of the 10/10 requirement to tap mossbridge troll) they can't be tapped. Meaning while you can win the challenge, this guide does not tell you how to get the heavy hitter achievement of 200 damage. There is probably a way to get 200 damage out of this, but the person who wrote this guide did not write it correctly. If I can figure out the actual solution to the achievement, i'll post it here.

  • profile image

    Katt 4 years ago

    Works great!! PS3.

    When returning land to hand pick one that's tapped. Make sure to pause during last trap, missed that when following steps, as I didn't read ahead.


  • profile image

    sonso 4 years ago

    Doesn't really work as directed when the creatures needed to tap for the troll have been tapped by the traps, but still a win.

  • profile image

    Miles 4 years ago

    Sweet! I did it. I was close, but missed a few things. Thanks for the guide.

  • profile image

    Soyez 4 years ago

    Just unlocked the achievement using the guide - if you follow this word for word it will work

  • profile image

    tr1plethr333 4 years ago

    This solution does not work. You will not have a forest to cast berserk in the final step.