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Magic Fabric As Seen On TV

Updated on July 23, 2010

Magic Fabric As Seen On TV Arts and Crafts Friend Maker

If you've been following my hubs you know that I am absolutely obsessed with everything As Seen On TV. You'll also notice that my favorite as seen on tv toy products are ones that make kids have to not only use creativity but also make them have to use their imagination to play with the toys. Making kids use their imaginations and getting them to be creative is not only one of the most important things you could do for them when they are younger and that is why products like Magic Fabric from Spin Direct is one of those As Seen On TV arts and crafts toys that I absolutely love.

Magic Fabric is a magic fabric that your kids can use to make fun shapes and use the cut out animal shapes with. They then decorate the animals and add in stuffing to make their very own plush toys and stuffed animals. The best part about Magic Fabric as seen on tv is that there is absolutely no need for dangerous needles or toxic glues. One thing that parents worry about with their kids is their safety.

Parents are always hearing horror stories and toy recalls on the news and they always think in the back of their minds, what if that was my kid? They try to avoid toys with sharp edges and toys that use chemicals or dangerous substances that kids may swallow or eat. Because Magic Fabric uses no needles and has no glue you don't have to worry about your kids stabbing themselves or swallowing a poisonous chemical while they are playing with Magic Fabric.

Magic Fabric works because the fabric sticks to itself and does not stick to anything else. The shapes and animals are pre cut out for your kids so you don't have to worry about additional cuts and the plush stuffing to make their flat and boring stuffed animals become 3D toys is easy to place on the base shapes. After you place the plush stuffing in between the body of the Magic Fabric stuffed animal all you need to do is place it on the Magic Fabric press plate and press it together so it holds together and your kids now have a brand new stuffed animal that they can name, give a voice to and become best friends with. Magic Fabric actually comes with a few animal shapes so not only can your kids make a new stuffed animal or a group of stuffed animals but they can also have their friends make a new stuffed animal for them as well.

What I also really like about Magic fabric is that they don't limit your kids to just one puppy or rabbit.  Instead there are tons of fun shapes and packets you can buy including puppies, rabbits, mermaids and more.  With all of the options to choose from and all of the different types of Magic Fabric creatures you can buy your kids will never be bored again. 

Magic Fabric as seen on tv lets your kids be creative and create new best friends. I love this toy and want to know how it works in real life. If you buy magic fabric and loved it, please feel free to come back and let us know how it worked for you. Although I probably won't buy magic fabric, mainly because I don't need it and don't have kids, I would definitely like to know how you liked it if you buy magic fabric for your kids. Perfect for arts and crafts or just days where your kids are bored and its raining outside, Magic Fabric as seen on tv will help your kids make a new best friend.


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