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The Magic Gathering Online Board Game

Updated on December 12, 2010

If your someone who enjoys the thrill of playing strategic games such as chess or drafts then check out Magic the Gathering online board game, this is the new magic card game that will test your skills at every level. The inventor of magic the gathering cards is Richard Garfield, a mathematician & professor and board game creator. There are not too many games on the market that can capitalize on this games success.


This game has earned it's right as the most played and successful card game since it's appearance. Magic gathering cards is a easy to learn but difficult to master at first the game can seem intimidating to a new player so here are a few tips about how the game is played so that you won't be left in the dark when you play this game for the first time.

How the Game Is Played

1.The basic strategy to this game is that two wizards,which is you and of course your opponent, are having a magical duel, with your cards being your spells.
The deck size for the tournament is a minimum of 60 cards most games are played using the standard 60 cards. The deck can be larger than 60 cards, but remember that the more cards that are played, the less chance you have of choosing the card you will need in the future.
Each player starts with standard of 20 life points there are also creatures in play to protect the players by taking the damage for them pretty similar to Yugioh, on the other hand if there are no creatures to protect you then you are open to attack . The damage varies depending on what card or creature is being played against you at the time. Once a player reaches 0 life points then his opponent wins the game.

Ranked Game

There is not usually any serious consequence for losing a match the players can merely start another game, sometimes both players can put up an "ante." This gives both players the opportunity to draw a card randomly from their deck whoever wins the match gets to keep both cards.
Another circumstance where it matters is if you are playing in a ranked game, a ranked game will move you up or down on the success ladder depending on whether you win or lose this will affect any chances of you getting into any top tournaments.

Construct Your Deck

You get to construct your deck how ever you want to it's totally up to you, a player can have no more than four of one specific card in a deck at any time. This helps to prevent a player from stocking up on too many powerful cards ,thus making it easier to destroy an opponent. Both players must shuffle their deck at the beginning before play begins.

There are two basic types of cards in a deck spell cards and land cards. The spell cards do anything from summoning a particular creature to hitting another wizard and causing direct damage to their opponent. Land cards are used to get mana (strength) this is what you will need to use in order to play your spell cards. The number of spell cards you can play is limited by how much mana you can gather.


There are five separate colors of cards in this game each color has its own use here are their general purposes and use in the game.

White cards are healing cards, and strengthen creatures and players by healing any damage that may occur,  It is hard to destroy an opponent with a strong healing deck as they are able to regenerate their health over and over again.

Blue lets you steal an opponent's cards and they also give you the power to stop another player from playing his cards which makes them useful for using as control cards.

Green is all about creatures, the green creatures are some of the strongest and most powerful in the game so having these cards in your deck will give you a strong advantage.

 Black cards are able to raise creatures from the dead and make your opponent discard his cards at the same time.

Red is all about quick damage causing quick fatal attacks to your opponent this should be used to give yourself time to regenerate.

Magic The Gathering (Duels of the Planeswalkers)


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