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Magic The Gathering Online

Updated on September 15, 2010

Zendikar Core Set

Have you ever played Magic the Gathering Online?

Bored? Like to play games? Card games? Board games?

Have you heard of Wizards of the Coast: Magic the Gathering trading cards?

It's been more than 10 years since this game was created and is still one of the things that is very popular in this world. A fun and strategic game.

Most people I know play the actual card games. But now there is something more better!

I remember when I was young, at about 13 years old. I first bought my 1st pack which is called "Fallen Empire" (1994). Since I grew up with 2 brothers, I have always played with them, and so I was also taught how to play Magic. We've collected so many rares but only played with each other.

As we grew up, our hobbies have changed and Magic wasn't as important as before and so life moves on.

I just learned that there's something that is called MTGO which is an online version of the card game. I was ecstatic!

I have been playing the MTGO for about 2 years now and its fun and addicting! Wizards comes up with a new set every 4-6 months (I believe), you can purchase then on the MTGO Store or buy packs and play in tournaments online. There's different versions of the tournaments.

**Moe4 is me playing in the MTGO tournament in the photo. I was at the "Zendikar block 4-3-2-2" tournament.**


1st: (set name) 4-3-2-2 for beginners, this means if you win 1 round, you automatically win 2 packs and you go to the 2nd round. When you win round 2, you get 3 packs and when you go to the finals (round 3), you win 4 packs.

2nd: (set name) 8-4 for experts, this means its either there is only a 1st place and 2nd place. 1st place wins 8 packs and 2nd place win 4 packs. The rest gets zero.

The newest set that came out was called M11. It came out on July 2010. Some rare cards in this set are Baneslayer Anger, Primeval Titan (Green), Sun Petal (White), Inferno Titan (Red), Grave Titan (Black) and Frost Titan (Blue). These are good if you get them in a draft, but not always in Casual games - where you construct your own deck. It can be Standard or Extended.

To know more about it: Click Magic the Gathering Online

Pay only $10 and get an Account

Join me in a Casual game or Tournament games and let's win some packs! :)

How to download MTGO? It's only compatible with PCs and not MACs.

Step 1: Go here.

Step 2: Click Create Account and follow directions.

Once you've completed the installation, you should be able to make a starter deck. But in order to build a really solid deck (good cards), you would need to spend a couple of $$$ and compete or trade some cards to other users.

It's a great way to pass time and enjoy your favourite game. Not only do you get rewards by using your account/playing, their customer service and moderators are great as well. :)


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    • Winterfate profile image

      Darrin Perez 7 years ago from Puerto Rico

      In Japan only. :(

      What I meant by axed was that they stopped printing out booster packs. So, if you can still somehow find any booster boxes for that game, there's only like 8 or 9 sets in the game total, as compared to the over 25 that exist in Japan nowadays.

      It's a shame, because it's a game that you can play and finish in under 3 minutes. Most TCGs are a lot slower.

    • bunnykinz profile image

      bunnykinz 7 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      I've never heard of it before.. but will definitely check it out. Is it still popular nowadays?

    • Winterfate profile image

      Darrin Perez 7 years ago from Puerto Rico

      I probably would, at that. :P

      I'm an avid fan of trading card games. My favorite one was Duel Masters before WotC axed it, which made me sad.

      If you haven't played Duel Masters, I tend to compare it to M:tG. I call it M:tG Lite. :D

    • bunnykinz profile image

      bunnykinz 7 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      You should try it out, give it a chance! :) I'd bet you'd love it!

    • Winterfate profile image

      Darrin Perez 7 years ago from Puerto Rico

      I never did really get into playing M:tG. I have a bunch of cards stashed away, as I used to collect them.

      Thanks for the hub though; it looks like a pretty good game. :)