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Wacky, Twisty, Fuzzy, Squirmle, and Squiggly – The Magic Worm Toys

Updated on June 8, 2016

Magic Wacky and the Rest of the Magical Toy Worm Gang

Wacky, Twisty, Fuzzy, Squirmle, and Squiggly – if you know a magical toy worm that bends on your will and delivers you and your friends tons of happiness, then it probably goes by one of the funky names I’ve mentioned. Weird as it may be, this magic wacky worm toy comes in many names as varied as how playful and whimsical it is. I’ve even heard of Willy and Bouncy, but that’s not the point here, because the point is – having fun and learning of the magical worm toy that everyone’s talking about. For simplicity and universality purpose, let’s just call him/her/it…Magic Wacky!

What’s with the name?

It’s obvious why Wacky’s the name. Just take a glance at the worm – it’s oozing and reeking of wackiness. Just as I’ve said, for the purpose of simplicity and universality, Wacky’s the general name for this page. So, that says it all! I know I may sound a little quirky over here, but trust me – once this toy gets some crawling space on your hand or on your play space, you’ll understand why Wacky is the chosen name for this magical and fantastic toy.

Who is Magic Wacky?

Wacky sure is a worm, but it definitely isn't your ordinary earthworm. That's because Wacky is furry, cuddly, squiggly, squirmy, and most of all - it isn't icky. It's a toy worm with a little bit of magic imbued in it -- a kind of magic that makes it superbly irresistible and awe-inspiring.

What is that you say? You wanna get-to-know and get acquainted with this furry wormy piece of happiness as soon as possible? Well, you really don't have to wait for anything! Like who said anything about waiting? It's right in front of you! And it's now your choice whether you want to make a new friend or not. Don't worry, this friendly annelid creation knows no preconceptions nor prejudgement. It's perfectly friendly towards everyone!

So, what's so magical about this magic toy worm?

Whether or not you've known or seen Wacky before, one would say that this worm's magic trick is one of the best around. It never seems to fail to amaze anyone especially those who sees it the first time. Why? That's because Wacky just seems to come to life at the very whim of its manipulator. Yes, once you get the hang of it, Wacky looks like it's legitimately alive and smoothly squirming with fluid motion. Plus, it's so easy to pull off Wacky's magic trick that you'll want to show it off to your friends in every moment you can.

Do you wanna play with Magic Wacky?

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How to play with Magic Wacky?

Now you're asking how to play with this new slender and fuzzy friend of yours? It's easy I say! Be creative, let it crawl, and let it play! It's a knickknack after all! Bend it, lead it, pull it, push it, adore it, flick it - ah, the million of ways to deal and play with it! It's you and your imagination that matters after all. So go on and fool around with it as long as you want! And oh, I forgot to mention this bit - Magic Wacky is extremely addictive! Once you learn the ropes, or string, or thread -oops- or anything that matters of getting around this weird annelid, you'll never want to let it down (well, that's until you get it broken or's actually quite fragile to be worries, it's quite cheap anyway...worth all the fun).

What’s the trick?

Ummm...I'm kinda loathe to tell the secret behind it actually, but I'll tell you anyways. It's not like it's actually a life-threatening apocalyptic secret. Welll...the *wait for it* ...the string! Yep, you heard that right. The trick lies on the sting...the clear, thin, and near invisible string. That's it, whether you found that intel useful or not, the secret now lies in your hands. Just a piece of advice though: no matter what happens, never EVER reveal the string (the trick/secret) to your spectators! That way, you can get them awestruck and enchanted for quite a while. I'm sure they'll be scratching their heads in amazement and wonder of your gimmickry and your magical worm toy.

What I love about this Magic Worm?

Actually, this toy is already in existence for a very long time now (well, not that long but it goes as far as I remember). The first time I saw it was when I was still a child and boy was I impressed at how it seemed realistically alive and kicking. I knew it was some kind of trick but I was too amazed that I accepted it as some kind of magic back then. At first, my friends wouldn't tell me the secret behind it but then, I discovered that there were just some nearly-invisible strings attached to the toy worm which enabled it to move and turn around. Still, that didn't really spoil the fun because I knew that it was my turn to pull off the magic trick unto others. Also, manipulating Wacky and making it squiggle around was really quite fun as well. From then on, I played with Wacky countless of times even up to the point that it breaks. Yeah, really, this toy eventually breaks if played too much. That's not too big of a deal though because it's quite cheap and the fun with it is really worth every penny.

So there, that's how I came to love Wacky and its wild antics. I did end up buying and breaking a lot of them but everything was really fun and worth the time. I did make a few friends by doing Wacky's trick upfront and I also had a lot of fun play time as a kid with this worm. Wacky just proves that its magic does not only lie on its strings and fuzziness but on a totally different magic - a magic that we can call happiness.

This Magic Worm goes by different names in different places. What's its name in your place?

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