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The Kickdown: Make Forza Motorsport Great Again

Updated on April 10, 2020
Joshua Nightshade profile image

Joshua Is a self-proclaimed Driving God with an almighty Forza Game Rank.


The Forza Motorsport series is in a rough spot right now. Whether it’s due to the bleeding effect of the Forza Horizon series or the various Multiplayer issues, the series has lost its former glory. The Forza faithful have stayed true to the grind but even we are losing patience with the direction Turn 10 and Microsoft Studios are taken with the series. Things just feel out of place with the game, like they are missing. I'm going to keep it a buck: The Forza Motorsport Series is dying. As Forza Horizon gets better, Forza Motorsport gradually gets worse. And just like Assassins Creed’s main character Desmond Miles, the Forza Motorsport series is having a bleeding effect, with Horizon bleeding a bit too much into the Motorsport side of things. Also like Desmond Miles, it seems that ever since Forza Motorsport 5, Turn 10 has forgotten that people still play Motorsport. And there are various issues with the franchise as a whole now.


It seems that the transition from Xbox 360 to Xbox One is what really hurt the series as Forza Motorsport 4 remains the gold standard. Forza Motorsport 5 was rushed to be released alongside the new console, setting the tone for the next two games to come. Forza 5’s tracklist was a B- at best and it rocked the most underwhelming car list in racing game history. To add to this, some of the cars were to damn expensive. Forza tried to remedy that by lowering prices but they were still too damn high. Then it seemed like the driving dynamics were on crack as in races, taking simple turns would result in heavy oversteer, even in heavily underpowered cars. The graphics were the only good thing about this game as the multiplayer issues, which were always present, evolved on the Xbox One.

Moving on to Forza 6 and things got better but worse in other ways. If you played only singleplayer then this was a solid game. The driving dynamics done by a methhead were gone, replaced by something more controllable which is what you want in a racing game: Control! However, it was in multiplayer where most of the issues were present. There is no checks and balances. No just way to bring justice to the people who just want a clean race. The Rammers and Spammers ran amuck all over the circuit and when we turned to Turn 10 to fix this, we got nothing. Sure they banned some cars with a heavy mass that could be used for ramming and spamming but it didn’t really solve the problem. There is no in-game mechanic to stop reckless driving and encourage clean racing. And this would get worse with Forza 7.

Forza 7 tried to rip us off with VIP before they realized this wasn’t something micro-transactions would fix and put it back to the way things should have been. To explain, at the start everyone that was a VIP got 5 100% credit bonus cards that each could be used five individual times for 25 times each in total. However, that’s not permanent. And I paid for VIP, why am I being treated like a regular player after I blew my VIP cards. It should be like before in the previous games of the franchise were VIP bonus was automatically applied after the race. Turn 10 listened and fixed the issue but it shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place. Not only that but right after the Car Pass expired, which is one of the reasons a consumer would buy the Ultimate Edition, Turn 10 announced to cut down on rammers and spammers, some cars would be banned from the multiplayer lobbies. That’s cool except for the cars you banned. Most of them are DLC cars and to add insult to injury, Id like to remind people that this is Forza Motorsport so while I get a 2018 Honda Odessy getting banned, why is an open wheeled race car like a 1926 Buggati Type 35 C getting banned, something with actual MOTORSPORT HISTORY!!!!! Exactly 36% of all DLC from the Car Pass has been banned and to put that into perspective, only two cars in the Doritos Car Pack can be used in Multiplayer. Forza is punishing the many for the mistakes of the few instead of just implementing systems to deal with the dirty players in the game. Homologation rules to me have hurt multiplayer to as I cant use a Mercedes-AMG GT-S because it isn't a “Sports GT” but a “Fast and The Furious” car. Really? Oh, and pit lane sucks compared to the trailer. Yes, I’m salty about that. But I feel the series can be made great again, no political pun intended. *wink wink*


Its time for a change and the time is now. And this can be done in three ways. The first 3 playoff nostalgia. If Forza Motorsport 4 really was the last Forza Motorsport game to have an impact then give the fans Forza Motorsport 4. And for that matter, the other three games before it. Make Forza Motorsport 4, Forza Motorsport 3, Forza Motorsport 2, and the original O.G Xbox Forza Motorsport backward compatible with Xbox One. Never had an Xbox 360 or O.G Xbox but wanted to know what was up with the last-gen console Forza’s, but love Forza 7’s graphics. Well here comes stage two. I brought up Assassins Creed earlier as they rejuvenated their franchise by taking a break to develop a new game but during that break remastered their old ones. And they look beautiful on the Xbox One, why not do the same for Forza. I say offer Forza Motorsport 4, Forza Motorsport 3, Forza Motorsport 2, and the O.G Forza Motorsport with all D.L.C included, and I mean all. Unicorn Cars too. And offer it at $60-100 dollars as the “Forza Motorsport Remastered: The Definitive Collection.” Hell, if it makes you a lot of cash, which it will, you remaster the original Forza Horizon to. And that to the fact that E3 is around the corner and with it, hopefully Forza Horizon 4, and you have enough to hold racers over until Forza Motorsport 8.

Speaking of which, this is stage 3. Just like how that extra time helped Ubisoft make Assassins Creed Origins a great game, I feel it could help Turn 10. And Microsoft needs to go all out. Take full advantage of the Xbox One without breaking it like Gran Turismo 6 did to the PS3. We need Rally circuits. Dirt tracks. Snow Tracks. Bring back racetracks from the previous games like Fujimi Kaido and the Liberian circuit. Add new tracks like Peaks & Willow Springs. Keep the weather effects and make them better. Upgrade the graphics if you can. Keep the Action house. Bring back clubs. Bring back the actual Autovista. Bring back all the cars from the previous Forza Motorsport games, and I do mean all of them. Also add new cars. Add regular street cars. More Formula 1, newer GT cars, and make sure your car categorization is more spot on where cars don’t get separated because one was in a movie and one wasn’t. Add more Rally cars as they are now more useful with the addition of off-road courses. Add an extensive real-life aftermarket part component. Add some in-game mechanic to deal with ramming and spamming…for good. Adopt the GT Sport ghosting method. Works pretty well. And make more Forza Edition cars. Not just like the ones in Forza Motorsport 7, but the special livery ones in Forza Motorsport 5 and special one-offs like back in Forza Motorsport 4. Keep the loot boxing to a low minimum. And please make it look like something actually happens in the pit crew. And make the soundtrack be a nice mix of Forza Motorsport 7,6, and 4 with its own new tones. Hell, go back to Forza 3 and include licensed music again. I liked hearing The Quemist- Lost Weekend while driving a Audi R8 in Forza 3. Or drifting in Forza 4 in an AE86 while hearing the instrumental to The Quemist- Revolution. Or Jesper Kyd. I feel these things would make Forza Motorsport 8 have that feel that Forza Motorsport 4 did, in becoming the game that drew a lot of people to the franchise to being with. But it is quite frankly the last shot to win back the fans Turn 10 has. Will they succeed? Lets pray.

If you have anything you feel would make Forza Motorsport 8 better, feel free to comment below.

If you agree or disagree with me, also comment below.

© 2018 Joshua Nightshade


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