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Make Gold in Diablo 3

Updated on July 31, 2012

There are tons of ways to make gold in Diablo 3. Whether you want to save up and buy some new gear for your main, gear a new character that you are leveling, or want to sell gold for real money, you have plenty of options on how to make gold.

Flip Items on the Gold Auction House

This is by far the most profitable way to make gold in Diablo 3. Literally millions of players are posting items for sale every day on the gold and real money auction houses. The average Diablo 3 player is a casual player, meaning that they probably don't have time (or don't care enough) to research exactly how much an item is worth before they post it to the auction house. When these players post items for way below their actual value, savvy auctioneers have a chance to buy them up and re-list them for higher prices; thus making a profit.

Learning the auction house takes times, but the more you research the easier it will become to spot deals where you can make a profit. The simplest way to get started is to pick an item slot (say belts for example) and search for stats that would be beneficial for your main class. If you play a level 60 barbarian, you might search for strength, vitality, and resist to all. Try putting in different value thresholds (50, 100, 150) for each stat and see what the lowest buy out for stats with your criteria is selling at. The trick is to find items that are posted at an extremely low buy out or bid and scoop them up with the intent to re-post them with a buy out that still looks like a deal for the buyer, but still makes you a profit.

The easiest way to get items for a cheap price is to to bid on items. With so many players playing the game, finding awesome deals to buy out and flip doesn't happen that often. However, finding deals with low bids can be very easy and very lucrative. Once you learn the price that you want to sell your specific item at, try to bid on as many items as you can in your market that have a bid of 50% or less of the buy out that you want to sell it. I've made millions of gold using this strategy.

Build a Gold Find Set

Gold Find is a stat that increases the amount of gold dropped by a monsters that you kill in Diablo 3.. If you have 300% GF and you kill a monster that would normally drop 100 gold, it would drop 300 gold instead. Considering that some monsters in Nightmare difficulty can drop up to 800 gold, having a high gold find set can help you make a good amount of gold by farming Nightmare level content. I can currently farm around 500-600K gold per hour on my barbarian that has nearly 300% GF unbuffed. The most I've seen a mob drop is around 2,500 gold (from one single mob!)

Each item slot, except for your weapon, can have the Gold Find stat on it. If you have a budget for building your gold find set, the trick is to not search the gold auction house for "perfect rolls" on gold find, but search for items with 1 or 2 percent lower than a perfect roll. These near perfect items will sell for tons less than perfect items and give you very similar results.

When you're building a gold find set, make sure that you also pay attention to your classes' main stat and any other stats that will give you plus damage per second. I run my barbarian with a high damage two handed weapon and look for as much strength, crit damage, and crit hit as I can when I'm looking for gold find items. I want to be able to one shot as many mobs as I can when I'm going on gold find runs. Gold pickup radius is also a nice stat to have as it allows you to run around picking up your gold less and less.

My favorite gold farming spot is in Act III on Nightmare difficulty. I just run from the quest "The Breached Keep" until I finish up the act and then start over. Make sure to find and kill champion packs as the Nephalem Valor buff will give you additional GF.

This is the best drop I've seen from my Inferno Act 1 farming runs.  It's valued at over 100 million gold!
This is the best drop I've seen from my Inferno Act 1 farming runs. It's valued at over 100 million gold!

Farm Inferno for Items

This strategy requires a bit of time and capital investment (either gold or real money for buying decent gear for your character). In Act 1 Inferno, you can find some of the rarest and best items in the game that will sell for millions of gold. Most of the items that you will find are vendor trash, but occasionally you will come across an item that is extremely valuable. In my first 10 runs of farming Act 1 Inferno, I found an amulet that was worth over 100 million gold!

Once you ding level 60 on your main character, go to the auction house and buy up some gear that has your main stat, vitality, resist to all, and magic find. I run my barbarian around 180%-220% magic find on his Inferno Act 1 farming set. With the Nephalem Valor buff, I can get to nearly 300% MF, which is great for looking for valuable items. Inferno is about survivability, but as you build your set you can start to add in damage as well to make your farming go more quickly.

I followed the advice of the guys from Try Hard for my farming runs. You can check out their video below to see what route works in Inferno Act 1. Basically, the concept is to find and kill as many elite packs as possible in a short amount of time. My farming runs take around 40-50 minutes and I can get a full bag of rare items. As I said, most of the time everything goes to the vendor or gets salvaged, but sometimes you get that perfect roll on an item that you can sell for a ton of money or gold.


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      8 years ago

      Don't forget to use free "Gold Max - Diablo 3edition" to track your amount of gold made on your iphone.


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