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Make Money in Diablo 3 Selling Legendary and Set Items

Updated on July 16, 2012

Making money in Diablo 3 is easy. Making a lot of money playing Diablo 3 is hard. The strategy that you will read about in this Hub will not make you rich, but will give you an idea of how to make a little bit of money every day using gold that you earn (or buy) in Diablo 3.

There are literally thousands of markets that Diablo 3 entrepreneurs have found and buying and selling in - the key is to find a few that work for you and learn to be the best in those spaces. One of the markets that players will continually be spending gold and real money on are legendaries and set items.

Legendary Items

Legendary items are the most sought after items in the game. They have their own special looks, names, and generally have superior stats. An average player will spend a lot more money or gold on a legendary item than they will spend on a rare item with the stats - just because of the higher perceived status of equipping a legendary item. You, as a savvy auctioneer, can profit from this knowledge.

Set Items

Set items in Diablo 3 are legendary items with a twist. They have similar qualities of legendary items, but are built specifically for certain play styles. Generally, set items will have combinations of stats that will be beneficial for these play styles, meaning that large groups of players will be looking for these items to fit their situations. As an added bonus, set items are meant to be combined with other items in the same set to give bonuses. For example, if your character has 2 out of 5 items in a set equipped, your character will receive a bonus of 30 resist to all. These set bonuses are very attractive to players and drive up demand for individual items. Players want to complete their set and find the best way possible to get the bonuses.

Gold Auction House to Real Money Auction House

The first step to GAH to RMAH arbitrage is knowing the market for the item you want to buy and sell. Pick a set or legendary item and watch the market for a few days. Every time you log in to the game, look up the item on BOTH auction houses. You need to be aware of what price in gold and real money that the item is consistently selling. This will allow you to find "deals" and profit from them.

Once you know what the item you chose sells for on the GAH and the RMAH, its time to determine your price point. Let's say that you want to make $5 per million gold. This means that if you spend 1,000,000 gold on the GAH buying items to sell on the RMAH, you would sell them for a total of $5.

  1. First, check the RMAH to see if the lowest buy out of your item is consistent with your research.
  2. If the price is to your liking, go to the GAH and search for your item
  3. Buy the items that fit your price point in gold. If your item sells for $5 and there are three on the GAH for 1,000,000, buy all three.
  4. List your item(s) on the RMAH so that it will show up as the lowest buy out (or if it has better stats than the lowest buy out, list it where you think it will sell).
  5. Repeat as often as your items sell. You can periodically check the GAH for deals that will give you a higher gold per million and keep a stock of the item that you want to sell.

Bidding on Items

One way to get a high gold per million is by placing bids on your legendary or set item. Sometimes you can get a steal on an item just by placing a bid and flying under the radar. I've won set items that normally sell for millions of gold for as little as 100,000 gold. You won't win a lot of these, but when you do the ROI is awesome.


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