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Make a little Cash With Ebay

Updated on August 20, 2015

Ebay, Baby!

Okay, first things first. Ebay. Everyone has heard about it unless you're an Amish person. And chances are, you are not Amish, because if you WERE Amish, you wouldn't be online. Or you IGHT be Amish, but somehow snuck a computer onto the compound. Wait...I'm getting off topic. Okay, where was I? Ah, yes. Everyone knows about Ebay. You can find anything on there. I mean literally anything. Okay, maybe not the illegal stuff, but we're not talking abou the illegal stuff because...its illegal. We are talking about legal stuff. Fun stuff. Mainly the fun stuff of the game console variety. And more to the point, Nintendo.

Searching Is Everything

Start out by logging on to to start your search. You are gong to be looking for Nintendo. Now, I know what you're going to say. "Nintendo? That stuff is expensive, especially on ebay!" But wait a minute! Just stick with me for a little while longer, and I will explain to you how you can make money. Like I said, search for Ninendo. Except, there is one tiny little detail. One detail that a lot of people don't even think about. Call it a life hack if you will. What I am about to show you is perfectly legal, so worry not, my faithful readers.

Incorrectly Is Spelled Incorrectly

That one tiny detail that seemingly everyone forgets to think about, or most likely doesn't even think about at all, is that in order to get these items on the cheap is to simply mis-spell the item...ON PURPOSE! There are all kinds of people out there who are not very good at spelling. On a normal basis, incorrect spelling would drive me bonkers! But in this case, I thank the lucky stars tht they aren't that great a speller. If you, for instance, search for "Nintedo" on ebay, you're going to be hit with hundreds of deals for Nintendo Items. I'm talking about the DS for $30. I'm talking about the tons and tons of games for hella cheap.


Money Making Machine

Here's where it gets interesting. Let's say you buy one of those DS consoles for $30 bucks or whatnot. You then take that console, and flip it for just a little under market price, which is in the $179 range. You basically made a $150 profit. Think about that for a moment. But that figure is speaking in an optimistic viewpoint. Most people will negotiate the price down to $80-100, which isn't entirely a bad thing. If they buy the console for $80, you made a $50 dollar profit. Now, let's assume you sold the item for $90. That makes you a $60 profit. Then you take that $90 and buy 3 more consoles. If you sell those 3 for $90, you just made a lot of money.

Bank The Cash

Now all you have to do is throw all that money in the bank. You can easily make this a full time job. Instead of getting up at the ass crack of dawn, you can get up whenever you want. Because all it takes is just a small amount of money and a small amount of time. This works for many other consoles as well. Try it with Playstation. Not only consoles are going to pop up. There are also lots and lots of accessories that will appear in the search reults as well. Now get out there and make yourself some money!


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