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Make it Moov it!

Updated on October 22, 2014
MOOV construction kit - build different models from one set!
MOOV construction kit - build different models from one set!

When Your Children Learn to MOOV

Parents are always looking for new and innovative toys for their children, and in today's age of high electronic dependence, toys that make the child do the thinking are always a bonus. MOOV is an innovative toy that will fuel your child's imagination and keep them active for years to come.

Anyone who enjoyed model making as a child probably had the thought at some point-they would just love to be able to ride on or play in the thing that they build. Yet with the small size of most construction materials for kids, you would have needed huge amounts of the basic parts to build something that was anywhere near big enough for you to sit on. Even then it wouldn't be strong enough. If you imagine the possibilities if you had been able to build models as big as you were-then you arrived at the MOOV model kits.

The MOOV construction toy is suitable for children aged 5-12 years, and requires no tools. The pieces of the kit slip together and are secured by a special red elastic ring that holds them safely together whilst still allowing small hands to take models apart. Pieces are reused throughout each in the series of models, though not all are required for each model.

The big difference between this and many toys that are sold today is that this relies entirely upon the child. That is not to say that parents won't help in the building, but there are no batteries to make this go for the child, no flashing lights or annoying sounds that ultimately get boring within a short period of time.

The official MOOV video

The educational value of MOOV

MOOV is an educational toy and yet that does not stop it from being fun. It encourages active play, with child power required to make the wheeled vehicles go. Like other construction kits it stimulates imagination when children try to build something entirely new and unique, and through building the suggested models they learn to follow instructions. A growing attention span is encouraged as the children have to see the model making through to the finish so that they can then use it for play.

The building process develops the child's fine and gross motor control, and there are many lessons to be learned in how things work. One of the most valuable experiences provided by this toy may be the boost in self esteem when the child successfully completes their first model! And with the many parts and the large number of designs that can be made, it is easy to get your friends involved in the building process, so building both social and team work skills.

There are three different kit sizes available, as well as replacement parts that can be bought alone. The starter kit allows the child to build at least the three models that the instructions cover-the bike, crane and snow scooter. The advanced kit builds seven models-those included in the starter as well as the dino-bird, chopper, scooter,and helicopter. The street kit also has a carver, a racer and a trike.

Of course the designs are not limited to just those that come with instructions in the kit. With the addition of a little imagination, which most kids have in abundance, you can build anything with the kit's parts just like with any other construction kit. There are extra parts that can be bought independently of the kits to expand your ability to create new models, or to replace items that have perhaps been lost.

This is a toy that is built from the highest quality of materials, that will provide years of education and entertainment. With the chance to expand it by adding other kits or spare parts, the only limit on this toy is how far your child's imagination will take them. The only real shame is that this toy does not come in adult sizes so that you can get in on the fun too!

Play outside with MOOV

MOOV models are sized like the children.
MOOV models are sized like the children.

Buy the MOOV 10 in 1 kit @Amazon


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    • Outdoor Toys profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from The Netherlands

      Thanks Sheryl, must say I like a lot and I will create more hubs like this one :)

    • sheryld30 profile image


      9 years ago from California

      This is an Awesome hub!! Thanks for sharing!! :)


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