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Making Extra Spending Money and having fun from Garage and Yard Sales

Updated on February 14, 2016

How to Make Money from Garage and Yard Sales

Holding a garage or yard sale will always be one of the easiest ways to dispose of unwanted family collections of stuff and earn money at the same time. Professional “Garage Sales” buyers regularly watch for garage and yard sale announcements. They want to make sure they’ll be the first ones to look for and claim possible worthwhile and valuable things that may be considered trash by other people.

The Little Things that Count a lot in a Garage Sale

Here are some basic things to consider if you're planning a garage/yard sale.

People often concentrate too much on the bigger picture and they forget the fact that at times, it’s the little things that make the greatest impression. Don’t make the same mistake while running your garage sale.

While it’s OK to focus on the bigger picture once in a while, concentrate on how to set prices, how to invite customers to check out your garage sale and how to haggle with them.

As the Organizer and Operator of the Sale, you'll be responsible for -

It’s hard to run a one-man-show. It’s possible to do so, of course, but it’s not something you should set out to do in the first place.

Therefore, try inviting as many friends and relatives as you can to help you out with your garage sale.

Delegate as many responsibilities as you can but save those tasks which you feel only you can handle.

Decide who would be best to handle advertising, the cashbox, welcoming customers, and answer questions

Accidents can always happen and it's easy for a customer to accidentally collide with a table containing breakables and cause them to topple off.

Breakable items could be placed in fabric covered or plastic containers that won't cause them to break into tiny pieces when somebody accidentally rattles the table.

Instead of buying several packs of paper or plastic bags for customer purchases, first try making do with all the used paper and plastic bags you’ve collected over the years.

Nobody likes shopping in a dirty place – no matter how great the products are.

Keep your surroundings clean during business hours. Make use of as many trash cans as you can so customers won’t be tempted to throw their garbage anywhere.

Closing hours should be spent cleaning the whole area and reorganizing tables and items for your next sale day.

If you’re holding your garage sale in autumn, it’s best to sell drinks like coffee and hot tea because people are beginning to feel cold during this season. For spring and summer, cold drinks are no doubt preferable. If you’re planning to sell food, make sure that you don’t sell anything difficult to eat while standing or that would cause sticky fingers. Chips are great but any non-sticky finger food would do as well.

And don’t forget to smile. A smile can brighten people’s day and you definitely want your shoppers in a good mood when they enter your garage sale.

But your real success comes from an organized approach to preparing for the Big Sale Day. Things like -

· Where to get your stock/inventory
· Finding Kitchen Stuff
· Finding Bathroom Stuff
· Finding Bedroom Stuff
· Finding Living Room Stuff
· Basements and Garage Stuff
· Fixing and Cleaning
· Labeling the Items
· Setting Your Prices
· When to Have Your Sale
· Advertising and Promoting
· Handling the Money
· Tips and Tricks

You can get the best answers to all of those "How-to" questions from the Guide available HERE >Make Money From Garage Sales

It will give you a complete over view of how to insure that your garage sale is everything you can possibly wish for and be wildly successful!

Just learning how to price your items properly is worth it’s weight in gold!

All too often people under value their items or price them unrealistically high so that they don't sell..

Of course, anyone can take their “stuff” to the dump or give it away to charity, and that's a noble cause. However, chances are you may have paid a pretty penny for some of the “stuff” that has outlived its’ usefulness.

There will always be opportunities to donate or dump your stuff – especially the stuff that's left after your sales event.

BONUS SHOPPER's GUIDE included in your Garage Sale Guide

It’s your personal Buyer’s Guide to successful money saving when you go Garage Sale Shopping yourself.

Richard Rossbauer

Yard Sale Memories

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    • nebby profile image


      9 years ago from USA

      With the way the economy is today - garage sales make good sense. It helps both the buyer and the seller. Although weather here is getting a bit colder I am seeing more garage sales this year over previous years.

      A very timely lens and you have done a wonder full job.

    • GonnaFly profile image


      9 years ago from Australia

      I've never tried a garage sale - just usually give my "stuff" to charity shops. Looks like you've got some good advice here.

    • Chris Copeland profile image


      11 years ago from Katy

      Great Lens! Gave it some stars. But don't forget about the basement as an alternative to cleaning out for making even more money!

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Great lens.. Check out my lens on making money online

    • profile image


      12 years ago

      Well thought out Tips! Sounds like a great book!

      Yardsale Surfer ~ The Online Market Place For People Who Know Their Stuff

    • Janet2221 profile image


      12 years ago

      Great info! I have added you to the lensroll on my Garage Sales. Janet


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