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Making Money Playing Games

Updated on October 15, 2014
Paying the Bills With Video Games
Paying the Bills With Video Games


You want to make money playing your favorite video games? You've came to the right place then!

In this guide, i'll follow you through the best ways to make money, while playing your favorite video games! Some ways are harder than others but it all depends on your kit of skills. It's up to you to choose and decide what's best!

Lets start!

Gaming as a Career!

This is the hardest way but most rewarding if you happen to love video games! With the growth of the internet and gaming communities, video games are now a career path. The prejudice towards gamers are long gone and most people enjoy playing a bit.

Many video games are being made with a focus on E-Sports (electronic sports). Off the top of my head, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Dota 2 and Starcraft are in the major leagues of electronic sports.

Any of this games have a huge audience, media coverage and sponsorship. With E-Sports being recognized each day as a real sport, the support it's getting is insane. Even scholarships are being made for top level gamers. Teams sell and buy players, make contracts and pay a salary for the gamers, just like a real athlete.

In Korea there are TV channels that play games all day. A pro gamer there receives up to two hundred thousands dollars per year.

If you're a gamer and a good one, you can try to follow it as a career! It only gets better from now on with the overall acceptance and hype around E-Sports. However, you're turning your favorite hobby into a job, which can be ruin it for you.

Gaming For A Living
Gaming For A Living

Gaming as a Career?

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Streaming and Channels!

Another viable option to gamers with a high social status and a knack for entertainment.

Basically, you can create your own YouTube channel, and get paid by them if you pull in enough attention and viewers. You'll receive from advertisement and amount of views.

Similarly, there's! It's close to YouTube, apart from the fact that it's live. Here, your own channel is more like a TV channel. People subscribe to your "TV" channel and you get paid a fee! On top of that, you receive from advertisement as well. There's also the option, much like YouTube, to record your parts of your video and leave it there. While YouTube offers a broader audience, is specialized for gamers and video games fanatics. Many live streamers claim getting paid in the thousands of dollars. They're top streamers though.

Creating your own channel, or "TV" channel doesn't have to come with top level gaming. You just need to be an entertainer, need to know how to promote yourself and keep your audience hooked. There are many mid level players that still have a pretty decent audience, just because they're funny and pleasant to watch. On a side note, this is specially true with girl gamers :P!

Stream Yourself On Twitch!
Stream Yourself On Twitch!

Black Market!

If you're not into the mainstream kind of income, you can always go rogue!

There are many video game black markets, where you can sell services, video game currencies, accounts, etc.

If there's any type of trading and a loyal audience to a game, you can wet your beak in there. Problem is, if the game is successful at all, there will always be an army of Chinese farmers and bots to overrun you. But, there's also always room for one more, if you sell cheaper!

You have to be careful because there are a ton of scams. So be sure that you're trading with someone with high reputation in a forum or a trustworthy site.

One of the best ways to make money playing is boosting accounts. You get to play on other people accounts, while getting paid to boost their ranking.

Use this method at your own risk! Theoretically, it's illegal but it's a multi-million dollars industry!

Playing Video Games For Money :D
Playing Video Games For Money :D

Real Money Video Games!

This is the most tedious way since real money video games provide a super slow return of your time. There are a ton of games that offer real money for in-game currency, but it's so slow and boring that most quit it right away. For example, Marketglory, Cashtowns, ProEconomica.

One standout is Entropia Universe, where everything is worth money... even bullets! Check it out if it feels appealing!

You can find more about it, HERE!

Have fun!

Most importantly, just remember to have fun :)! Video games are supposed to be fun, not a task! If you want to make a few bucks out of it, remember to not make it your only goal! Otherwise, they won't be fun anymore :(! Enjoy!

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