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Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Doll Peach - Christmas Best Baby Gifts

Updated on October 29, 2013

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Doll Peach - Perfect Baby Shower Gift?

Searching for the perfect doll for a baby shower? One that will impress parents as well as babies? Or are you searching for the perfect first doll for your baby?

Look no further than Baby Stella by Manhattan Toy. She is the perfect first baby doll for a baby. She is built soft and cuddly, and all without using any plastic parts as she is built out of cloth. Stella is of the right size for a toddler to tote around the house. Unlike some dolls, she is designed to look as human as possible, with lifelike fingers and toes, velvety soft skin, belly button, and plump stomach. Stella has 7 strips for hair at the top of her head. She also has a cute bottom, complete with dimples!

And as your baby grows older and more kowledgeable of the world around her, he or she is going to discover that Stella's clothes and diaper are removeable. Which means new ways to play with her. There are no buttons to fall off as they are all held together by Velcro.

She is equipped with a magnetic pacifier that attaches to her mouth, and which is going to amuse your baby as however he or she tries to, there is no way to put in the mouth as there is nothing to suck on like a real pacifier should have.

Stella is very well made, and her body is firm, as well as heavy due to her being weighted by beans which allowed her to sit still (as in the accompanying picture). Yet at the same time, she is velvety soft to touch, and nice to cuddle up to. Her head and limbs are full of thick foam to allow some movement.

Stella is a great gift, and excellent as a first doll for a baby, especially those around 1 to 4 years old.

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Peach
Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Peach

Is Baby Stella's Pacifier Safe For Babies?

Children like to play with Baby Stella's pacifier, which has a strong magnet that sticks tight to Stella's mouth. They like to take it off, and if they are old enough, put them back on. Again and again.

The cloth binky is actually bigger than a real pacifier but with nothing to suck on for a human baby, as it is magnetically attached. The fact that it is bigger is a good thing as mothers don't have to worry about it being a choking hazard but nevertheless, if you are buying this for a child under 3, you might want to put away the pacifier, as it can easily get lost.


Babies and toddlers like to take her pacifier off and then put it back on repeatedly as they like to play with its magnet. They also learn early that they can't put it in their mouth as there is nothing to suck on which is a good thing.

Baby Stella is great for girls who like to play Mommy as they can change her diaper as well as her clothes which are held together by Velcro.

As Stella is so adorable, the girls will love showing affection for her by cradling, hugging, kissing, and caring for her. Even the boys are known to join in due to her likeness to a real human baby.

Product Details

Product Features:

Oppenheim toy portfolio gold seal award 2006

Canadian toy testing council 3-star award 2007

Inspires nurturing play in young children

Embroidered features

Perfect toy for your baby

Product Specs

Model No: 130080
Product Dimensions: 4 x 8 x 15 inches ; 2.2 pounds
Shipping Weight: 1.2 pounds

Caring And Loving:

She is machine washable, and her high quality parts and construction means she can take abuse and doesn't mind being thrown about by a baby.
Just put her in a white pillow case, and chuck her into the washing machine.

Pros And Cons:


-Of the right size for a baby to cuddle, hug, and relate to
-Well-built and can easily withstand abuse from a baby, and some are known to alternately love her and then throw her ;)
-No plastic parts


-A bit heavy - but that's really due to the well thought out materials used in the construction of this baby; which means
-She is FAT and OVERWEIGHT! :)

A Final Word

Babies and toddlers probably like Stella because she reminds them of themselves by her very appearance which has a high degree of resemblance to a real human baby.

This is one of those toys that are expected to do well for Christmas holidays. So if you are buying this for the holiday season, make sure to act fast and not at the last minute.

Highly recommended!


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