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Snuggle Pod Lil' Peanut Review - Best Christmas Baby Gifts

Updated on October 29, 2013

Lil' Peanut Snuggle Pod

The Manhattan Snuggle Pod Lil' Peanut features an adorable baby doll sleeping cozily and without a care in the world in his very own peanut pod. The baby doll has 2 ribbon tags for hair and is wearing a blue sleeper. His eyes are closed and he is happily dozing away oblivious to his surroundings. The doll's bed is a yellow peanut pod lined with green satin lining, and embroidered with "Lil' Peanut" on its side.

Babies and toddlers loves giving this cute doll a hug and a good nite kiss, before settling it in the pod for a good night's sleep. They are also known to like snuggling with the doll, putting the doll in and out of the pod all day long, and tucking it under their arms or toting it everywhere they go, in addition to their milk bottle.

The act of putting the doll in and out is actually a good thing as it helps to develop the motor skills of the little ones, and the baby - depending on his development - may need time to work on this little skill. This is all part of the design of this baby doll toy - to encourage the development of the little ones' motor skills as well as their nurturing skills.

The high quality materials used in the doll's outfit and the doll's pod are ultra soft, pleasant to touch, and velvety for a baby. The different textures used in the construction also encourage the baby to feel and explore the materials' texture.

The Lil' Peanut Snuggle Pod is compliant with EU (BSI) safety standard EN71, and carries the CE mark. It is perfect for any boy or girl aged 6 months and older.

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Snuggle Pod Lil Peanut fast asleep in the podSnuggle Pod Lil Peanut doll and her pod
Snuggle Pod Lil Peanut fast asleep in the pod
Snuggle Pod Lil Peanut fast asleep in the pod
Snuggle Pod Lil Peanut doll and her pod
Snuggle Pod Lil Peanut doll and her pod

Product Details

Product Features:

-Baby's perfect first doll comes in a snuggly satin lined pod
-Brilliantly designed
-Brings joy to everyone in its vicinity
-Encourages nurturing skills as well as motor skills in a baby
-Surface washable fabrics
-For boys and girls
-For age 6 months and above

Product Specs:

Polyester fibres, Polyurethane foam
Care Instructions: Surface wash, cold water, air dry, no bleach
Age: Above 6 months
Safety Information: Remove all packaging and fasteners before giving to a child
Safety Standard: EN71

The vibrant colors on the Lil' Peanut, instead of pastel colors on some other Snuggle Pods, makes this a great choice as a gift to a boy.

The Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pods are one of the best loved creations of award-winning toy designers Manhattan Toy Company, and is one of the most popular shower gifts for babies and toddlers.

Care Instructions:

Surface wash, cold water, air dry, no bleach

IF you want to put this in a washing machine, simply:
"Put inside a pillow case, chuck in and wash, take out and dry"! ;)

Pros And Cons:

-Good choice for a boy

-Baby doll is always sleeping!


The Lil' Peanut plush baby toy is expected to be one of the best selling baby toys this Christmas holidays, so get yours early. If you wait too long, the prices are going to go higher the nearer it is to Christmas.-_-

This is one of those toys that is just too cute to pass up. Every home, should have one, to brighten the face of the young ones. ;)


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