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Mankey Evolution

Updated on March 24, 2012

Mankey Evolution

Like most Pokemon, Mankey is able to evolve. there are all sorts of ways that Pokemon can evolve during the main RPG games, from needing a specific item, to having to learn a set move.

But the majority of evolutions are fairly straight forward, simply being done upon levelling up. This is true of the Mankey evolution into Primeape, simply a case of levelling up the Pokemon.

In the case of the Mankey evolution this takes place at level 28 (though of course you can delay it with an everstone or pressing B on the evolution screen), when it evolves into Primeape.

Mankey and Primeape
Mankey and Primeape

Questions About Mankey?

Got any questions about Mankey? Feel free to ask them in the comments below or, if you need a quicker answer, go ask the question on the Monster Dungeon Pokemon Forums and you should get a quick answer

Mankey - A Generation 1 Pokemon

Mankey is one of the 'originals', being a generation 1 Pokemon. These Pokemon are often looked back on with great sentiment by Pokemon fans, and Mankey is no exception.

Indeed Ash briefly had a Mankey in the anime, though he gave it up to allow it to take part in the P1 boxing championship.

It is, of course, still available in the latest generation of Pokemon - Black and White. It swarms, on route 15, and also is available in the Dream World in the recently released Rugged Mountain area.

Because it is now released in the Dream World, Mankey, and the Mankey evolution Primeape, now has all 3 possible abilities available.

  • Vital Spirit
  • Hidden Ability
  • Defiant (the Dram World ability)

Mankey Facts

  • Mankey and Primeape are both pure fighting types
  • Primeape, the Mankey evolution, is in the RU Smogon tier (standing for Rarely Used)
  • Mankey is a Generation 1 Pokemon
  • It is Pokemon #56
  • It is a 5% chance of holding a Payapa Berry
  • It can learn Covet when a Mankey, but not as a Primeape
  • Dream World Mankeys can have the move 'Thunderpunch', which they can't normally learn in Pokemon Black and White
  • It 'drops' one Attack EV upon being knocked out
  • It's only 1'08" tall!

Mankey beats the Pokemon league!


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