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4 of the Best Marine Arena Team Builds

Updated on January 31, 2013

This hub attempts to outline the best team builds for Starcraft's Marine Arena, including ideas on how to perform best with the builds and things to look out for.

The hub is set out in sections like "Maraiders & Reavers" which means that one player is to go Maraiders as his mercenary compound choice and the other one is to go Hybrid Reavers.

High Templar and Ghost

Any team involving one player using a High Templar + a mercenary and the other using a Ghost and a mercenary was destine for success. The High Templar, with its immense damage output and straightforward upgrading, makes for an excellent support unit, whilst the Ghost can protect the HT from other Ghosts as well as snipe any dangerous units like Tanks and Battle Cruisers.

Ghosts also make storming Hybrids and Stalkers viable since their EMP's can take out their all important shields.

1. Mutalisks and Ghost & High Templar + Flexible Mercenary

This can be said to be the strongest Ghost/High Templar team build: one player focusses on getting Mutalisks, Mutalisk upgrades and then a Ghost whilst the other focusses on buying a High Templar and his upgrades. The Mercenary compound of the player that buys the High Templar should change according to what's out on the field and counter the most threatening opponent.

Strong Points

  • Mutalisks can very easily pick off any Ghosts around without fear of losing too many units in the exchange
  • High Templar can pull of Storms safely and do serious damage to units that Mutalisks are weak against, like groups of Maraiders (with splash).
  • Even strong counters to Mutalisks, like Goliaths, are vulnerable to upgraded Storm damage, and the flexible mercenary means the High Templar player can counter anything players throw against the Mutalisks.
  • Buying a Thor would be taken care of by the Ghost (note: the Ghost should not be bought unless a Thor or Ghost is actually out on the field).

Weak Points

  • Saving for the Mutalisk mercenary compound can be very difficult and by the time it is bought the lack of upgrades compared to everyone else can mean they are unviable.
  • Playing a High Templar requires a good degree of micro which is too much for some players.

2. Roaches & Goliaths with Ghost

Roaches, when left alone with their high HP's and incredible regeneration rates when burrowed make for a recipe for success against most opposing units available. Thus, Roaches are usually an excellent option at any time in the game, but, they do have drawbacks.

This team build is performed simply by having one player buy roaches as his mercenary and the other buy Goliaths and a Ghost.

Strong Points

  • In order to efficiently deal with Roaches players are forced to spend minerals on buying observers to see them burrowed or heroes like the Thor or High Templar to deal serious damage.
  • Both heroes and observers are vulnerable to Ghost sniping.
  • Maraiders and air units like the Void Ray or Mutalisk would have posed a great threat to the Roaches, but Goliaths hard-counter both of them.

3. Maraiders & Reavers

Strong Points

  • Reavers with high armour upgrades act as perfect tanks and allow marine/marauder balls behind them to fire freely without taking any damage and then retreat
  • This allows the generation of very powerful armies of Maraiders which devastate almost any opposing army composition in the late game
  • Reavers with moderate armour upgrades never become obsolete, always acting as good tanks for Marines and Maraiders.

4. Maraiders & Cracklings

Strong Points

  • Just like with Reavers, high health Cracklings also soak up a lot of damage and act as tanks for the Maraiders
  • Cracklings come with the added benefit of superior speed to large armies, enabling them to make a surround and hold units in place until the Maraiders get to them
  • Because of this surround, Cracklings also have more damage potential than the reavers

Weak Points

  • Cracklings don't have as much tanking potential as the Reavers and require more micro in order to make them work.

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