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3 of the Best Marine Arena Tips

Updated on June 9, 2013

Marine Arena! Addictive Fun.

Feel free to challenge these views and provide counter arguments, but I've never been beaten by someone who went Zealots!

Tip 1: Open Marauder or Zergling

Marauders and Zerglings have some sort of late-game potential whilst Zealots are virtually useless late game because of their 'charge' abilities and because they are melee units. This means that in games where you have mainly good players, marauders with their slowing shells mixed with stim pack negate the effectiveness of zealots entirely.

Zerglings, like Zealots, are melee units. However, because they are so strong against almost all units with a surround, and have the speed to get those surrounds, they have the best flanking potential in the game, making them viable even into the late game.

Zerglings are also an excellent way to give a bit of extra support for marines at the start, but then act as a cheap way of changing into a better mercenary like Hybrid, Stalker or Goliath.

By far the safest mercenary to choose, the marauder is the only ranged T1 mercenary unit out of the three. This gives it a great advantage because it means that you can control the side towers, whose small passages and mazing paths make Zerglings and Zealots obsolete.

The Stimpack upgrade also affects Marauders and therefore you can group and manoeuvre large groups of marines and marauders easily, well into the late game. This fact also means that you can kite your opponents' melee units with your entire army effortlessly.

The Marauder can also be upgraded into the Maraider, by far the best unit cost-for-cost in the game and both Marauder and Maraider can increase their splash damage from the stores in the middle of the map. This splash damage will annihilate packs of Zerglings and Zealots and more importantly, Marines.

Tip 2: If a Hero, Make it a High Templar

If you have a medium degree of micro potential and you won't just send your High Templar (HT) into an enemy pack of units, then the HT will be by far the best option out of all of the heroes to buy.

This is because of several important facts:

  1. Free Income
    HT's can generate income without losing any troops at all. With some good storms, you can generate enough income to get a few upgrades for your own troops back in the base, who, because they haven't been fighting all this time, have amassed into a powerful army. Effectively this means that you can get free upgrades, since everyone else would have had to lose units to get more money for more upgrades. So when you use a HT, although your units are weaker (by about 1000 minerals worth of upgrades at first), you only need 200 marine kills before you make this money back up. This may seem like a lot, but the added damage your HT gives in each battle (+ the money he receives from free storms) means that this is an easy task. I personally rack up around 1500-2000 kills on my HT in games.
  2. Feedback
    Even the direct counter to HT's, ghosts, cannot even kill HT's if you have the skill to feedback the ghost. Because the ghost's snipe ability takes several seconds to perform, it's actually very easy to feedback the ghost before he finishes, stopping the ability in its tracks. Feedback can also be useful against other heroes like the Infestor and Odin and Shop Units like Battle Cruisers (who have the Yamamoto Cannon ability)
  3. Damage Upgrade
    Because of the damage upgrade available in the Shops, High Templar storms are devastating all game long, to even the most health-orientated units like Goliaths and Stalkers. This is because health upgrades become so expensive that opponents are given the choice between health-infused units with really low attack or High Templar-feed with high damage. Personally, I think High Templars are overpowered for this reason.

Tip 3: Use Your Saviours

No, I'm not going to give the obvious tip to use a saviour if you feel like you're going to lose your command centre. You should know to do that.

But what you might not have considered is that you should be using saviours as an offensive tactic instead of a defensive one. Especially at the beginning of the game, a well timed saviour can wipe out a good portion of your enemy's army and bring you the early advantage you need.

If you're already winning, you'll never use your saviour anyway, so if you're finishing your games with 2 saviours, you're doing something very wrong.

Usually, with the money you earn from the saviour-earnings, it's best to buy a hero (HT!) or get special upgrades (like Maraider splash damage from the Shops).

Do you agree with these tips?

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