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Marine Arena - When to Pick Each Hero

Updated on June 19, 2013

This Hub

This hub explains when to pick each of the nine different heroes of Marine Arena, what these heroes should be used as, and what to do if circumstances change within the arena.

1. Phoenix

Minerals: 600
Gas: 1

When to use it

  • Never

The Phoenix is the least used hero in Marine Arena and for very good reason. It is primarily supposed to be used as an anti-hero unit which immediately places it in direct competition with the other anti-hero hero: the ghost.

The Role of a Phoenix in Matches
If you accidentally buy a Phoenix and are stuck with it, you should try to use it as a way of 'snapping up' fleeing heroes with its gravitational beam so that your army can catch up and kill them.


2. Ghost

Minerals: 400
Gas: 2

Use if your opponent buys any of the following:

  • Tanks
  • Battle Cruisers
  • Any heroes
  • The Ghost is the best anti-hero unit in the game and

The ghost has a powerful snipe attack that can be upgraded at the Centre Shops so that you can very safely snipe any large units in one shot. This makes for a very economical investment if a lot of your opponents have bought large units instead of just upgrading their armies, so only buy the ghost if you are sure there will be plenty of expensive things to snipe (not reapers or medivacs e.g.). The Ghost also has the EMP ability and can drain the potentially devastating Infestors and High Templars in the game.

The Role of the Ghost in Matches

  • Sniping heroes, Tanks, Battle Cruisers and any other large unit
  • Preventing players with heroes from confronting your army so that you can feed off of weaker enemies

Thor! | Source

3. Thor

Minerals: 1150
Gas: 3

Use if your opponent uses any of the following:

  • Mutalisks
  • Wraiths
  • Void Rays
  • Stalker Lances
  • Warp Zealots
  • Clumps of small units (marines/marauders/Firebats/not Zerglings or large units)

The Thor has a lot of health and a lot of armour as well as a strong attack making it an excellent 'support' unit for your army, making every battle more economical for you. The beauty of the Thor is that your opponent is given the choice between trying to snipe your Thor (and letting your army live) just so you can go back to base and Transfuse him back to health, or go for your army and let your Thor fight for longer and inflict more damage on the field.

The Role of the Thor in Matches

  • Support unit with the main army
  • Scaring off enemies without hero-army compositions or Ghosts
  • Upgrading to Odin and harassing mercenary compounds

4. Hunter Killer

Minerals: 475
Gas: 1

When to Use:

  • Never

The Hunterkiller, much like the Phoenix, is an obsolete hero. This is because there are many other more efficient options to achieve what the Hunter Killer does, which is povide extra damage in battles.

Forgetting that it's more economical to buy mercenary damage upgrades, heroes like the Thor, High Templar, Infestor or Brutalisk are more useful on the field than the Hunter Killer because they A) do more damage and B) Are less easy to pick off.

The Role of the Hunter Killer in Matches

  • Support unit that helps deal more damage in small concave vs small concave situations (e.g. Xel Naga Tower sides)
  • Concentrating down large units like High Templars, Ravens and Infestors

5. Infestor Hero & 6. High Templar


Minerals: 475
Gas: 2

Use if:

  • You are too scared to use High Templar Storms

High Templar
Minerals: 500
Gas: 2

Use at any time in the game if:

  • There are no ghosts or Battle Cruisers on the field
  • You are confident with storm micro

The Infestor should be used as a support unit to throw Fungal Growths on low-health enemy units like Marines. Fungal Growths deal a great amount of damage in a small area (just like HT storms) but also cause the enemies who have been Fungal Growth'd get stuck where they are.

This vital difference makes High Templar Storms more useful since Storms can killentire armies of Marines which move towards your army.

Storms also do more damage when fully upgraded and HT's have more HP and are less easy to kill off. In short

The Roles of the High Templar and Infestors

  • High damage dealing spell casters that support main armies
  • Harass unit that gets free kills off of poorly rested armies and Xel Naga Tower-holders

7. Brutalisk

Minerals: 1050
Gas: 3

Use under these conditions:

  • Your opponents have a lot of anti-mechanical units like Hybrids
  • Your opponents focus on Marines and Marauders or other low HP units


The Brutalisk has a lot of HP and does a lot of damage, it's sort of the biological Thor but suffers in terms of range, so, if your opponents have a lot of anti-mechanical (and so anti-Thor) units, then you should pick the Brutalisk to take care of them. The Brutalisk will be good both against the low HP marines and the anti-mech mercenaries your opponent chooses.

The Role of the Brutalisk in Games

  • Support unit to help main armies do more damage in small areas and soak up HP
  • Attack groups of units by itself, flee with his ability, heal, and repeat

8. Dark Templar

Minerals: 450
Gas: 1

Use under these conditions:

  • You know there are a lot of noob players who will not be able to use their scans efficiently enough to snipe your Dark Templar
  • At the start of the game, when there aren't large groups of ranged units that can snipe a hero

The Dark Templar is a cloaked unit and has a high damage output at the start of the game. As each second progresses however it becomes less and less viable so all that high level players need to do is prevent you from getting free kills with him (by scanning) in order for you to have wasted 450 minerals. Many noob players do not realise when a Dark Templar is attacking them if you mix him in with your army as a support unit, and this can be very economical, giving you an edge for the rest of the game.

The Role of the Dark Templar

  • A support unit mixed in with your main army
  • A harass unit that will take xel naga towers throughout the game

9. Colossus

Minerals: 850
Gas: 2

Use when:

  • There are no Ghosts, Void rays, Mutalisks or Wraiths on the field
  • There are a lot of Marines, Zerglings, Zealots, Firebats or Hybrids on the field

The colossus is a relatively cheap way of adding in extra fire power but unlike the Thor it is only really useful against small units that clump together. This is because the Colossus has a healthy Area of Effect (AoE) as well as a very good range.

The Role of the Colossus in Matches

  • Support unit that deals damage from behind your main army
  • Harass unit that takes Xel Naga Towers and harasses enemy mercenary compounds (be careful of Saviours!)

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