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Mario 3DS Games

Updated on August 20, 2012

There are some great Mario 3DS games set to be released for the Nintendo 3DS, this quick list will help you choose which are the best 3DS Mario games for you!

Introduction to the Best mario 3DS Games

Mario has been one of the most successful and longest running characters in the Nintendo Franchise, and with the launch of the Nintendo 3DS it is exciting to see that we have some great new Mario 3DS games which are set for release in 2011!

Each of these Mario 3DS games provides a new style of game play, which means that whether you like 2D or 3D, puzzles, action or racing, you can play as Mario or his friends (or enemies) in full 3D glory thanks to the Nintendo 3DS!

This article will be giving you some summaries of the current top Mario 3DS games so you can decide which of these amazing Mario titles will suit you the best on your 3DS!

New Super Mario Bros 2
New Super Mario Bros 2

New Super Mario Bros. 2

New Super Mario Bros 2 is an awesome addition to the Mario franchise, and with new levels, powerups and multiplayer modes, it keeps the gameplay fresh, without moving away from the tried and tested gameplay style of previous Mario games.

What makes this version of Mario unique is that you get HUGE numbers of coins. Getting a lot of coins in this version is pretty easy, but if you want to hit the high scores, or beat your multiplayer opponents, then you really need to learn how to use some of the new (and returning) special abilities to get more gold coins, and access hidden areas (Raccoon Mario is back!)

While New Super Mario Bros 2 is very similar to it's predecessor in a lot of ways, I think this does help with the overall gameplay, and still gives you more than enough new features to keep the game frash.

The Best Mario 3DS Games for the Nintendo 3DS!
The Best Mario 3DS Games for the Nintendo 3DS!

Super Mario 3D Land

Super Mario 3D Land brings 3D gaming to Mario, with the full 3D effects of the Nintendo 3DS console. as with al the Nintendo 3DS games, the new 'real 3D' makes it look as though everything is popping out of the screen, without the need for 3D glasses.

As you play Super Mario 3D Land you really will fall in love with the graphics which won't just be 2D that looks like 3D, but actual depth in the screen.

Moving away from the classic platform style of gameplay, Super Mario 3D Land may not suit lovers of the original Mario games (Check out Paper Mario below for that!) but that does not stop it from being a great game in itself!

Super Mario 3D Land comes with some brand new moves, and enemies. But do not fear, you will still be facing off against some of your old foes, and using plenty of special abilities that you will have grown to love in past Mario games!

Mario Kart 7
Mario Kart 7

Mario Kart 7 3DS Game

Mario Kart 7 brings all the fun of the previous Mario Kart games to the Nintendo 3DS console. When it comes to fun, by yourself or with friends, Mario Kart 7 is in my opinion one of the best 3DS games you can buy.

Mario Kart 7 is not just a port of the most recent Mario Kart. It brings plenty of new features to the game, but I have to admit, the 3D view really does make a big difference to the gameplay. Using the beautiful 3D capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS, Mario Kart 7 feels much more involving and fun than previous Mario Kart games. The real 3D makes it much easier to judge distances and depth, which is a huge factor when you are traveling at high speed around a wacky race course! It also makes using your weapons and special abilities much more intuitive.

What I do love about Mario kart 7 is that now you can customize your Kart, and that different customizations will affect how your Kart handles. For instance, larger wheels will give you much better performance off road, while smaller wheels will give the edge on roads. This can give a huge advantage in a variety of races. Another quirky feature is that during the race you may now race underwater, or fly through the air! These are only during select parts of the course, but you need to be ready for the changes in handling if you want to win!

The final feature of Mario Kart 7 that I love is that you can play multiplayer between four friends locally or via the internet. This means you can play with your friends from anywhere in the world!

So look forward to new courses, new drivers, and new special abilities in Mario Kart 7 3DS!

Luigi's Mansion 2 3DS
Luigi's Mansion 2 3DS

Luigi's Mansion 2

Luigi's Mansion 2 is a great mixture of puzzle, adventure and action. The majority of Luigi's Mansion 2 is a puzzle game, involving pushing, moving and manipulating the environment around you. This simple game play is however layered with a spooky sinister ambience, a device to both push and pull ghosts from around you, and of course full 3D environments that involve you deeply with the storyline.

Luigi's Mansion 2 is a whole lot of fun, and it is actually one of the more thoughtful and engaging games of the Mario 3DS series. The puzzles are well crafted, and the game maintains your interest by both funny and spooky events which you must overcome.

While this does not contain either the simplicity or the action of the other great Mario 3DS games, I do feel that it offers a real change of pace, and a more cerebral challenge that turn this in to one great 3DS game!

Paper Mario 3DS
Paper Mario 3DS

Paper Mario 3DS Game

Paper Mario is the Mario 3DS Game that sticks more closely to the original Mario style of play. While it is slightly 3D, giving depth as well as 2D platform style gameplay, it remains a side scrolling platform game.

In a move from traditional side scrolling platform games Paper Mario 3DS incorporates depth in to the gameplay. Uniquely, Paper Mario uses a great combination of 'paper' style graphics to combine a 2D feel with the 3D elements of this platform.

What is different when compared to traditional Mario is that some battles are now turn based, in keeping with the original Paper Mario game. A lot of the time though you will experience traditional Mario style stomping!

With Paper Mario for the Nintendo 3DS you will get to use weapons such as hammers, as well as some of the traditional Mario powerups. This great mix of new and old is reflected throughout this top Mario 3DS game, and helps make it a great addition to any 3DS game collection!


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