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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - Mario Guide

Updated on December 11, 2017

Whilst Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle isn’t the toughest strategy game out there, it’s still no pushover if you’re not sure what you’re meant to be doing. These guides are meant to help by covering each of the game’s eight playable characters, outlining some useful strategies for each and pointing out a few combos and synergies to take advantage of.

As always, these aren’t definitive ways to use each of the characters but should be thought of more as guidelines to nudge you in the right direction. If you have any other strategies that I failed to mention, don’t hesitate to mention them in the comments section.


Mario is the core of Mario + Rabbids, his name is in the title after all. Unlike the other characters, he’s the one party member that you have to include in each fight throughout the main campaign, meaning, regardless of who else you bring along to any encounter, he’s going to shape your strategy.

Fortunately, he’s no slouch in combat. Mario possesses arguably the best offense in the game, coupled with respectable range that allows him to fight from a variety of distances. His Blaster can be used to hit from afar whilst his Melee weapon ensures he’s well equipped to take on enemies up close.

If Mario has one flaw it’s that he lacks good movement. In fact, he has one of the shortest movement ranges in the game, meaning greater care needs to be taken when repositioning him in the middle of a fight. More than most characters, Mario requires hefty use of team-jumping to get the most out of him or else he can easily find himself in a position where he’s not all that useful.


Primary Weapon – Blaster

Mario’s primary weapon is the Blaster, a basic mid-range gun that comes with either Honey or Bounce as a status effect. The effect you want to go for with Mario is undoubtedly Honey. Bounce is useful, but Honey is far more consistent. A lucky critical hit will lock down Smashers and Peek-a-Boos making them much less of a threat and even pther units will have a sub-par turn of shooting given that they can’t reposition.

Secondary Weapon – Melee

Mario’s secondary weapon is listed as Melee, which is basically a giant hammer. As you’d expect, this is used in close combat situations and provides the plumber with a touch of area-of-effect capability if enemies are clumped together.

Unlike with the Blaster, I recommend going with the Bounce effect for the hammer. Honey is wasted if you’re hitting enemies up close, since the AI is almost certainly going to target Mario whilst he’s right next to them. Bounce at least gives you a chance to knock enemies back or deal some additional damage by pushing them off the edge of the stage.


Hero Sight

Mario is blessed with three very good skills and the best of the bunch is certainly Hero Sight. Just like X-Com’s Overwatch ability, Hero Sight allows Mario to fire in response to enemy movement. This movement can come from anywhere mind, and will even trigger if another skill or weapon effect knocks the enemy back whilst Hero Sight is active, allowing you to set up combos.


A party-wide attack buff is certainly nothing to sniff at. Mario + Rabbids is a very tempo-oriented game, meaning you’re better off being the aggressor and taking out enemies as quickly as possible. Offence is the best defence in other words.

M-Power allows you to get started on the right foot and is a great skill to pop on the first turn of an encounter to ensure that all three party members benefit from an attack boost straight away.

Stomp Jump

Mario’s unique team jump ability means that he’ll deal as he lands on enemy heads. Given Mario’s below average movement, you’ll find yourself team-jumping with him more than most, so it’s worth upgrading this skill to take advantage of it as an additional source of damage.


When upgrading Mario, start off with Cleansing Jump. This is a must-have for all of your characters. It’s inexpensive and gives you a simple way to wipe off any annoying status ailments in the middle of a fight. You’ll then want to grab Mario’s only movement range upgrade.

After that, you want to work on improving Hero Sight. Focus on lowering the cooldown first, then buff the number of shots and finally, the damage. This is by far Mario’s best skill and the more turns that can end with Hero Sight (or have Mario trigger Hero Sight as part of a combo) the better. Just beware of Smashers being pulled towards you.

It’s now over to Mario’s M-Power. The cooldown and range are fairly useless for this ability, it’s best used as a one-off buff at the start of a fight for everyone, and then as a random spike to Mario’s attack whenever it becomes available again, so focus on improving the damage boost first and foremost.

You also want to be improving the Stomp Jump’s damage output. An alternative here is to improve the damage that Mario’s dash attack does. Whichever way you go, focus on one and make that the one you strengthen, you can’t dash and stomp on the same turn so there’s little benefit improving both. Mario is likely to be team-jumping more than many characters, given his sluggish movement, which is why I suggest the stomp here.

Between all of this, you want to be grabbing health boosts as and when you feel you need them. Mario has decent health, but does suffer from being the target of a lot of shots if he’s ahead of your other party members, after a stomp attack for example. You don’t need to grab them all at once, just make sure you get them as you feel the enemy damage output rising over the course of the game.

Team Tips

Mario plays well with just about any of the cast given his status as the main character. That being said, Luigi covers a lot of Mario’s weaknesses really well. He’s got long range covered where Mario can be a little lacklustre, and his Itchy Feet ability can compensate for Mario’s slow movement speed.

Oh, and there’s Steely Stare of course. With Mario and Luigi out, you have a ridiculous number of reaction shots per turn...

© 2017 LudoLogic


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