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Markiplier's Plan to Change the World.

Updated on August 17, 2015

Now not everyone is aware who Markiplier is. He is a youtuber who plays video games and posts them for his fans to watch. Those who are not into watching youtube or even video games may think 'well so what?'. He has been doing this for a few years now and is nearing nine million subscribers. He is eloquent and funny and has captured the attention of a wide variety fan base. Yes at times he can be a little outrageous but why not?

He isn't just about playing video games, although that is his passion. He spends most days doing many other things, only some of which we are privileged to know. He has some animations, and vlogs. And he even made a mini 'Five Nights at Freddys' musical number. He has shown he is brilliant, and entertaining.

Twenty-six year old Mark born in Hawaii, raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. (If any information I provide is incorrect I'm sure my readers will let me know but I'm usually very accurate.) Mark travels home consistently to visit family and friends, and he also travels for many conventions.

Mark is the kind of person who seems to want to fight evil in anyway he can. He does charity events, and wants put out a message into the world. Through his video's he's been able to reach a wide demographic. While they are about him playing video games, he is providing an outlet for those looking for an escape. And now he wants to use this outlet for good.

Here's some examples of what videos he's done as an entertainer, and then what his vision is outside of that.

In the begining...

Markiplier's first published videos came out on May 26th, 2012. Begining with horror and expanding on it throughout the years, it's what his fans have come to love.

Amnesia, an indie horror game, was seemingly the first of many horror games to come. He started off very simple and as became popular, he was able to become more artistic with each video he creates. Take a look at the differences between then and something closer to now.

'Evil Within'

Uploaded in October 14th, 2014, Mark played the 'Evil Within'. One of the longest games he's played that have been uploaded and in this game there are different aspects to the story. There more than just shooting at monsters or getting to the end. Mark typically plays games like this because they have a story.

Without giving too much away, Mark delves into this story where something as gone horribly wrong at a hospital with an almost 'Inception' feel to it.

Mark edits his videos a lot differently then he did back when he first started and when he was super busy during Comic Con his videos were a bit choppy but if you like Mark and his videos you won't really care. All that matter's is if you can appreciate his absurdity.

In case you didn't know

'Five Nights at Freddy's' starts out as just a game where the player needed to survive five nights at this kid's play place. Kind of the 'Chuck e cheese' of the horror world.

You have to keep these animatronics from coming to kill you by stuffing you in a suit. Fair enough? Well you get a flashlight and camera screens and buttons to close doors. If you use too much power you can't use any of them. So you have to use each one in moderation. If the animatronic is at the door, close it.

'Five Nights At Freddys'
'Five Nights At Freddys' | Source

'Five Nights at Freddy's'

'Five Nights at Freddy's' Blew up into a much bigger game then I think most people thought it would. Some thought it was pointless and some couldn't get enough of it. This game ended up expanding into a story with deeper meaning. With hidden games, and easter eggs to look out for. Mark took each game on and later recorded a musical number based on this indie game.

Voice Lessons for Mark?

Markiplier has said in a few of his more recent videos that he had a voice coach and while none of us are too certain where he plans to put this to its true potential, he has proven that he has more than one talent to provide to his fans.

In his first FNAF the musical, we see puppets of the would be animatronics, and they actually seem to want to be friends with him which is a different take on the indie horror game. Maybe Mark wants to explore this new interest, a path in singing or maybe it was just something he thought would be really fun...or maybe even both.

Need to help others

Mark has also been an advocate to try to help others. Whether it's live charity events or just vloging to get his friend a job. Recently he has made known his passion to change the world, and where changing the whole world is an impossible feat, he wants to make any difference he can.

Have you watched Markiplier's videos?

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Markiplier's videos

Help Mark change the world

His fans, myself included, have seemed to respond to this above video post rather well. Even going so far as to joke about him running for President when he reaches appropriate age.

What most don't see is that a lot of times these really popular youtubers donate to a lot of charities. And Mark is constantly looking out for his fellow man. He wants to make the world and better place but he also needs help to do it.

I know I want to help Mark achieve his dream because I believe what he says. Life is too short and what are we here for if not for each other. Let's try to make this world a much better place. There is way too much selfishness and greed in this world. Let's find a way to do something to help someone out there. Tell Mark what you're ideas are.


What did you think of his first video?

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