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Markus Wulfhart empire 8th edition special character

Updated on April 23, 2012

In the game

In the game Markus Wulfhart is a hero level special character for the empire in 8th edition warhammer. Unusually he specialises in monster hunting via shooting. Stat wise he has the same as a captain of the empire, however he does not have the hold the line special rule. He is also new and did not appear in 7th edition.

Markus has the hatred monsters, immune to psychology, scout and the unique monster hunter special rule. Taking Markus also allows you to upgrade one unit of huntsmen to Wulfhart's hunters who then also benefit from the monster hunter and immune to psychology special rule. The monster hunter special rule allows re rolls to hit when shooting at monsters, it also makes the shots hit the monster if normally they are randomised (such as ridden monsters).

Markus comes equipped with the amber bow a magical bow which always wounds monsters on a 4+ and inflicts D3 wounds, it also has a range of 30". Other then the amber bow Markus carries no other equipment or armour.

Pros and cons

Pros for Markus Wulfhart are that he is a special character that can scout and specalises in hunting down and shooting monsters. Taking him also allows you to upgrade a unit to Wulfhart's hunters who also gain the monster hunter and immune to psychology special rule. Markus is quite characterful and a good model (making a difference from the usually heavily armoured empire characters).

Cons are Markus is expensive points wise for an empire hero, he specalises in hunting monsters where being the empire a cannon or three will probably do the job much more effectively. The fact that you have to pay additional points to upgrade your huntsmen (and the fact Markus Wulfhart is himself expensive) ends up making him and his hunters quite an investment in points, compared to other similar heroes (Gitilla da hunter and Snagla Grobspit for the orcs and goblins) who upgrade their units for no additional cost.

Tactical uses

Tactically Markus Wulfhart and his hunters are only useful against armies with unarmoured monsters such as beastmen and of course are dependant upon your opponent taking monsters in the first place. Taking a battle standard with the banner of the eternal flame means you can give Wulfhart's hunters flaming attacks which makes them much more effective against monsters with regeneration. Since this also takes away regeneration for the rest of the shooting phase (dependent on a wound being caused of course) it can be combined with warmachine shots to finish the job. This does however end up being an expensive investment points wise however.

It is also best to place Markus separate from his hunters otherwise the investment in points in one spot may tempt your opponent into focusing on them. It also allows Markus to take his shot after regeneration has been negated.

Generally speaking I find the points investment to much for little in return against monster strong armies or in storm of magic games he may be more effective but often a battery of great cannons or volley guns are far more effective.

Is Markus Wulfhart worth taking?

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    • profile image

      Hawkeye 3 years ago

      He kills the Brass Bull in the end times!

    • profile image

      Empire general 3 years ago

      Just take the cannon instead.

    • Arioch profile image

      Gordon D Easingwood 5 years ago from Wakefield, United Kingdom

      Yes, but they certainly work with Wulfhart's hunters and their normal bow shots.

    • profile image

      Nemo 5 years ago

      Flaming attacks with banner do not work with magical weapons