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Marvel Mighty Beanz Checklist and Info

Updated on January 25, 2012

what it's about....

This hub is for the collectors of Marvel Mighty Beanz. Here you'll find pack listings, great finds, needs/wants for collectors to complete their collections, great buys/deals, information people have into releases and upcoming series, and discussion of these little items that are absolutely addictive.

 Wolverine #44, Captain America #3, Silver Savage #56, Spider-Man #55, Juggernaut #39, Spider-Man #1, Hulk #2, Hawkeye #34, Iron Man #61
Wolverine #44, Captain America #3, Silver Savage #56, Spider-Man #55, Juggernaut #39, Spider-Man #1, Hulk #2, Hawkeye #34, Iron Man #61

Target Packs Listings

Target Exclusive Iron Man Packs (by bean number, visible bean listed first)

[#61-->#75 Can Only Be Found in Packs that were sold by Target]

Spider Man (1): Phoenix (23), Crimson Dynamo (74), Bullseye (21)
Incredible Hulk (2): Punisher (11), Mystique (22), Iron Fist (71)
Captain America (3): Exactly the same as the normal Pack – no Iron Man Characters!
---- #4 - Missing Info ----
Thor (5); Daredevil (8), Anti-Venom (58), Mandarin (65)
Ghost Rider (6); Thor Skrull (43), Infinity Thanos (26), Ultron (73)
Silver Surfer (7): Phoenix (23), Cyclops Skrull (42), Submariner (24)
---- #8 - Missing Info ----
Thing (9): Elektra (16), Angel (33), Iron Monger (69)
---- #10 - Missing Info ----
Punisher (11): Black Widow (63), Black Costume Spider-Man (55), Sandman (27)
Dr. Octopus (12): Submariner (24), Iron Monger (69), Storm (20)
Green Goblin (13); War Machine (64), Silver Surfer (7), Sabretooth (45)
Mr. Fantastic (14): Hulk (3), Submariner (24), Titanium Man (68)
---- #15 - Missing Info ----
Elektra (16): Fin Fang Foom (62), Sabretooth (45), Ghost Rider (6)
Professor X (17): Spider-man (1), Black Panther (48), Col James Rhodes (66)
Human Torch (18): Ghost Rider (6), Ultimo (70), Invisible Woman (36)
---- #19 - Missing Info ----
Storm (20): Magneto (15), Fin Fang Foom (62), Black Panther (48)
---- #21 - Missing Info ----
Mystique (22): Capt. America Skrull (40), Iron Man (61), Toad (38)
Phoenix (23): Punisher (11), Captain America(3), Whiplash(75)
---- #24-#27- Missing Info ----
Nightcrawler (28): Human Torch (18), Storm (20), Dr. Strange (49)
--- #29-#35 - Missing Info ----
Invisible Woman (36): Black Widow (63), Green Goblin (13), Red Skull (60)
Iron Man (61): Blade (10), Crimson Dynamo (74), Professor X (17) [Older pack Version]
Iron Man (61): Tony Stark (72), Green Goblin (13), Beast (32)
Fin Fang Foom (62): Wolverine (4), Cyclops (19), Capt. America Skrull (40)
Black Widow (63); Wolverine (4), Cyclops (19), Thanos (47).
---- #64 - Missing Info ----
---- #65 - Missing Info ----
Col. James Rhodes (66): Nick Fury (67), Human Torch (18), Dr. Octopus (12)
---- #67-#75 - Missing Info ----

TRU Packs/Other stores

Toys R Us and other stores: (listed by number, visible bean listed first

Spider-Man (1): Galactus (52), Bullseye (21), Phoenix (23)
Hulk (2): Punisher (11), Mystique (25), Sentinel (53)
Captain America (3): Dr.Doom(46), Professor X(17), Night Crawler(28)
Captain America (3): Loki (50), Prof. X (17), Nightcrawler (28)
----#4 Pack - missing info----
Thor (5): Wolverine Skrull (31), Anti-Venom (58), Daredevil (8)
Ghost Rider (6): Thor Skrull (43), Infinity Thanos (26), Emma Frost (37)
Silver Surfer (7): Phoenix (23), Submariner (24), Colossus (54) (Older version)
Silver Surfer (7): Thor (5), Sandman (27), Doctor Doom (46)
----#8 Pack - missing info----
Thing (9): Angel (33), Wolverine (44), Elektra (16)
Blade (10): Mr. Fantastic (14), Bullseye (21), Carnage (59)
Punisher (11): Spiderman in Black Costume (55), Iceman (35), Sandman (27)
Dr. Octopus (12): Wolverine (44), Thor (5), Submariner (24) (KMart only?, 2nd version)
Dr. Octopus (12): Human Torch (18), Invisible Woman (25), Daredevil Skrull(41)
Green Goblin (13): Beast (32), Sabertooth (45), Silver Surfer (7)
Mr. Fantastic (14): Hulk (2), Submariner (24), Venom (51)
Magneto (15): Infinity Thanos (26), Blade (10), Dr. Strange (49)
Elektra (16): Ghost Rider (6), Red Hulk (29), Sabretooth (45)
Professor X (17): Spider-Man (1), Black Panther (48), Yellow Daredevil (30)
----#18 Pack - missing info----
Cyclops (19): Spiderman (1), Invisible Woman (25 or 36??), Loki (50)
Storm (20): Magneto (15), Black Panther (48), Red Hulk (29) (Older Version?)
Storm (20): Human Torch (18), Dr. Strange (49), Nightcrawler (28)
Bullseye (21): Angel (33), Daredevil Skrull (41), Wolverine (4)
Mystique (22): Beast (32), Capt. America Skrull (40), Toad (38)
Phoenix (23): Dr. Doom (46), Punisher (11), Captain America (3)
----#24 Pack - missing info----
Invisible Woman (25): Green Goblin (13), Red Phoenix (57), Wolverine Skrull (31)
Infinity Thanos (26): Daredevil (8), Hawkeye (34), Cyclops Skrull (42)
Sandman (27): Mystique (22): Silver Savage (56), Elektra (16)
Nightcrawler (28): Hulk (2), Thanos (47), Juggernaut (39)
Red Hulk (29): Wolverine (4), Cyclops (19), Captain America Skrull (40)
Yellow Daredevil (30): Thanos (47), Wolverine (4), Cyclops (19)
Wolverine Skrull (31): Thing (9), Magneto (15), Colossus (54)
Beast (32): Sentinel (53), Mr. Fantastic (14), Daredevil (8)
Angel (33): Captain America (3), Dr. Octopus (12), Galactus (52)
Hawkeye (34): Thor (5), Thing (9), Thor Skrull (43)
Ice Man (35): Blade (10), Prof. X (17), Venom (51)
Invisible Woman (36): Green Goblin (13), Red Skull (60), Daredevil (Yellow) (30)


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    • profile image

      raremoosebean 6 years ago

      i have an original series 1 mighty moose bean with silver base (US) and i was wondering how much it would be worth.. its #817/1000

    • WoRkAh0LiC profile image

      WoRkAh0LiC 6 years ago from Southern California

      Congrats on completing a set and for listing the first full set of beanz on eBay. Considering how many packs someone would have to buy to get all of those beanz, it's a pretty good deal.

    • profile image

      thenerdatorium 6 years ago

      Oh and for you "true" completionists....EVERY bean has a serial number. (Even though it doesn't really matter).

    • profile image

      thenerdatorium 6 years ago

      Posted a complete set with the golds including all the target exclusives, carnage, silver savage, hawkeye, and juggs.

      Item #200710201469

      Weird posting it took forever to complete it.

    • WoRkAh0LiC profile image

      WoRkAh0LiC 6 years ago from Southern California

      Well then where's the darn Hong Kong Carnage bean?!?!? I'd buy it to complete my set lol...

    • profile image

      thenerdatorium 6 years ago

      This is from Spinmaster via email..."mighty beanz will be going into the spinmaster vault for the time being.". Go to the Spinmaster site and Mighty Beanz are not listed under their products. This was the North American distributor.

      about the hong kong eBay auctions....Email from Moose, i was told...."they look to be real." Even without the serial number on the back/bottom which is a country/lot designation, it has nothing to do with the beanz being real or not.

      I asked about the beanz everyone needs to complete collections, the 4 marvel, the last wave of star wars series 1, etc. And moose replied "these were a small test sample released and the orders were cancelled shortly thereafter.

      Retailers were glutted with beanz and they stopped buying. Everyone who collects/buys them saw the retailers discount them heavily (getting rid of stock). Distribution stopped to north america and that's why we don't have them.

      The beanz were manufactured but had no place to go....hence the no serial number designation. If they're fake, i don't know why the sellers settled on the marvel/dc line because the star wars ones sell for much more, doesn't make sense to sell a fake product and not maximize your profit.

      Just my two cents and what I've been told through "company" speak. I don't like it but what can we do?

    • WoRkAh0LiC profile image

      WoRkAh0LiC 6 years ago from Southern California

      Been pretty slow on the Mighty Beanz front lately... I haven't heard anything new, how about you? OK, that rhyme was unintended lol. Also, any new info on the beanz from China / Hong Kong?

    • WoRkAh0LiC profile image

      WoRkAh0LiC 6 years ago from Southern California

      There are DragonBall Beanz?

    • profile image

      Turkic 6 years ago

      I am collecting Dragonball they are aweome to! What do you think about it?

    • profile image

      thenerdatorium 6 years ago

      Kmart has supposedly stopped carrying beanz now. Target is no longer carrying beanz. Tru is best bet for beanz but marvel and star wars are not available for shipping on tru website and have not been available for the better part of a month.

    • profile image

      thenerdatorium 6 years ago

      Only that the last "waves" that we've never truly seen in the US for Marvel and Star Wars were done only in limited release. All major retailers cancelled their orders right as they were to be distributed, hence why we've not seen the last "4" marvel and last 6 or so star wars beanz.

      They've also said that we won't see star wars series 2 or series 4/5 beanz until spring at the earliest in the US.

      No plans as of yet for a series 2 of marvel.

    • WoRkAh0LiC profile image

      WoRkAh0LiC 6 years ago from Southern California

      nerdatorium, heard anything new lately regarding beanz and their distribution in the US?

    • profile image

      Silverback11 6 years ago

      Glad to see you recovered/rebuilt much of the info. Selling my Marvel Gold Beanz under joeboo70 on ebay. Link is:

      Still looking for a Carnage, but looks like they are showig up in Canada now and you can get a lot cheaper than $100 now............

    • WoRkAh0LiC profile image

      WoRkAh0LiC 6 years ago from Southern California

      Wish I could help you - I never saved all the star wars info, just Marvel and DC.

    • profile image

      thenerdatorium 6 years ago

      Love to do a 2003/2004 but need to get the Star Wars Beanz hub running I'm trying to put together. Compiling (or trying) all the pack listings is rough going without the cached "other" hub.

    • WoRkAh0LiC profile image

      WoRkAh0LiC 6 years ago from Southern California

      Hey, nerdatorium. I really think you should do a hub on the 2003/2004 beanz also. There should be quite a few collectors out there that could use the info.

    • WoRkAh0LiC profile image

      WoRkAh0LiC 6 years ago from Southern California

      Something just doesn't seem right about that. There's really no way that the first ever Carnage Bean on eBay would sell for almost 80 bucks less than the 3rd one listed. I can understand an increase of maybe 20 bucks due to rewording the title, but not 80. That's just very suspicious to me. Anyways, I don't know who the heck was crazy enough to pay 180 bucks for just one bean. I guarantee that there will be more Carnage Beanz in the future, and the price will continue to drop, little by little. Look at what happened to Wonder Woman, Superman, etc. Even Gold beanz are dropping in price right now. Whoever paid 180 is going to feel pretty bad in a few months....

    • profile image

      thenerdatorium 6 years ago

      Wow.......$180 for a carnage on ebay. Insanity.

    • WoRkAh0LiC profile image

      WoRkAh0LiC 6 years ago from Southern California

      I've listed some packs & beanz lots on eBay if anyone is interested. Here's the link to my eBay user name. Just click on Items For Sale link on the left side:

    • WoRkAh0LiC profile image

      WoRkAh0LiC 6 years ago from Southern California

      Thanks for that info nerdatorium. I figured that the pack lists could give us all the info we needed to judge rarity for Target Exclusives. Thanks for saving me from doing all the research and typing lol.

      Also, Toys R Us has the Collector's Tins back on sale again. This time, it's not an online only 8 hour sale. From now until the 24th of December, the following tins are $5: Spider-Man, Darth Vader, Lightning McQueen and The Millennium Falcon (this is more of a case and not a tin). So for all of you out there that need the Beanz which can only be found in tins, now's the time to buy them. They'd also make good Christmas presents, or you could use them for target practice! lol. Oh and trust me when I say that you will never find them this cheap on eBay!

      Speaking of eBay, Carnage just sold for $127! WOW... I could never justify paying that much for a bean... I mean, I want that bean to complete my set, but that's just crazy! Congrats to the seller though! I know he's happy haha.

    • profile image

      thenerdatorium 6 years ago

      Just a personal insight to the rarity of Target Exclusives, from what I've seen.

      Hardest to find is definitely #71 Iron Fist. Only appeared in 1 pack (Hulk) upon first release in Target. After the next wave hit, you couldn't find the packs.

      #64 War Machine, next in line, only in 1 pack as well (Green Goblin) and didn't seem to be as widely released as some other packs that were in stores at the time. Popularity of the character probably has something to do with it as well. This is also one of the WORST beanz to find intact right out of a package (Dr. Doom as well). Somehow the design of the sticker leads to a TON of them having a split or pieces of sticker missing around the seam. I can't tell you how many packs I opened to find the bean completely flawed.

      #74 Crimson Dynamo, was in two packs originally but one pack (Iron Man showing) changed the Target Exclusive to Tony Stark being included. The Spiderman pack was an early release and after the change to the second pack, they were not to be found.

      Some others also appeared in only one pack and were not visible beanz, #65 Mandarin, #67 Nick Fury, #68 Titanium Man, #70 Ultimo, #72 Tony Stark, #73 Ultron, and #75 Whiplash. They were easier to find because Target glutted their stores with these packs around February/March of 2011. With the exception of the Mandarin (Thor visible), Ultron (Ghost Rider), and Iron Man (Iron Man) packs, every one had a "not as well known character" visible bean which might have led to sluggish sales in the stores.

      #69 Iron Monger appeared in two packs but was not a visible bean.

      #61 Iron Man, #62 Fin Fang Foom, #63 Black Widow, and #66 Col. James Rhodes all appeared in two packs and were also a visible bean in one of the two they appeared in. Iron Man is much harder to find simply because of the character's popularity.


    • profile image

      thenerdatorium 6 years ago

      thanks w0rk!

      I could do a whole separate hub on 2003/2004 Marvel, extremely hard to find the ones you're looking for and in collectable shape. The packs back then are completely random, no pattern to them, not to mention that the stickers are extremely weak compared to 2010 (split in middle, pieces missing).

    • WoRkAh0LiC profile image

      WoRkAh0LiC 6 years ago from Southern California

      Here's the checklist for all 2010 Marvel Beanz. Quick bit of info: did you know that, even though the package says Series 1, the 2010 Marvel Beanz are actually Series 3? They released Series 1 and 2 over 7 years ago. I guess they decided to reboot the numbering and start all over with this series and call it Series 1. Now, on to the checklist!


      1 Spider-Man (Common)

      2 Hulk (Common)

      3 Captain America (Common)

      4 Yellow and Blue Costume Wolverine (Common)

      5 Thor (Common)

      6 Ghost Rider (Common)

      7 Silver Surfer (Common)

      8 Red Costume Daredevil (Common)

      9 Thing (Common)

      10 Blade (Common)

      11 Punisher (Common)

      12 Doctor Octopus (Common)

      13 Green Goblin (Common)

      14 Mr. Fantastic (Common)

      15 Magneto (Common)

      16 Elektra (Common)

      17 Professor X (Common)

      18 Human Torch (Common)

      19 Cyclops (Common)

      20 Storm (Common)

      21 Bullseye (Common)

      22 Mystique (Common)

      23 Green Costume Phoenix (Common)

      24 Submariner (Common)

      25 Invisible Woman (Invisible) (Common)

      26 Infinity Thanos (Common)

      27 Sandman (Common)

      28 Nightcrawler (Common)

      29 Red Hulk (Common)

      30 Yellow Costume Daredevil (Common)

      31 Wolverine Skrull (Common)

      32 Beast (Common)

      33 Angel (Common)

      34 Hawkeye (Common)

      35 Iceman (Common)

      36 Invisible Woman (Common)

      37 Emma Frost (Ultra Rare)

      38 Toad (Ultra Rare)

      39 Juggernaut (Ultra Rare)

      40 Captain America Skrull (Rare)

      41 Daredevil Skrull (Rare)

      42 Cyclops Skrull (Rare)

      43 Thor Skrull (Rare)

      44 Brown & Yellow Costume Wolverine (Rare)

      45 Sabretooth (Rare)

      46 Doctor Doom (Rare)

      47 Thanos (Rare)

      48 Black Panther (Rare)

      49 Doctor Strange (Rare)

      50 Loki (Rare)

      51 Venom (Rare)

      52 Galactus (Rare)

      53 Sentinel (Rare)

      54 Colossus (Rare)

      55 Black Costume Spider-Man (Ultra Rare)

      56 Silver Savage (Ultra Rare)

      57 Dark (Red) Phoenix (Ultra Rare)

      58 Anti-Venom (Ultra Rare)

      59 Carnage (Ultra Rare)

      60 Red Skull (Ultra Rare)


      Target Exclusives (can only be found in packs purchased from Target - now discontinued and difficult to find):

      61 Iron Man

      62 Fin Fang Foom

      63 Black Widow

      64 War Machine

      65 Mandarin

      66 Col. James Rhodes

      67 Nick Fury

      68 Titanium Man

      69 Iron Monger

      70 Ultimo

      71 Iron Fist

      72 Tony Stark

      73 Ultron

      74 Crimson Dynamo

      75 Whiplash


      Only available in Tins:

      76 Spider-Man (in Black and Red Costume)

      77 Lizard

      78 Iron Man (Mark I)

      79 War Machine (Faceplate lifted)


      Gold Beanz (Available only via Mail Order in 2010):

      80 Gold Spider-Man

      81 Gold Hulk

      82 Gold Wolverine

      83 Gold Captain America

      84 Gold Green Goblin


      No one really knows the different levels of rarity for the Target Exclusive Beanz since there's no list anywhere online similar to the one found on the back of the packs. The only lists for any beanz after #60 are lists which were compiled by collectors. Based on the pack lists, we can figure out which of these beanz are Common, Rare and Ultra Rare. I'll get around to doing that one of these days...

    • WoRkAh0LiC profile image

      WoRkAh0LiC 6 years ago from Southern California

      Thanks for the kudos, nerdatorium!

      Toys R Us currently has tins for $5. This is an online only special offer, but the tins can be picked up in stores so you don't have to pay for shipping. The Death Star, Darth Vader, Millennium Falcon & Spider-Man Tins are all included in the promo. Just grab 'em quick because the sale ends at 4PM PST! Thanks goes out to a friend of mine for this info.

      Also, I'm going to post a checklist for all 2010 Beanz soon.

    • profile image

      thenerdatorium 6 years ago

      Thanks to WoRkAh0LiC for helping out with the checklists.

    • profile image

      thenerdatorium 6 years ago

      Under constuction...if you have anything to add go for it!


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