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Mass Effect 2 Game Review

Updated on April 1, 2010

Storyline- Incredibly well written and superbly interwoven with the first game. Choices abound here, you can go about each mission more or less how you choose, and even the vast majority of the extra missions seem to be interwoven with the situation at hand, the main goal of the game. With a great variety of relationships, with both the people in your team and those simply aboard your ship, you will have hours and hours of talking to do, and become quite attached to most of the people around you. Your squad from the first game make an appearance and how everything ends up makes quite a bit of sense. 20/20

Graphics -
Superb a drastic improvement from the first everything seems crisper and cleaner, the game is just all around overhauled for a better look. 10/10

Game play-
Obviously the biggest downside of Mass Effect (1) was the combat system, which has been completely revamped for this game and brings a whole new variety of powerful weapons to customize the experience even further, I rarely used the sniper rifle but after I got a certain one I couldn’t stop using it because it was exactly what I wanted! Take a look around you will find an almost unseemly amount of weapons to use! 15/15

Enjoy ability-
The relationships in this game seem far less superficial than the first, and with the revamped combat system the strangely enjoyable planet surveying and all the research, and just the general "what was the universe like 1000 years ago" this game is outright fun, it combines the good from Mass Effect (1) and entirely eliminates the bad! 20/20

Art direction-
Each and every place you went felt so drastically different from the one before it, even the Citadel felt different from what it did in the first game, it truly feels Human run, though some wouldn’t call that a good thing, even the new enemies hold a level of "Unsettling" the geth from ME1 just couldn’t reach! 10/10

Sound &VA-
Flawless, everyone's got a voice and their all fitting, even the facial expressions work! Which was in my opinion something the first game didn’t quite achieve. 10/10

There's so much to do in this game its mind blowing, it took me 32 hours to beat it cause I just kept doing other stuff, running around talking to people, and the like! And unlike ME1 about 5 minutes into the game I knew I was going to want to play it again! 15/15

Total- 100/100

Bottom line- The game feels almost like Mass Effect 1 and Fallout 3 had a baby and this is what came out! This game is awesome, it’s a must have for everyone!


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    • d-b-ggaming profile image

      David 6 years ago from The land of the living

      Im a bit skeptical, but im skeptical on all things like that

    • Max Shelley profile image

      Max Shelley 6 years ago from Auburn Hills, Michigan

      Awesome review! I cant wait for the third one to come out. what do you think of the kinetic features they're using?