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A Guide to Biotic Powers in Mass Effect 3

Updated on March 10, 2013

Mass Effect 3's biotics give your characters the equivalent of telekinetic powers. If you want to put these abilities too good use, you're going to have to figure out what you're in for.

Active Powers

Here is a list of the available biotic powers in Mass Effect 3, along with what Shepard classes can use them.

Pull: A mass effect field is created to yank your opponent off their feet and closer to you. Good for disrupting your opponent, as well as getting close enough to hit them with a shotgun blast or melee attack. Usable by Adepts and Vanguards.

Throw: This power knocks your opponent backwards, dealing damage and potentially knocking your opponent over. Usable by Adepts and Sentinels.

Warp: An ability that stops regeneration, weakens armor, and damages health. Usable by Adepts and Sentinels.

Singularity: Creates a dense "black hole" that sucks opponents towards it, suspending them helplessly into the air and dealing damage. Usable only by Adepts.

Shockwave: Sends a damaging ripple across the battlefield, staggering and damaging your opponent. Usable by Adepts and Vanguards.

Nova: Explode your biotic barrier in a circle around you, hitting back and damaging any enemies that are within range. This will leave your shield temporarily down. Usable only by Vanguards.

Biotic Charge: Shepard dashes forward at immense speed, smashing into the enemy and causing damage. Usable only by Vanguards.

Recharge Time

Having a low recharge time is even more important for biotics than it is for other classes, due to the biotics reliance on their powers. In addition to some advanced stat-boosting powers, a good way to lower your recharge time is to lower your weapon weight. Considering going into battle without every weapon spot filled. The trade-off of lower recharge times will make it worth it, and you never have to worry about running out of ammunition with biotics.


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