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Mass Effect 3 Adept Biotic Class: Tips For Multiplayer

Updated on March 20, 2012

The Adept class in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer can become very powerful, especially when reaching level 20. Level 20 is the highest level you can reach with any class on Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. Some players may see the Adept class as a support only class, meaning that they are mainly helpful when attacking with other players. However, the Adept class, can be very powerful on it's own.

Mass Effect 3 Adept Class: Races and Powers

Human Male/Female - Singularity/Warp/Shockwave
Asari - Stasis/Warp/Throw
Drell - Reave/Pull/Cluster Grenade

The Adept is very skilled with biotic powers. While the adept can use weapons, they are not as efficient with them compared to a class such as the "soldier." It's best to use weapons that are light weight because heavier weapons will increase the time it takes to recharge powers.

Using Adept Class on Mass Effect 3 multiplayer (tips)

  • The Asar's Stasis power is extremely effective against Cerberus Phantoms and Snipers. Normally, those enemies are tough, however, stasis will freeze them allowing you to shoot them.
  • The Drell's pull is effective against Cerberus troops that carry shields. The Pull power can lift their shields away from them, allowing you and your team mates to damage them.
  • Combine biotic powers on an enemy to create a biotic explosion
  • Keep recharge power time at 150% (at least). This allows you to use the Adept's biotic powers more frequently.
  • Warp is more effective against enemies with armor and shields. Throw is more effective against enemies that do not have armor or shields. Always use Warp first against enemies like Marauders, then finish them off.
  • The Asari's throw is VERY EFFECTIVE against enemies that do not have armor or shields. Seek out opponents such as Cerberus troops, Reaper Cannibals, and weak Geth first.
  • Equip POWER AMPLIFIER MODULES to increase an Adept's powers for one mission on Mass Effect 3 multiplayer.

The Adept in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer will be relatively weak at lower levels. It may be a bit of a grind getting to level 20. But once you are closer to level 20, your biotic powers become very powerful.

If you are a lower level Adept, stick with squad mates on Mass effect 3 more often. Once you are a higher level, it will be easier to fight enemies by yourself.

Unlike the Vanguard, the Adept class in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer is more suited for medium range combat. The Adept can damage enemies from a distance. Powers such as throw, warp, and singularity are good examples. This does not mean Adept's are bad at close range combat, though.


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