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Mass Effect 3: Which Class to Use

Updated on July 11, 2013

Shepard, the hero of Mass Effect 3, has access to several different combat classes. Your class will shape not only your personal combat role throughout the game, but also what characters will be best-suited to your squad. Make your choice wisely.

As opposed to previous games in the series, class does not affect what weapons you can carry, although it still affects your abilities.


The Soldier is a combat specialist. If you want to blast your enemies to pieces with precision shots, the Soldier is your class.

Soldiers have the ability Adrenaline Rush, which slows down time temporarily, making it easier to make precision shots. This makes it easier to get clean headshots.


The Engineer is a Tech specialist. Although best-suited for taking down non-organic enemies, they can also cut through the barriers of organics.

Along with Overload, which will blast through enemy barriers, Techs can also use a Sentry Turret, which adds a new angle of attack to your squad.


The Adept is a biotic specialist. Biotics are the Mass Effect equivalent of telekinesis, allowing you to pull, throw and trap your enemies.

Biotics have access to to a variety of unique abilities such as Singularity, which sucks all your enemies into a sort of black hole, and Pull, which, as the name implies, pulls your enemies towards you.


The Infiltrator is a stealth class. Along with certain Combat abilities, the Infiltrator can also use the Tactical Cloak ability to turn invisible. With this ability, you can strike at your enemies from the shadows.


The Vanguard is a close-quarters biotic class. You'll have access to several standard biotic abilities such as Pull, in addition to unique abilities such as Biotic Charge, which lets you close with enemies across the battlefield using a biotic-fueled dash.


The Sentinel is a Biotic/Tech hybrid class. Along with such biotic abilities as Throw and Warp, the Sentinel also has access to the Tech ability Overload, and the unique defensive ability Tech Armor

What class are you using for Mass Effect 3?

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