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Mass Effect 3: Earth Dlc New N7 Characters

Updated on July 18, 2012

Mass Effect 3: Earth Dlc New N7 Characters

Mass effect 3 had one of the best campaigns of any video game I've ever played, but it's multiplayer is also one of the most entertaining of all active games. The multiplayer is a coopertive mode where ten waves of enemies come at a squad of players. Three of those levels will have mini-missions in them where the squad must complete an objective like holding a position for a set amount of time or escorting a drone to it's destination. In the new Earth Dlc, an even harder difficulty, platinum, was added, as well as three new maps and guns; the every foggy and war-torn London, a pitch white and technologically advanced Vancouver, and Rio de Janeiro under siege from the reapers. The three new weapons are the acolyte pistol designed to destroy shields, the prihanna shotgun that has a large spread and is amazing against muliple targets at close range, and the typhoon assult rifle, which is really just an LMG. With the addition of these new maps and guns, it makes playing ME3's multiplayer much less repetitive than what can sometimes be the curse set on horde based game types, but for me, the really cool new features are the addition of six new N7 playable multiplayer characters.The first is the N7 fury adept, possessing the biotic powers of throw, dark channel, and annihilation field. For a dash, the Fury can actually teleport forward, which when combined with the annihilation field, and aoe attack that more than lives up to it's name, the fury can shread through lesser enemies and by using dark channel to lower the defenses of harder enemies using throw to trigger biotic explosions will spell the end for any opponent, the only biotic that can even compete with a fury in offensive capabilities is the Ex-Cerberus Phoenix. Next is the N7 Demolisher engineer, with arc grenades, homing grenades, and a supply pylon. The Demolisher is amazing at sitting behind cover with a friend, lobby grenade after grenade while your supply pylon continues to give you more. Obviously you don't get instant replenishing, but with control you can consistently deal nearly endless damage. Filling the true role of a tank, the N7 Paladin sentinel is the sentinel that I have been waiting since I read the description of what a sentinel is supposed to be. With powers consisting of incinerate, snap freeze, and energy drain,as well as brandishing the omni-shield the N7 Paladin is meant to last. By charging up the power melee attack, you can whip out the omni-shield, which at the lowest levels can take 3000 points of damage. By using energy drain to keep up sheilds, and snap freeze to halt enemy advances, a single N7 paladin has been able to hold back a dozen cannibals, two marauders and a brute by himself. If you have ever felt the unpressedented need to play as a Cerberus Phantom, the N7 Shadow infiltrator is for you. Using tatical cloak, shadow strike, and electrical slash, wow, this futuristic ninja is strong. Using electrical slash, the shadow can annihilate shields with zero problems, but the real power of the Shadow comes from shadow strike. Shadow strike will teleport the Shadow behind an enemy, cloak the Shadow, and attack with the molecular blade. When the shadow attacks with shadow strike, it can go anywhere , essentually making it a sneaky vanguard . A very potent mixture that I would suggest to anyone is to cloak and then use shadow strike, because when specked out properly, cloak will give you added damage and since shadow strike on its own is unbeliavbly powerful, the Shadow can one-shot almost any unit in silver. If the shadow isn't enough sword play for you, then maybe the N7 Slayer vanguard can help. The slayer uses biotic charge, phase disrupter, and biotic slash. With biotic charge to get in close, and biotic slash to do tremendous close range damage, they make a deadly mix. Sadly besides looking really cool, the slayer isn't too different from all the other vanguards, yeah phase disruptor is kinda neat, taking a portion of the Slayer's shield to do massive biotic damage, but like every other vanguard, you just jump around and hit stuff. And while by no means is the slayer bad, it does incredible damage, I still feel that every other N7 class is nice and different; teleporting inflitrator, biotic based on annihilation, a sentiel that can hold off armies. Even though the slayer was a minor let down, my personal favorite, the N7 Destroyer makes up for the lack of change by pretty much making you Iron Man. He sports multi-frag grenade launchers, an auto missile launcher, and devastator mode. The first cool things are that both devestator mode (slows you down but gives massive rate of fire and damage boost) and missile launcher (auto fires missiles at enemies but reduces shields) will both stay active until deactivated. For specks I would advise devestator mode for damage and rate of fire, the missile launcher for damage and the hydra missiles, and grenade launcher for grenade supply and damage. When all that is put together and activated, and you equip a new N7 Typhoon light machine gun, I can only compare the feeling to what a mechanical god must feel like on one of his better days. So with only a few minor disappointments, overall the Earth Dlc has some of the best characters in the entire mass effect universe.


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    • atechwiz profile image

      atechwiz 5 years ago

      A nice write up of the DLC. I downloaded this some time ago also and have not had much of a chance to enjoy it. I really need to take some time to get back into these games. Especially Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim.