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Mass Effect 3 "From Ashes" DLC Prothean Squad Mate: Only Collectors Edition

Updated on March 3, 2012

If you order the collectors edition of Mass Effect 3, you will receive bonus content. This bonus content is called "From Ashes," and allows you to get an additional squad mate for Mass Effect 3. This squad mate is an ancient Prothean. The Protheans are an ancient race that disapeared thousands of years ago. Any Mass Effect fan knows that having a prothean squad mate would be awesome!

From Ashes is only included with the collectors edition of Mass Effect 3, however. The standard edition of Mass Effect 3 will not include the From Ashes DLC! Players who wish to play the From Ashes DLC and have access to the Prothean squad mate will have to pay for it separately. Has BioWare gone too far? Why would they not include this content with the standard edition of Mass Effect 3?

Mass Effect 2 did not include Cerberus Network DLC in used copies

BioWare did something similar with Mass Effect 2. Used copies of Mass Effect 2 did NOT include the additional DLC content "Cerberus network." If a player bought Mass Effect 2 used, then they would have to purchase the Cerberus network separately. The main reason why BioWare did this is so consumers would be more obligated to buy new versions of Mass Effect 3 and not used versions. BioWare does not profit from used games, the brick and mortar store that sells them does. An example is GameStop.

Mass Effect 3 Standard Edition Does NOT Include Additional Content

What is different with Mass Effect 3 compared to Mass Effect 2, is that there is no benefit of buying it new, outside of perhaps having a disc in better condition. The Protheans are a major part of the Mass Effect universe, wouldn't it make sense for BioWare to include this DLC in the full retail version of Mass Effect 3?

Sure, the collectors edition of Mass Effect 3 does include the additional content From Ashes, however, this will cost extra money. Collectors Edition versions of video games should include things not found in the game itself, NOT in-game content that was created before the game was released! Players should not have to pay extra for content that should already be included in the standard edition of the game. Mainly, because it is created prior to the game's release. Only content created after a game is already released should cost the consumer (if they wish to buy additional content).

That is just my opinion, however. Of course, many players should ask themselves a question; "why do we have to pay for content that is created prior to Mass Effect 3's release?"


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      Josh 5 years ago

      there is a DLC release because although it is similar to the traditional side quest, there is too much gained by it to install it in the game. the fact that a Prothean is avaiable is enough to get be to slap down $10; the extra suits, weapons and other bonuses are just filler. plus, anyone who pre-ordered lready got a bonus N7 suit and two rifles, so there really is no reason to whine. pay the extra money, and get Javik. it's worth it.