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Mass Effect 3: How to Get The Best Ending

Updated on May 4, 2013

Although there is some debate as to whether any of Mass Effect 3's endings are actually "good," there are definitely some that are better than others. If you want to get the best possible ending, you're going to have to work for it. Without revealing too many spoilers, this Hub will help you get the best of ME3's many endings.

Military Strength

The first thing that you'll need to get the best ending is high military strength. Nearly every mission will reward you with additional military strength, which can be checked in the War Room aboard the Normandy.

Complete both the main storyline quests and the myriad side quests that you can pick up from characters, shipmates, and especially by speaking with people on the Citadel.

Effective Military Strength and Galactic Readiness

Sadly, only a percentage of your Military Strength will actually be used effectively. This results in your Effective Military Strength, or EMS. The higher your Effective Military Strength, the better you will ultimately do.

The main way of raising your Effective Military Strength is to raise your normal Military Strength. Howdever, unless your Galactic Readiness level is high enough, you'll only get a portion of your Military Strength effectively. For example, at the beginning of the game, your Galactic Readiness is at 50%. So while your military strength may be 1000, your Effective Military Strength is only 500.

You can increase your Galactic Readiness by taking part in Mass Effect 3's multiplayer co-op.

If your Effective Military Strength is under 2650 by the end of the game, you may want to take one last look at Earth while you can.

Making Choices

Once your EMS is high enough, and complete the rest of the game, you'll have either two or three choices to make. These choices will affect the fate of the Mass Effect universe. The first to basic choices are the Control Ending and the Destruction Ending. As you get higher EMS, the Synthesis Ending will also become available. Which choice will get you which ending will become apparent.

If you're wondering what gives you the best chance at a good ending, just remember this: don't do what The Illusive Man would do.


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    • profile image

      Sauce boss 5 years ago

      Did you scan planets and stuff for assets. You can get assets from probing planets you scanned

    • profile image

      Pedro del Taco 6 years ago

      @ Mickey

      There are two apps for the iPhone, Mass Effect Infiltrator ($6.99) and Maas Effect Datapad (Free), both have options to plug into Galaxy at War, raising your Combat Readiness Percentage and thus your EMS.

    • profile image

      vboy 6 years ago

      the new game+ gives you enough to avoid multiplayer

    • profile image

      James 6 years ago

      You either have to play multi Or have made a series of very precise and non-intuitive choices in the previous 2 games. Some paragon, some renegade decisions throughout the first 2 (don't ask me's complicated and i have no recOllection of details).

      However, I think BW is justified in assuming players have Internet...especially the free built in wifi for ps3..

      How do you survive wIthput Internet lpl?!

    • profile image

      Mickey 6 years ago

      I played ME 3 on PS3 and did everything the strategy guide said. All sub quests and talking to everyone, and still ended up with only 3800 Effective Military Strength. I know you need 4000+ to save Shepard. How so I get this without playing multiplayer? I don't have Internet at my house right now. I'm posting this with my iPhone. So multiplayer is out of the question. So please help. The only thing I may have messed up in my first playthrough is some of the support dialog options. Like maybe I supported the wrong person. But that still shouldn't make up for 200 pts. So what did I do wrong? Any tips would be a great help. It sucks to spend that much time on a game and not get the best ending.

    • profile image

      Mickey 6 years ago

      I have a ps3 I did everything the strategy guide said. All the side quests and extra talking. And I still ended up with only 3800 Effective Military strength. Apparently you need to have 4000 and up to save Shepard. How do I do this, without playing multiplayer? It makes no sense. Please help.

    • profile image

      RandomGuy 6 years ago

      In all honesty i just wish there was something like, a really bad ending, a bad one, an ok one, a good one, and a really good one. I didn't feel satisfied with these endings, it felt unfinished and i wish that bioware had implemented a simpler version where if i worked hard enough, in the words of Bob Marley "every little thing is gonna be alright". Its too complex and unsatisfiying for my tastes and maybe in DLC we could get a perfect ending, where everyone lives, the relays don't go boom and the reapers all die.

    • profile image

      doing 6 years ago

      to complicated with all the choices and endings........

    • Isocrates profile image

      Isocrates 6 years ago

      you can still save Anderson without high paragon/renegade, just choose all renegade options when talking with the illusive man

    • profile image

      Suikoden 6 years ago

      you don't High Paragon or High Renegnade, just pick renegnade when you first speak to the Illusive man at the end of the game and then all Paragon next 3 option.

    • PBetters profile image

      PBetters 6 years ago from Providence, RI

      Yeah, you need to get your Paragon up really high to choose that last Paragon action. This will change how the situation with The Illusive Man plays out, but won't change the ending itself.

    • profile image

      Tristan 6 years ago

      I got synthesis the first time with my military strength at +4000 but I couldn't choose every paragon option in the scene beforehand because they where blocked and then i was forced to do a renegade action so I was wondering if you pick only paragon does that change anything?