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Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Details: Credits, XP, Classes, Unlocking Weapons & Characters

Updated on February 23, 2012

The Mass Effect 3 multiplayer four player cooperative demo is now available for players. You can play as 6 classes; Adept, Soldier, Engineer, Sentinel, Infiltrator, and Vanguard (human race). Each class has different types of powers (3 max). As you gain experience your class will level up.

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer 10 waves of enemies

Gameplay in Mass Effect 3 plays out like many traditional defensive "horde syle" game modes (like Gears of War 3). There are a total of 10 waves that become increasingly difficult as you progress. You can also opt to play 3 different difficulties; bronze, silver, and gold. The demo has two maps called Firebase Ghost and Firebase White. One of them takes place on the planet Noveria (Noveria was in Mass Effect 1).

Player Experience and Credits in Mass Effect 3

Players will gain experience when killing enemies and assisting other players. Tougher enemies like the "Atlas Mech" will give you more experience for either killing them or getting an assist. Credits are not earned when killing enemies, however, they are awarded when completing important mission objectives. Certain waves will have randomly generated missions where you need to upload data from various terminals or do other important objectives. If you succesfully complete these missions then you will earn credits.

Credits can be used to buy things in Mass Effect 3's store menu. The player can either purchase the recruit package or veteran package. Each pack has 5 random items. You can unlock new characters, weapons, or combat supplies. Unlocking new characters is quite rare. It is possible to unlock a Quarian in the veteran package on the demo.

Experience is used to unlock new powers, upgrade existing powers, or enhance a race's abilities. You can choose how to distribute the points. As a power becomes stronger, more experience points are required. Spending experience points can only be done whilst in the Mass Effect 3 menu.


Mass Effect 3 multiplayer: All races have different abilities

Each race has their own special abilities. For example, the human soldier can roll to avoid fire, however, their melee attacks are relatively weak. The Krogan on the other hand, has a powerful charge melee attack, but they can not roll due to their size.

Note if you level up a specific class and choose a different race, but it is still the same class, your level will be the same. For instance, if your human soldier is level 10 then your Krogan soldier will also be level 10. Levels are separated by classes, not races.

Every class in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer can equip any weapon

While you can only carry two weapons, every class will have access to every type of weapon. Heavier weapons will affect your recharge power time, however. Lighter weapons will allow you to recharge your powers faster. Classes like the Adept that rely on powers should equip lighter weight weapons such as a pistol.

Ammo can be found in multiple locations on Mass Effect 3 maps. All the player has to do is walk up to ammo crate boxes to refill. As far as I know, ammo is unlimited in the crates, at least in the bronze difficulty.

If you enjoy Gears of War 3 horde mode or cooperative game modes, then Mass Effect 3 mutiplayer will probably satisfy you.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      You an unlock the other races through the cests you buy, the 5000 credit chest has quite a low chance, but with the 2000 chest you should start unlocking new races after 2-3 (i have bought 4 and got an asari adept out of the third (wich is really good as i avoided the adents due to lack of throw, but the asari has throw))

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I did not start off with all 6 races. I only got the option of adept, soldier, and engineer. How do i unlock the others?


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