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Mass Effect 3 New Combat Abilities For Vanguard, Adept, & More!

Updated on February 4, 2012

Mass Effect 3 will be the final epic conclusion to Commander Shepard's story.However, this does not mean it will be the final game in the series -- it's just the final game for Commander Shepard. The reapers are now attacking earth and other colonies across the Galaxy. It is up to Commander Shepard and allies to stop the reapers. You will be able to import your previous saves from Mass Effect & Mass Effect 2. A player does not necessarily have to play the previous games to play Mass Effect 3 because the game will have default scenarios. If you want to have your own custom experience, however, I highly recommend you play the previous games. Many choices are made in the first two games that can heavily impact Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect 3 New Combat Abilities

Combat in Mass Effect 3 will be similar to previous entries, but there has been some modifications/improvements to the combat system. Commander Shepard can now roll between cover to cover to avoid taking fire or at least minimize damage. Each class in Mass Effect 3 will now have it's own special type of melee. Melee attacks in previous games were the same across all the classes.


The Adept class in Mass Effect 3 will feature a powerful biotic push/punch that can send an enemy flying backwards. The Engineer class has a special melee attack that has less force, but deals high damage and sets the target on fire. The Vangard class has a new ability called Nova. Nova lets Commander Shepard leap into the air and come down with great force causing a shock wave severely damaging nearby enemies. In order to use this power, however, Shepard must deplete all of his barrier power. This makes for a high risk attack, but a high damage attack to surrounding nearby enemies. The Charge ability from Mass Effect 2 makes a return to the Vanguard class in Mass Effect 3.



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Mass Effect 3 Engineer Sentry Turret & Upgraded Overload

The Engineer class has a new ability where Commander Shepard can deploy a sentry turret (a first in the ME series). The sentry turret can be seen by you through walls and will attack enemies. The sentry turret will allow you to draw enemy fire away from you and will ultimately help you eliminate foes.

Overload makes a return to Mass Effect 3, but this time it will chain-hit nearby enemies. Overload is used to destroy enemy shields, but in previous Mass Effects the power could only damage one enemy.

Mass Effect 3 Combat will vary greatly according to what class you play as; Adept, Engineer, etc.

Depending on what class you play as in Mass Effect 3, you will have certain advantages in combat. Some enemies in Mass Effect 3 will have shields to protect themselves from gun fire. An Adept will be able to use Biotic powers to pull the shield away from the enemy(s).

The Engineer Class can hack enemy turrets so the turret turns it's fire against the foe who deployed it.

While these are just combat improvements, still expect the same epic story-telling of the franchise. Choices you made in Mass Effect 1 & 2 will affect the Mass Effect 3 story. Each player will have a different experience based on decisions they will make or have made in previous Mass Effect games.


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