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Mass Effect 3: The Mystery of the Reapers Revealed!

Updated on August 29, 2012

Mass Effect 3

Almost all video games have their secrets, whether its how to kill the evil army or how the main character will eventually beat the villian, but most if not all of these secrets will eventually be revealed by the end of the campaign, if not sooner. What has been one of the many things that has always kept the Mass Effect series in a class of its own is its many secrets of the galaxy, but one secret has always transended all others, is the secret of the Reapers. The Reapers have remained constantly shrouded in mystery, and until recently the full extent of our knowledge of Reaper history is that they are old, they were made by the catalyst, and their purpose was to kill and preserve biotic life to prevent them from destroying themselves with their own creations. But now thanks to the newly released Mass Effect 3 DLC Leviathan, we have been able to learn the true beginning of the reapers. The first thing that you should know is that the Leviathan is a massive aquatic beast, that is similar in shape and size to the Reapers, has advanced telepathic powers, and it isn't alone, but it is rather a member of the apex race, or first race. The Leviathans (for lack of a better name) being the first (and arguably the most powerful) race, decided to enthrall the newly encountered races as tools by using their natural ability to control the minds of others (the Reapers had this same ability at first, and its perfection led to indoctrination). They led the entire galaxy with ease for an incredibly long time, and took in tribute from these enthralled races. But then they soon released that these races constantly build synthetic life, which would always eventually destroy them. Since " The dead don't provide tribute", the Leviathans decided to create an intelligence, we know it as the Catalyst, to solve this problem. Eventually the intelligence decided to make the Reapers to solve the problem, by wiping out advanced biotic life and preserving a few samples of the harvested species just before they annihilate themselves. So it created Harbinginer, the first Reaper, based on the first harvested race, the Leviathans. The actual look of the Reapers come from the Leviathans, which are an aquatic predecessors of the Reapers, similar in both shape, design, and size. After the rule of the Reapers came about the Leviathans decided to go into hiding, until Commander Shepard convinced the Leviathans to fight. Now during the war, elite squads breach enemy lines and place the Leviathan's organic device that allows them to control the minds and actions of anything close to it, including Reapers, to create both chaos and destruction among the Reaper camps. So thanks to the Leviathan DLC, we now know who the real creators of the Catalyst and the Reapers was, and also who the first victims of the harvest were.


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