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Massive Minecraft Creations

Updated on September 2, 2011

Minecraft allows users to create huge and magnificent sculptures and creations out of blocks. Though time consuming, creating these large projects is quite an accomplishment. This hub will try and give some recognition to these very deserving ‘megastructures’.

Minecraft Hotel

The first great creation that I ever saw in Minecraft was this huge hotel. I loved the symmetry of it, and how well it was put together. It was made using the John Smith V6 texture pack, which gives the game a different look and feel than the default textures and graphics, and makes the building look much more sophisticated, like a 1800s British 5 star hotel. The hotel features large, open lobbies, and lounges to relax in, and a large garden with ponds to take a stroll through. There is a helipad (doesn’t fit the 1800s feel, but still really cool), large and spacious suites, and numerous torches and windows to keep the place well lit. This video will take you on a tour of the entire hotel and the surrounding grounds.

Boeing 747 Commercial Airliner

The next megastructure is a massive Boeing 747, or jumbo jet, that is commonly used by commercial airlines. While the jet sits on a landing strip that is just a bit too small for it, what would be even more impressive would be an airport that was to scale surrounding the plane. You can walk through the plane, which is has large rows of passenger seats, which are divided between coach, business, and first class seats. Of course, first class seats have their own rooms with beds. The plane has different levels, with business and coach class seats located on one floor, and first class on its own floor. For some reason, there is a large pool of water in the bottom of the plane, near the luggage area. Check out this video, which will take you on a tour through the entire plane.


For any World of Warcraft fans, this epic build of Deathwing is probably the coolest thing that Minecraft has ever done. For those that have never played WoW, this is a huge, fire breathing, orange and black dragon that tore the world apart. With full sized wings, and a very detailed face, this is cool even if you haven’t played Cataclysm yet. I really love the detail on the wings, and the fact that they don’t look like they’ve been made out of blocks until you go right up to them. Check out this short video that looks at the sculpture from all different angles.

Of course, these are only three of thousands of brilliant Minecraft creations out there. Follow for more great Minecraft creations, and leave a comment if you have any creations that you would like to see featured in a future article!


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