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Mastering the Neopets Stock Market

Updated on January 15, 2011
Nigel the commodity broker Chia that will take care of all your orders.
Nigel the commodity broker Chia that will take care of all your orders. is a popular online virtual gaming site where you can raise virtual pets called neopets. But it's much more than just raising your pet, it is an entire virtual world where you can build houses, open up a shop, bid on auctions, explore the Neopian world and go on quests, participate in the annual Altador Cup, the list just goes on. But above all, you need to earn neopoints, lots and lots of them. They say money makes the world go around, well, in Neopia, it's the neopoints that do the talking.

There are several ways you can earn money on neopoints, such as playing games and opening up a shop. But the easiest and most lucrative way of earning neopoints would have to be through the Neopets Stock Market. While most people freeze up at the words "stock market" and like in real life, think it's too complicated or risky to waste neopoints on, it's actually quite easy and once you are in the game, you really don't have to do anything, the neopoints will just start rolling in by themselves.

Basic Gameplay

The rules of the Stock Market are simple. In fact, there really are just 3 rules.

  1. Every day, you can buy 1000 shares in any company listed on the Stock Market.
  2. The shares have to be 15np or more to be eligible for purchase.
  3. Every single selling transaction will cost you 20np.

There. No other rules.

From the three rules listed above, you can see that the minimum expenditure every day is 15,000np. This may seem like a lot of neopoints for beginner players. But for the most established players who have neopoints stored up in the banks, trust me, putting it on the stock market will give you a much better return for your neopoints.

So the basic strategy is simple, every day, you would access the Neopets Stock Market, look through the listings and find a share that is selling at 15np. Most of the time, there will be at least a couple of shares at that price. But on the occasional days that there are no shares listed at 15np, you should buy shares that are either 16np or 17np. I draw the line at 18np because that is just cutting into my profit margins.

Hold and Wait

Once you've purchased your daily quota of shares, it is simply a matter of holding them and waiting for them to rise in value. Now, it won't be all smooth sailing. There will be days that the shares will go down. Often, once you've purchased them at 15np per share, they will drop below that value for a couple of days or even weeks. It may be very disheartening to see your hard-earned neopoints going down in value, remember that eventually all these shares will rise in price.

So in the meantime, continue to purchase shares that are at 15np and build up your portfolio. At any point in time, the majority of your portfolio will be in the negatives. But it's all a waiting game. Eventually, one or two particular stocks will rise into the positives and continue soaring. Then, it is just a matter of selling the stocks and reaping in the rewards.

Deciding When to Sell

It may be very exciting to see your stocks go up in price or a green +33% next to a particular stock, but this is not the time to sell. In the Neopets Stock Market, a +100% or even a +200% is not unheard of. You should decide on a selling margin above which you are ready to sell (most people settle at 100% or above). So hold onto your urges of selling the stocks whenever you see a profit and continue to wait until they've exceeded your selling margin before you sell.

A tip on selling stocks. Remember that Nigel the Chia will charge you 20np for every selling transaction. So a good way to save neopoints is to sell several stocks at once rather than individually. Say if you have 3 lots of 1,000 shares in a particular stock which you bought at 15np and is now 46np. You should sell all 3,000 shares at once rather than 3 times so that you are only charged 20np as opposed to 60np.

So as you can see, while the Neopian banks offer an 11% return on your neopoints which you have to collect every single day, the Neopets Stock Market offers to double or even triple your money in a very short period of time. So what are you waiting for? Start buying shares!

Disclaimer: This HubPage is about the Neopets Stock Market. It is not a representation of the real life stock exchanges and therefore you shouldn't take these tips as real life financial advice. Thank you.


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