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Mature Wii Games for Adult Gamers

Updated on March 28, 2011

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Introduction to Mature Wii Games

The Nintendo Wii broke out onto the scene by taking the road less traveled among video game consoles. While the other companies were competing more and more viciously for the relatively small market of gamers (compared to the general population), the Wii came out not only with the first successful wide spread motion system, but also designed games that encouraged group interaction and were easy for family members of all ages to play. Add in a new Legend of Zelda game where players actually felt like part of the action by dueling their enemies and having to move to black, stab, and slash and their enemies. While the sales were amazing and put Nintendo back in place as one of the big players in the video game industry, they developed a reputation for being a kids' or old person console. However, a large number of Wii games rated mature shows that there are plenty of great mature titles for serious adult gamers, and many of the games rated Teen still hold up as great games for serious gamers, such as "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess."  If you found this page looking for great Wii games for adults like parents, grandparents, and family games, check out this HubPage on Wii games for non traditional gamers.

Some of the Most Popular Wii Mature Games

In the beginning there was a lot of criticism over a lack of great adult level games for the Nintendo Wii, and in the very beginning that was a completely legitimate argument with that game console. However, those days are long gone. No disrespect to "Twilight Princess" on the Wii, an amazing Legend of Zelda game which as of this writing is considered by many critics to be the best Zelda game ever made...and that's saying something.

Now there are many games that are rated M (Mature) for the Nintendo Wii due to language, violence, or other adult themes related to the plot and playing of the game. These games can vary immensely from one another. There are several zombie based mature games such as "Resident Evil 4" or "Dead Space Extraction." Plenty of blood and gore galore for the zombie fans! Some of the other most popular games involve classic movies like The Godfather, and the adult themes of these stories and particularly violent death scenes make the difference.

One area that many mature gamers are excited about when it comes to the Nintendo Wii mature games is the developing story lines of post apocalyptic worlds, criminal worlds, or the continuing fight to become head assassin of a deadly and not discrete assassination corporation. The development of these games insures good playing time for members of the family of all ages. While tastes vary, the following games consistently come up as some of the best Mature rated Wii games out there:

  • No More Heroes Wii
  • The Godfather Black Hand Edition Wii
  • Madworld Wii
  • House of the Dead Overkill Wii
  • Resident Evil 4 Wii
  • Manhunt 2 Wii
  • Scarface Wii
  • Manhunt 2 on Wii
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare on Wii

Nintendo Wii Shooter Games

There are more and more choices for mature Wii shooter games with each passing month. Excitement built originally over what a shooter or combat type game could do with Wii controls, but early on there just weren't many choices at all. However as time went on not only did Nintendo turn to creating great Wii shooter games, but they also made them for mature gamers bringing in the full shocking effects of war and violence. Fans of the original N-64 ecstatically waited for the Golden Eye 007 to be released on the Wii and then many of them were disappointed.

However many exceptional Wii shooters have been released since then and many of them are rated Mature to the graphic nature.  Some, like Resident Evil, can technically be called horror shooters with the zombies although the design of the game feels more like a shooter than what you would call a horror themed video game.  The Call of Duty and Modern Warfare games are examples of very high quality mature shooter games for the Nintendo Wii.

Mature Horror Video Games for the Nintendo Wii

One of my personal favorite genre of video games, and one that often doesn't get nearly enough attention, is the Horror genre.  With the graphics, story telling, and budgets that video game developers have now, there is no reason not to have a really high quality and outright scary video game out of the horror genre.  Granted a mature rating isn't everything (don't get me started on a tangent of why most modern horror movies suck donkey testicles while the 70's horror was great due to atmosphere - that tangent is a whole 'nother hub) but it does help when done right.

Several really great mature horror Wii games are available to gamers who agree with me and absolutely love this genre.  I was a fan of "Obscure 2" from the Play Station 2.  Some good dialogue, plenty of old fashion horror movie stereotypes and a lot of really INCREDIBLY dark moments.  Seriously, you probably shouldn't even play this game if prone to depression.  It's that dark.

House of the Dead Overkill is a huge favorite of Wii fans who remember the great tradition of zombie shooters from the arcade days.  You couldn't go to an arcade without seeing at least one House of the Dead arcade game and often all of them would be stacked in a row.  Cursed Mountain on the Wii also enjoys a strong niche following and offers a very different plot than you might be used to.

While "Dead Rising: Chop to You Drop" isn't nearly as good as the XBox 360 Version, it's still a nice story with a lot of psycho and zombie killing, and the story line is still solid.  If you're looking for a great zombie game on the Wii, for now this is still one of the best.

Other Wii Games for Adult Gamers

If these games listed so far aren't quite your thing, there are many other types of mature games for the Wii that are bound to get some attention. These can range from two classic movies about organized crime, to titles like Manhunt 2, which is a very graphic and violent game which started out on the Xbox platform. In this extremely dark game it's all about murdering other criminals with whatever you can find before they murder you. This game was plenty intense even before adding the Wii remote, and the actions of having to actually act out the fighting and killing moves definitely adds another level of disturbing elements to the game.

Then there are the strangest mature Wii games out there. Disturbing suggestive Japanese anime, girls in bikinis, and said girls in bikinis slicing up zombies (because a bikini makes so much more sense than chain mail against zombies). Welcome to Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers. There's a lot of split reviews on this game and it obviously isn't for everyone. Leave it to the Japanese pop culture to make the Nintendo Wii feel awkward and strange.

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

Mature Wii Games Based on Crime Movies

Two of the absolutely best M-rated Wii games out there are based on two of the most popular organized crime movies Hollywood has ever made. If you've wondered if The Godfather: Blackhand Edition and Scarface are worth the buys, the answer is: yes, absolutely! The design teams behind these M-rated games based on R-rated movies did their homework and created two excellent games that score well from story line to graphics to game play.  While these types of titles might not jump to the front of your mind when thinking about Mature Wii games, they are definitely worth a serious look for most gamers even if you are not into the traditional hack-and-slash or shooters that are synonymous with most Mature rated titles.

Great Deals on Wii Games

Great Deals on Mature Wii Games

Grinder Wii Video Review

Grinder Wii Video Review

Grinder is the type of mature shooter game for the Wii that adult gamers dream of. Not only are the controls excellent in this action-shooter set up, but humans aren't the only targets. This game takes place in a world where werewolves, vampires, and zombies are just another part of life and must be dealt with for everyone's safety. You are part of a group recruited in to help get the populations of these non-humans under control. This video review to the right covers the game well and what better way to take advantage of the Wii than making it a cooperative game allowing several of you to play at once.  This is a top notch shooter game and really adds a post apocalyptic element with all the non-human monsters you also have to deal with.  The "grainy" feel gives it a true "Grindhouse" feel and is definitely worth a look by serious gamers who want something different.

Screen Shots of Mature Wii Games Set to Music

Modern Warfare 2 to Wii as Shooter

What's the Future of Mature Wii Games?

It is very hard to fully paint a picture of what direction M-Rated Wii games are going. Because of the wide variety of different games rated Mature there is no "one direction." Grinder takes shooter games to an entirely new and interesting realm that combines the classic shooter with other very popular genres, while war based shooter games aren't going to go away any time soon, either. Zombie fans still want their fix, and how can you not plan future RPG's with the Wii control system as a major selling point?  If there is one thing that can be safely assumed for sure, it's that the future is going to see a continued growth in the number of titles for the Nintendo Wii that are rated Mature, and those numbers will also include a huge variety of various genres and styles in the mix.

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