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"MechCommander 2" - Steiner Campaign Missions 1-4 Video Walkthroughs

Updated on February 25, 2019
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General Tips for Following This Guide

The videos and accompanying text portions were done as though the game is being played in Veteran difficulty. I've found that in MechCommander 2, the Regular difficulty is so easy it requires no real special tactics while Elite difficulty is so insane that Centipedes and Harassers will smash the cockpits of Medium and Heavy mechs as though they were paper, forcing many restarts of missions due to some of the nutty lucky shots, besides taking forever to down even infantry. In essence, this choice is one of both efficiency and challenge, and trust me Veteran is no walk in the park. Patience, timing and Strategy is a must, as going head first into a fight can lead to a quick disaster and subsequent restart of the level.

Cinematic 1 - The Chaos March

The Chaos March rages on, a time of intense civil war in the Inner Sphere and one of the more significant events in the Battletech timeline. The many Houses, factions ruled by royal families that occupy several solar systems, with each having their own set of territories and borders, are now at each others throats. Things look to be getting ugly for most of the Inner Sphere, however, you as a Mercenary for hire, stand to make quite a bit of business due to the events.

Fighting the Urbanmechs
Fighting the Urbanmechs | Source

Mission 1 - Scouting Patrol

This mission is the first level of MechCommander 2, sending you directly into the action. This is also the only level without a logistics phase. You will start off with 2 Bushwackers and a single Razorback mech to complete this mission.

Note: These guides were written as though the difficulty is set to Veteran or 3/4. This is because Regular is too easy to require any interesting tactics while Elite is basically a lesson in mission aborting and repeating, as your mechs get frequently one shotted by 15 ton vehicles they themselves can't seem to leave a scratch on.

Starting RP: 22,000

Primary Objectives:

  • Capture Resource Building
    4500 C-Bills
  • Destroy all units occupying Base Gemini
    11000 C-Bills
  • Capture Steiner Sensor Control
    5000 C-Bills
  • Destroy all bandits in Base Gemini South
    11000 C-Bills
  • Capture Steiner HQ
    8000 C-Bills
  • Destroy all units occupying Base Gemini North
    11000 C-Bills

Tips to Remember:
Draw the two Urbanmechs at the northernmost Island through the woods to flank them on the opposite side, away from the Harassers that also patrol the area, allowing you to manage how many targets you are fighting at once. This is also a good point to learn kiting techniques.

You have enough RPs for two repair trucks and a mech salvage, which you should make sure to use before finishing the mission. Even if you don't plan on keeping the mech you salvage, you can sell it for C-Bills essentially giving yourself a cash bonus for the mission.

When approaching the final island with the Starslayer, cross the water with some "bait" and quickly move back to split the attacking forces in two. The group of LRM Carriers that are part of this force will stay on the opposite side of the water, but you should still avoid getting to close to them, as their range reaches onto the edges of the north Island.

Mission 1 Video Walkthrough

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Taking the central base with sensor tower - Engaged with the UrbanmechBlowing a hole in the upper base with the volatile gas towers.
Taking the central base with sensor tower - Engaged with the Urbanmech
Taking the central base with sensor tower - Engaged with the Urbanmech | Source
Blowing a hole in the upper base with the volatile gas towers.
Blowing a hole in the upper base with the volatile gas towers. | Source

Mission 2 - Reaquisition: Base Gemini

This mission is the first to have a logistics phase, allowing you to purchase and modify your arsenal of mechs and weaponry. Take some time to learn the ins and outs of what you can do here, as what you bring to the table is 50% or more of how well you may fare in a mission. For this level you can opt out of sensor mechs if you so choose, since there will be a large sensor grid to capture early on which will give you radar coverage over most of the map.

Starting RPs: 6,000
Weight Limit (Tonnage): 170

Primary Objectives:

  • Capture Resource Building
    4500 C-Bills
  • Destroy all units occupying Base Gemini
    11000 C-Bills
  • Capture Steiner Sensor Control
    5000 C-Bills
  • Destroy all bandits in Base Gemini South
    11000 C-Bills
  • Capture Steiner HQ
    8000 C-Bills
  • Destroy all units occupying Base Gemeni North
    11000 C-Bills

For this mission I used the same mechs as the previous, however adding another Razorback to have a pair of them along with the pair of Bushwackers. Although sensor mechs are not needed and the Starslayer can be deployed if captured previously, this leaves extra space unused. The fast mechs are great for kiting enemy units and their jump jets will prove valuable.

Tips to Remember:
Leave the Turret Control Towers and their Power Generators intact, so that you can capture them to use against the enemies you will face here. Also, when fighting enemies near the turrets, make sure to watch and make sure they do not shoot the control tower as it can be destroyed quickly and is the one case where the AI will often switch targets away from your mechs.

Even though Razorbacks are not needed in this mission for their sensors, they can still be utilized for their Jump Jets when it comes time to assault the northern base. Without having these units to flank via jumping the chain of islands to the right of this base, you will be forced to destroy the SRM Turrets from long range, as charging the base to take them intact could be potentially devastating considering the defenders and position of the control tower.

Mission 2 Video Walkthrough

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Assaulting the convoy.The Longtom turns the tide in the final assault.
Assaulting the convoy.
Assaulting the convoy. | Source
The Longtom turns the tide in the final assault.
The Longtom turns the tide in the final assault. | Source

Mission 3 - Ambush & Aquire: Mobile HQ

The third mission in the Steiner campaign will have you ambushing a convoy containing a Mobile HQ vehicle, then capturing a weapons facility which you must later defend from a counterattack. For this mission you should bring sensors, which means a Razorback, then filling the rest of your weight limit with either heavy or medium mechs. I chose a Razorback, 2 Bushwackers and the Starslayer I salvaged in mission 1.

Weight Limit (Tonnage): 190
Starting RPs: 16000

Primary Objectives:

  • Destroy Fuel Tanks
    7000 C-Bills
  • Destroy all enemies at checkpoint
    13000 C-Bills
  • Capture Mobile HQ
    13000 C-Bills
  • Capture the Weapon Facility
    10000 C-Bills
  • Defeat bandit's counterattack
    15000 C-Bills

Tips to Remember:
Try to save enough resource points to deploy a Longtom artillery piece for the final counterattack, the best position for it being on the ridge behind the base you capture the weapons facility in, just north of the front gate. The Longtom's area of effect shells make a considerable difference against the clustered group of Fire Ants that come along with a Starslayer during this counterattack. You can check the video for the exact spot I use.

Do not try to capture the Autocannon turrets to use against the convoy as the turrets do not discriminate their targets. The turrets will destroy the Mobile HQ quickly, causing you to lose the mission. The convoy will also come to a rest right next to these turrets, so their capture can be left until you are done dispatching the defenders.

This mission ends with the destruction of the final unit downed that is part of the counterattack. Make sure you spend up your remaining RPs by salvaging mechs while the fight is still going on if you have to, in order to avoid wasting the potential extra mech or bonus C-Bills via its sale.

Mission 3 Video Walkthrough

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Intercepting the Bandit convoy.Using the west SRM bridge base as support by leading enemies towards it.
Intercepting the Bandit convoy.
Intercepting the Bandit convoy. | Source
Using the west SRM bridge base as support by leading enemies towards it.
Using the west SRM bridge base as support by leading enemies towards it. | Source

Mission 4 - Search & Destroy: Bandit Convoy

The fourth mission is where things begin to get hairy, story-wise, in MechCommander 2, with what begins as an interception of a Bandit convoy of vehicles into a retaliatory strike against the Liao forces in the area. For this mission it is important to bring sensors and a heavy mech if possible, as firepower and intelligence will prove useful. My loadout consisted of a Razorback, Starslayer, Bushwacker and Shootist.

Weight Limit (Tonnage): 205
Starting RPs: 16,000

Primary Objectives:

  • Move to bandit convoy's last known location
    14000 C-Bills
  • Destroy the bandit convoy
    21000 C-Bills
  • Capture Weapons Facility
    18000 C-Bills
  • Extract
    9500 C-Bills

Tips to Remember:
Upon starting this mission, avoid travelling straight north, as this will lead you into unnecessary fights against enemies with high ground advantage. Instead hug the water to the west as much as possible to head directly towards the convoy you need to intercept.

There are two paths you can take to cross the river that divides the two main sections of land here, the northern most being the least defended. If you take the southern bridge crossing however, you can use a jump capable mech, or quick mech combined with a hole blown in the walls, to rush the Turret Control Tower that govern the SRM turrets here, then rushing the west bank tower after leading away the four centipedes that guard it. This gives you a place to lead the other enemies on the west land mass towards in order to finish them off quicker.

Avoid the SRM base that is south of the Weapons facility by flanking the facility on its east side, using the hillside as a ramp. You can have a mech jump in to capture the facility after dealing with its defenders, thus avoiding any damage you may take in conquering the fire base, which serves little use with already having taken the bridge SRM base.

Mission 4 Video Walkthrough

Missions 5-7

This guide covers the first half of the Steiner campaign. Click here to be taken to the second half of this strategy guide, which covers the final 5 missions in this campaign in MechCommander 2.


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