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MechCommander 2 - Steiner Campaign Missions 5-7 Video Walkthroughs

Updated on August 10, 2011

This page continues the MechCommander 2 walkthrough, covering the final half of the Steiner campaign. You can find the first half of this guide, which covers missions 1-4 here. Both the text portion of this guide and the accompanying videos were created as though played on Veteran, or 3/4 difficulty for reasons explained in the first half.

Attacking the Weapons Facility base at point 1.
Attacking the Weapons Facility base at point 1.
Blowing a hole in the side of the Prison Complex base. Try to time this to take out the defenders as they leave to engage your forces.
Blowing a hole in the side of the Prison Complex base. Try to time this to take out the defenders as they leave to engage your forces.

Mission 5 - Night Ops: Liao Raid

Mission 5 in the Steiner campaign continues the story of the game and the events of the Chaos March, with your forces being tasked with raiding an unsuspecting Liao base in the dead of night. The loadout i used for this mission is a Shai Yu for sensor support, salvaged from the previous mission, along with a Starslayer, Bushwacker and a Shootist for some heavy support purchased from the Steiner mech bay.

Weight Limit (Tonnage): 200
Starting RPs: 7,000

Primary Objectives:

  1. Destroy Fuel Tanks
    16500 C-Bills
  2. Capture Weapon Facility
    15500 C-Bills
  3. Capture Repair Bay
    13000 C-Bills
  4. Capture Prison Complex
    18000 C-Bills
  5. Extract
    7000 C-Bills

Secondary Objectives:

  • Capture Resource Trucks
    9000 C-Bills

Tips to Remember:
This mission is the first night time mission in the game, reducing your visibility. For this reason sensors are far more essential than even before, do not go into this mission blind, as there are many long range foes, that do have sensor coverage, to face here. On a positive note however, you can easily distinguish between mechs and vehicles from the spotlights attached to mech torsos.

Don't cross the bridge to get to the western half of the map, instead make sure to use the northern shallow water passage as it is far less dangerous. Once on the other side, make sure to capture the support trucks at point A while defeating the forces there before moving on to the repair bay. If you attack the repair bay first, point A's defenders will join in the fight at the same time, making things difficult for you.

Capture the LRM turrets southwest of point 3 for a location to bait your targets towards, especially those you end up drawing from the Prison Complex base at point 4. This is best done with the Starslayer, using its jump jets to fly up to the control tower and destroying the single LRM Carrier that sits parked beside the tower. Make sure the mech is fully repaired first, as it will certainly take some hits from the turrets in the process.

There are many Storm tanks on this map, be careful and keep an eye out for these dangerous vehicles and their dual PPCs. These are easy to kite thanks to their slow speed, but don't allow any of your mechs to take constant hits from these weapons as they are designed to be heavy mech killers.

Night Ops: Liao Raid Video Walkthrough

Fending off the first wave at the outpost at point B.
Fending off the first wave at the outpost at point B.
Using the primary base's Autocannon turrets to assist in fighting off the Liao.
Using the primary base's Autocannon turrets to assist in fighting off the Liao.

Mission 6A - Defensive Counter: Base Aries

So as it turns out, the Liao don't really like Steiner forces showing up and plowing their bases into the ground at night. In exchange for the bill of damaged and captured goods you left them last mission, the Liao have decided its time the favor on a Steiner base. Since there is a capturable sensor grid in this map, besides the defensive role along with lots of turrets and towers to give you vision, you can skip out on sensor mechs here. For my loadout, I chose a Zeus and two Highlanders, which can be purchased from the logistics phase. The heavy weapons they bring to the table and thick armor will suit you well for this level.

Weight Limit (Tonnage): 260
Starting RPs: 25,000

Primary Objectives:

  1. Protect Base HQ
    25000 C-Bills
  2. Destroy All Attacking Forces
    20000 C-Bills

Secondary Objectives:

  • Capture Sensor Control
    12000 C-Bills
  • Capture Turret Control
    12000 C-Bills

Tips to Remember:
At the start of the mission, split your forces with the two Highlanders heading directly to point B in order to capture the turrets there and defend against the first wave, while the Zeus heads to point A to capture the sensor network. After doing this, your Zeus will then need to head further northwest to the resource building before traveling east to point A to meet up with your other mechs which should be already fending off this initial wave by now. If you do not capture these positions early on, you will be unable to do so later. Finally, after the first wave, retreat your mechs to the main base leaving point A to eventually be overrun, however necessary due the next waves coming through different routes to the south base.

Kiting and using the base turrets in this mission is essential to success here as each wave is strong in its own might, certainly enough to overcome heavy and assault mechs that aren't supported. LRM turrets will help at longer ranges, faring better against the vehicles that are part of these waves, while the Autocannon turrets are most useful for quickly stripping the armor off the mechs that are part of these attacks.

Remember to spend all of your RPs before defeating the last of the enemies here as the mission ends immediately upon doing so. Try to salvage new mechs as you drop them and pass on calling down repair trucks in favor of using the two Mech Repair Bays your provided with inside the south base.

Defensive Counter: Base Aries Video Walkthrough

Traveling west and using kiting and bait tactics against the Catapults that defend the chemical plant.
Traveling west and using kiting and bait tactics against the Catapults that defend the chemical plant.
Baiting the HQ defenders (2 Men Shen)  into the Pulse Turret base.
Baiting the HQ defenders (2 Men Shen) into the Pulse Turret base.

Mission 6B - Sector Occupation: Garrison

With the Liao and Steiner being at full blown conflict at this point, it is time to take a moderately sized force into enemy territory and capture the Liao HQ in the area, to cut off their support for the Bandits. In this mission I chose to take a pair of Shai Yu mechs for their needed sensors and jump jets in this mission, with a Bushwacker (armored variant mentioned above) and Catapult for support.

Weight Limit (Tonnage): 200
Starting RPs: 6,000

Primary Objectives:

  1. Capture Liao HQ
    18000 C-Bills
  2. Destroy Chemical Plant
    18000 C-Bills
  3. Extract
    11000 C-Bills

Secondary Objectives:

  • Destroy All Enemy Units
    22000 C-Bills

Tips to Remember:
Leave point 1 for last, the Liao HQ you must capture, as you will want to travel west then north, taking out the lighter defenders and eventually capturing salvaged mechs and the Pulse Turret base to the very north, near the Chemical Plant. You will want to use this pulse turret base as a location to bait the defenders of point 1 towards after clearing the rest of the map. If you get too close to the base early on, you will trigger the defenders to come out and gang up on your mechs, easily overcoming your forces considering the added difficulty of assaulting the base from this direction.

Watch out for the minefields around the road that leads to the mini base containing a Resource Building near the center of the map. The minefields look like 5 dots in an X pattern on each square of terrain they cover. These will wreck your mechs quickly, but can also be used to wreck enemy mechs too large (medium and up) to cross the fields safely since they do not discriminate targets. Light mechs (35 tons and under) can travel through minefields unhindered.

When it comes time to finally assault the Liao HQ at point 1, assault it from the west, using the high ground to your advantage. You can detonate some fuel tanks at the NW corner of the base to clear a path in the walls for your mechs to breach and make it in. Keep in mind however, the turrets are controlled by a tower located in a smaller base just south of the HQ's base, so avoid the turrets or make a quick dash to capture them. Jump jets will help here.

Sector Occupation: Garrison Video Walkthrough

Punching through the southern portion of the airfield defenses.
Punching through the southern portion of the airfield defenses.
Moving against the second airfield via the land bridge.
Moving against the second airfield via the land bridge.

Mission 6C - Combat Rescue: Claymore

In this final level considered part of the 3 levels that make up your 6th mission set, you will be tasked with eliminating a Bandit airfield to reduce their air support options in the final, 7th mission which will have you assaulting their HQ. You will need to take a small force to meet up with a Steiner pilot operating an Atlas in the area, then assault these air fields. For this mission I decided to bring one Starslayer for its jump capabilities which are needed and two Men Shens for fire support and sensor coverage.

Weight Limit (Tonnage): 160
Starting RPs: 0

Primary Objectives:

  1. Destroy Air Traffic Control Tower
    22000 C-Bills
  2. Link Up with Claymore's Atlas
    14000 C-Bills
  3. Destroy Air Traffic Control Tower Beta
    22000 C-Bills
  4. Extract
    11000 C-Bills

Tips to Remember:
The first group of enemies are some patrolling bandits who are traveling south on the western strip of land you begin on. Look for the explosive tanks along the right side of the path you will have to take to reach the primary land mass and lead this patrolling group to these fuel tanks for a quick extermination. Afterwards, make sure you capture the resources on the small island to the east, where the jump jets come in handy, being necessary to reach this point, you will need these RPs for repairs.

Do not approach the first airfield (point 1) directly from its western side, as there is a wall with turrets and defenders that will make this a costly venture. Instead, hug the water, breaking through the southern point on your way to recover the Atlas you are tasked with meeting up with. After eliciting the Atlas' assistance, you will have a powerful force with which to punch north towards the first airfield.

Hug the northern body of water, approaching the second airfield via the land bridge that makes its western connection to the main land, as opposed to the bridge to the far east. This will allow you to avoid a significant amount of Bandit forces that exist in the eastern portion of this map. Your Mechwarriors will thank you.

Combat Rescue: Claymore Video Walkthrough

Fighting the Boss Lao Hu.
Fighting the Boss Lao Hu.
Dropping airstrikes on the fuel tanks.
Dropping airstrikes on the fuel tanks.

Mission 7 - Breach: Bandit Headquarters

Now its time for the final mission in the Steiner campaign. With this mission you are tasked with finishing off the Bandit forces by destroying their HQ which is located in this area, built inside the nose of a crashed aircraft. You will face the toughest challenge so far along with your first "Boss" fight with the Bandit leader. Loadout for this mission is comprised of a Raven (salvaged from mission 6C) Starslayer, Men Shen, Bushwacker and Atlas. Heavier mechs are a good option here, but you will want a sensor mech for sure.

Weight Limit (Tonnage): 300
Starting RPs: 30,000

Primary Objectives:

  1. Capture Weapons Facility
    14000 C-Bills
  2. Destroy Fule Tanks at Refinery
    17000 C-Bills
  3. Destroy Bandit HQ in Spacecraft Nose
    26000 C-Bills
  4. Eliminate Bandit Leader at Bandit's HQ
    22000 C-Bills
  5. Extract
    11000 C-Bills

Tips to Remember:
Upon starting this mission, you will want to take a clockwise path with point 2 being your final "stop" in said trip. Follow the dark scar on the minimap that goes northwest, engage the forces along your way while capturing the plentiful amount of resources along this path. Lots of RP's will be a big help in this mission.

Capture the Autocannon turret base that is east of point 1 on your map as your bait location, as the turrets here make short work of any and all enemies that you can lead towards it. Combined with the heavy coverage from multiple turrets, it is unlikely any unit can get close enough to the control tower to disable said turrets, or your mech bait for that matter.

The "Boss" of this mission is a Lao Hu piloted by the Bandit leader. This guy is insane and is essentially capable of near constant flight, with jumps covering massive portions of the map, far beyond what any of your mechs can do. Beyond this, using its jump jets, it can move faster than any of your mechs at full stride. IF you can manage to bait him to the Autocannon Turrets, they will provide some help, but unfortunately he can fly through the air outside of their range to hit the control tower. Expect to lose some mechs in this fight due to this mind bending lunacy. If you can't tell, this fight is prone to piss you off. Saving your RPs however will allow you to resalvage your downed mechs after the fight.

This is entirely optional, but useful if your forces, like mine, were obliterated from the Boss fight. After finishing off the Bandit HQ, you can drop two airstrikes on the fuel tanks at point 2 on your map, thus forgoing the need to ever approach that area or it's defenders. A cheaper option would be to send a suicidal pair of scout helicopters to trigger the gas tanks, but this can be prone to failure if you don't sneak them in right.

Breach: Bandit Headquarters Video Walkthrough

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