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Medal of Honor 2010 - MOH Multiplayer Cheats & Hacks

Updated on May 9, 2011

Medal of Honor 2010 Cheats and Hacks

The official Medal of Honor 2010 cheat guide. Learn these cheats before your enemies do and you will be able to take them out and be first on any Medal of Honor multiplayer map. MOH Multiplayer is an engaging, adrenaline–fuelled online experience. Like Halo Reach and Call of Duty: Black Ops, it is the a heart-pounding and action-packed online 3D shooter.

Although Medal of Honor is a hugely popular game, since its inception in 1999, this current release of the game has caused a great deal of controversy. The Army & Air Force Exchange Service has banned the game from all U.S. military bases. They have banned it because the multiplayer aspect of the game allows you to play as the Taliban and many have deemed this disrespectful.

Medal of Honor multiplayer maps let you play close to the enemy thus placing more emphasis on the players' skills and techniques. Since the focus is more on precision, many of the hacks available now have to do with your aim.

Medal of Honor 2010
Medal of Honor 2010

Medal of Honor 2010 Official Cheat Guide

Medal of Honor Collector's Edition: Prima Official Game Guide
Medal of Honor Collector's Edition: Prima Official Game Guide

The Medal of Honor 2010 Official Cheat Guide. Learn where to get AimBots and how to use them effectively (without getting caught).


AimBot Cheat

Since the online multiplayer game, Medal of Honor 2010, focuses on improving your accuracy many programs have been written to do such a task. These programs are known as AimBots. The AimBots for Medal of Honor allow you to have a tremendous amount of accuracy. Imagine you can get 100% headshots all the time, even through a smoke screen. You will be an unstoppable force and can take over entire Medal of Honor multiplayer servers.

UPDATE: We've just been made aware that the Se7enSins aimbot for Halo works for Medal Of Honor as well. You can get the aimbot here.

Medal of Honor AimBot

Does the AimBot work for you?

See results

Medal of Honor Multiplayer Trophies Cheats

Medal of Honor Trophy
Cheat Actions
Assault Specialist (Bronze)
Do two hours of Team Assault
Assault Training (Bronze)
Do Team Assault
Boot Camp (Bronze)
Do once as each class
Enlisted (Bronze)
Reach level two in any class
Fire Controller (Silver)
Use each offensive support action once
First Rotation (Bronze)
Do online for 15 minutes
Forward Spotter (Bronze)
Deploy a missile strike support action
Heavy Fire Support (Bronze)
Fire a thousand bullets in one game
High Achiever (Gold)
Be top 3 on the scoreboard ten times
Mission Specialist (Bronze)
Do two hours of Combat Mission
Mission Training (Bronze)
Do Combat Mission
Quartermaster (Silver)
Get 1000 support points
Raid Specialist (Bronze)
Do two hours of Objective Raid
Raid Training (Bronze)
Do Objective Raid
Secure Specialist (Bronze)
Do two hours of Sector Control
Secure Training (Bronze)
Do Sector Control
Tier 1 (Silver)
Reach top level in one class
Tour of Duty (Bronze)
Do online for two hours
Triple Canopy (Bronze)
Reach level 8 in one class
Veteran (Bronze)
Reach level 4 in any class

Medal of Honor has been released on the Windows PC, XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 platforms so the majority of gamers will be able to enjoy this awesome game.


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    • profile image

      ddanania 6 years ago

      I don't use any cheats and I still wax everyone's a$$!

    • profile image

      hustle alejandro 6 years ago

      we are not cheating but we need to know how to kill ppl they are cheating ?

      and we will not do that till we know how they are cheating ^_^ that's all

    • profile image

      hkusp45 6 years ago

      I think everyone who shelled out money for this game should file a class action law suit against steam for allowing these cheaters to play. They should be banned forever. They totally ruin the game!

    • profile image

      real fighter 6 years ago

      it childish to use such fakes..

      that's why I pissed off playing w/all those mental teenagers

    • profile image

      Milan 6 years ago

      Give me a page cheats for Medal of Honor multiplayer thanks

    • profile image

      Fuck chwaters 6 years ago

      In the old west you could shoot people for cheating

    • profile image

      DrowsyMasta 6 years ago

      2 ta kae,,these maggots can't play thats why they hav 2 cheat, i imagine them sat in a corner crying their eyes out while masturbating violently, cos in their own soul they know they r in the wrong.!! Long live Kool Keith..

    • profile image

      Gnl Wang 6 years ago

      using cheats on mp is for pussyklarts..

    • profile image

      bigG 6 years ago

      all hackers should be banned

    • profile image

      ta kae 6 years ago

      Why play if you cheat? What fun is that? Get a consicuous

    • profile image

      gal 7 years ago

      helow guys where is the link for download????????????????????????????????????????

    • profile image

      moh aimbot 7 years ago

      i shouldnt tell anyone this but the sevensins aimbot for halo works for MOH too. the version i used was from here

    • profile image

      Raz 7 years ago

      Because they have little pee-wees and they suk at anything they do.

    • profile image

      demonseed 7 years ago

      where is the fun in using a cheat. part of the fun i multi player is seeing what you can do agianst other people

    • profile image

      Aimbots suk 7 years ago

      Why would you want to use a cheat in MP?

      Your just getting your score and rank by cheating.

      There has got to be a way to ban these cheaters from all servers.

    • profile image

      johnson 7 years ago

      I have a monitor

    • profile image

      audie murphy 7 years ago

      Musafa - maybe you should move away from the front of the tv. If you're getting that animated about something SOOOO tiny, it might be time for a change...

    • profile image

      hackwit 7 years ago

      you would

    • profile image

      mohgod 7 years ago

      i like using my aimbot

    • profile image

      mufasa smith 7 years ago

      aimbots are for fagots who want to be good but just suck so they convince themselves that using a gay little cheat actually means they're good, go screw yourself, u ruin this game


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