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Medal of Honour Warfighter: Tips and Tricks for New Players.

Updated on October 29, 2012

Medal of Honour Warfighter is the latest in the Medal of Honour series, but considerably more impressive than its predecessors "Medal of Honour 2010" and "Medal of Honour Heroes 2". This game is currently running on the Frostbite 2 engine, which is also used by Battlefield 3, this results in a much larger scale of immersion within the game, and allows players to have a greater influence on their environments. It also means that there is a lot more room for developed graphics to shine in the multiplayer mode of the game.

This is a screenshot taken from in-game footage of the game "Medal of Honour Warfighter".
This is a screenshot taken from in-game footage of the game "Medal of Honour Warfighter". | Source

Medal of Honour Warfighter Multiplayer.

As expected, the multiplayer aspect of this game will shine out beyond the campaign, as there are only so many times you can play the same thing before it becomes very tedious. Therefore, the multiplayer side to Medal of Honour Warfighter, is most likely what you'll be purchasing this game for. For the fans of Battlefield 3, you'll be glad to hear that the graphics are very similar, and while gameplay may not be quite as fast paced as that of Call of Duty, it is certainly faster paced than Battlefield 3.

Another thing to consider about the game, is that unlike Battlefield 3 you have the potential to obtain killstreaks. These are awarded to players who play Medal of Honour skillfully, and manage to suppress the enemy team of multiple consecutive kills before dying. In comparison to Call of Duty, the Medal of Honour Warfighter killstreaks are much more team orientated, and fun to use.

Choose your Style of Play and Weaponary.

As of now, this game has been out a mere 3 days, and already it is clear what the major points to consider are. Such things as your shooting, gun usage, class usage and play-style will all be a massive influence on your gameplay and performance in Medal of Honour. Much like Battlefield 3, Medal of Honour brings a large selection of weapons for you to choose from. This allows you to experiment with them and find out for yourself which one suits your particular style of play.

It is obvious of course, for the players who are looking for action-packed gameplay and quick bursts of adrenaline, addressing your soldiers with a light, but rapid firing weapon would be best. Although, if your idea of gameplay involves laying back, and situating around flanking positions, then maybe you should go for a suppressed weapon, with an average fire-rate. Otherwise, you will attract far too much attention to yourself, when in fact your main strategy may potentially be to go for the sneaky and more stealthy attacks.

Buy Medal of Honour Warfighter.

Help your Teammates and Play the Objective.

Another tip for this game over other first person shooters, is that the way in which you're likely to gain the most amount of points, is to help your teammates as much as possible, whilst playing the objective of the game. Naturally, by playing the game's objective, you will come across a lot of enemies, as well as a lot of teammates as well. So make the most of your situation, be sure that you're constantly healing and re-supplying teammates, as this can be a massive help to your score.

Take your Time and Do Not Run Out Into the Open.

Medal of Honour Warfighter has plenty of obstacles for you to hide behind and keep cover from enemy fire. Why not use this cover to your advantage, and win more kills? Of course this sounds logical enough in theory, but it is far too common for players to run out, only to get killed within seconds due to their lack of patience. So remember, in Medal of Honour Warfighter, while everyone else around you may be running around like madmen, you will find your performance will improve drastically, if you take your time with gameplay. Especially, when the enemy team is flat out rushing at you, without really thinking through their strategy.

Some Awesome Medal of Honour Warfighter Gameplay.

I do not own the rights to this video, and all credit for it's production belong to the creators of Medal of Honour: Warfighter EA games, and F1sTDaCuFFs the author of this gameplay via.


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