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Medley competition SH125i by Piaggio in Vietnam what?

Updated on March 24, 2016

Medley leverage the strengths of its unique design and innovative technologies to race with rival Japan.

Vietnamese scooter market split into two opposing areas when it comes to high-end segment. If trot loves fashion design characterized Italy's Piaggio mean ignoring other inherent weaknesses of the engine. Conversely, if you want to select an enduring model of Honda, the exquisite design is difficult to achieve.

Despite the new design SH

Despite the new design SH controversial since 2013 but is still the preferred choice of customers in the segment Vietnam 70 million or more. Piaggio wants more competition, especially when the market is gradually developing priority trends scooter traditional advantage is the centennial of the Italian automaker. Medley is the answer.

Medley faced the debut

Medley faced the debut of the experts worry about a similar case anymore as inappropriate Beverly needs of Vietnamese customers. But there are reasons to be confident Piaggio about new products, while Medley overcome the disadvantages that a large wheeled scooter models previously acquired.

Design hotel Beverly Vietnamese trim not favored because the pits, giving the feeling of an unapproachable model, the same failure of the Honda PS, @ ago. Medley is different, and the car balance more gently. Makes the opposite point want to observe that this scooter model in each corner for a different feel.

From previous diagonal corners can be considered Medley is a larger version of the Liberty, but from the back it clear masculine looks great, while the horizontal view balance Medley much more mischievous style of Liberty. If Liberty is regarded teenage boy wants to show personality, the Medley is mature man. This station masculine models, but the kind of boy lãng Italy, rather than strong muscles American boys.


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