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Meet the Demoman: A Team Fortress 2 Giude

Updated on January 20, 2012

Meet the Demoman/DemonKnight!

This is my second guide for Team Fortress 2. This guide focuses on the class Demoman or Demon Knight as it is sometimes called. A Demoman is a great offensive and defensive class. And is a perfect choice for a patient player.

Meet the Demoman the MOVIE!

Class Mechanic's

This class has two sub classes. The first sub class is the Demoman and the second being the Demon Knight.

The Demoman

  • Uses a grenade launcher, stickybomb launcher and a melee weapon.
  • Grenade Launcher is more of a direct assault type weapon whereas the stickybomb launcher is a place and wait type weapon.

The Demon Knight

  • This type of Demoman specializes in melee weapons. They are generally unable to use any type of ranged weapon and rely on charging the enemy.
  • A variety of specialized melee weapons help the Demon Knight accomplish this task.

Primary Weapon

The Grenade Launcher is the default weapon for the Demoman. Grenades will explode upon touching an enemy player or construct provided that they have not bounced. The initial shot (before it has bounced) does anywhere from 80-120 points of damage whereas after it has bounced it does anywhere from 20-60 damage points.

Loch N Load is a craft-able weapon for the primary slot of the Demoman. It does 20 percent bonus damage. Grenades fly through the air faster. However, Grenades shatter upon touching surfaces. It has a small clip and does 25 percent more damage to you if you use it in close quarters.

Boot Legger and Ali Baba's Wee Booties are two primary items that are used for a Demon Knight. They provide 25 extra hit points and increased turning while charging.

Secondary Weapon Slot

There are 5 secondary weapon slot items at the release of this guide.

The Sticky Launcher is the default weapon for the Demoman Class. It can lay up to 8 sticky bombs before sticky bombs start exploding. Alt-Fire of this weapon will detonate all the stickies. Sticky's can be destroyed by enemy players. A player can also use sticky's the jump (hold crouch and jump and detonate a sticky under your feet).

Scottish Resistance is my favorite Demoman weapon. It can shoot up to 14 stickies and detonate them in groups. The Demoman will be shown where all the stickies are and can select to explode them at his whim. The stickies have almost a 1 second priming time (they take 1 second longer to be able to detonate them).

Sticky Jumper is a tutorial weapon. It cannot damage players, hold more ammo and does less damage to the player. This is used to practice sticky jumping.

The Shields...Chargin Targe, and Splendid Screen. These are two Demon Knight items. They provide various resistance to protect the Demon Knight. Use whichever one you think is better. The Splendid Screen is focused more on damage increasing effects while the Chargin Targe is focused on resistance.

Melee Weapons

Since there are alot of melee weapons available for this class I am only going to cover the most popular and useful weapons.

Half-Zatoichi is a katana looking blade. That upon killing an enemy will restore health to max. It also cannot be put away until it kills.

Persian Persuader is a scimitar looking blade. It halves recharge time on the charge ability. Has no random critical hits. Turns all ammo into health packs (very useful). It also has a slightly increase melee range.

Tips and Hints.

  • 4 stickies placed in close proximity can kill any class in the game.
  • The Scottish Resistance allows the player to put multiple groups of stickies at key locations. These stickies can be detonated separately allowing for a Demoman to effectively hold off the enemy players single handedly.
  • If the cart or the point is under attack. A good strategy to use is to spam the normal grenade launcher at the point. If enough people are doing it, the enemy team cannot get near the point.
  • See an enemy teleporter? Don't destroy it right away. Lay a sticky trap to kill the next person to use it.
  • If you are blown off a cliff and you are a Demon Knight; you can use charge to get back onto the cliff if you are fast enough.
  • See an incoming uber? Laying a sticky bomb trap can actually separate an uber team. Or at the very least blow them very high into the air.


The Demoman class is a very powerful class. People often don't use the stickies bombs enough. Remember to group them in patches of 4, this is also useful in possibly tricking the enemy player into thinking that only one sticky in there. The Demon Knight while it can be fun, it is also a class that isn't very useful. Kills are half luck and half skill.

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