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Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 there enough Mega here to justify 20 dollars

Updated on August 19, 2017
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Hi there my name is Tommy and I have been a gamer/collector for most of my life.

My youtube review

Last week saw the release of the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 on the Steam store and I decided to purchase it. I have always wondered what the hate was about when it comes to these legacy collections. Now I know the Anniversary Collection gave us more bang up front, but for those who are complaining about these re-releases you might want to check the copy right date on the Anniversary Collection it’s from 2004, that’s 13 years ago. No current day console can run that game so it’s been long enough for Capcom to do another re-release with these legacy collections. While the first one was on the NES games which I didn’t pick up specifically because the anniversary collections run them all fine, Legacy Collection 2 did interest me because the Anniversary Collection fouled up both Mega Man 7 and Mega Man 8. It gutted 7 endings by taking out the pictures and artwork it might not seem like much but when you consider 7’s somewhat dark ending not having Mega Man walk away from Wiley’s Tower looking both determined and horrified ruins a lot of the impact. Mega Man 8 had some severe audio problems on the GameCube, a little less on the PS2…. And the Xbox version well I only played that one on my 360 but too say there’s some problem with the backwards compatibility there is an understatement.

Has far has the two other games on the anniversary collection the power battle arcade games, I personally can say I’m not going to miss them. They weren’t very fun in my opinion and were forgettable bonuses, sure it was cool too see the original series reference Zero from the Mega Man X series but that was the only good thing about them. That’s not saying the collection feels complete more on that later. Let’s take a look at each of these games and I’ll tell you what I think.

Mega Man 7 title screen.

Released in the mid 90’s on the Super Nintendo, now this game had to overcome a certain variable problem known has X, or more appropriately Mega Man X. X went into a darker route with its story and added in a lot of new features but Capcom still wanted to keep the simpler Mega Man franchise going. There solution next too keeping some of the NES troupes was too super-size the sprites too make it look like a bigger version of the NES games. It’s an odd look for Mega Man but the rest of the game just looks beautiful and the HD update does it wonders. This is how a Super Nintendo port should look like the colors are just vibrant and you can just see those backgrounds now ooze out with new life. And this is a good thing this is one of the better Mega Man games…for the most part.

While Mega Man's sprite on this is the strangest looking he's ever been.

but it's hard not too see how gorgeous the rest of the game, especially the background looks.
but it's hard not too see how gorgeous the rest of the game, especially the background looks. | Source

There are tons of secrets to the point that it almost runs into X3 problems but with the exception of the Rush tokens you have to find in the first few stages too unlock the S adapter most of the items are either easy to find or helpful but not necessary too finishing the game. My one big complaint about the game is the last boss fight sucks, and sucks a lot. It’s like super hard and really cheap, I’m glad they gave me the option to increase Mega Man defense in this collection because I don’t know how it’s possible to even beat Wily without it. He can hover up there safe from attack most of the times and is attacks are next too impossible to dodge. Still a good game and worthy of checking out in this collection.

Mega Man 8

Released in 97 on the original PlayStation Mega Man 8 is probably the most unique game in the series. With the way its visuals look and the gameplay works. Oh and let’s not forget the only game in the original series too have fully animated cut scenes with some hilariously bad voice acting, it’s also the one that I would say got most screwed up in the anniversary packs. So how did they do this time, umm better than the last one by far. But that’s not too say it’s perfect. My biggest complaint comes with the graphics. There nice and sharp just like Mega Man 7 a bit too sharp I had to put on the old CRT line filter to keep the characters from looking all jaggy and fuzzy. That said the picture is indeed sharper and the colors are better than the original game. The sound and audio problems have also been fixed and the character’s no longer sound like chipmunks being rammed through a wood chipper. Anyways back too Mega Man 8 and the fact that it does indeed experiment with new things from automatically sliding stages which can be frustrating, too side scrolling shooter stages, to some unique power items I find Mega Man 8 to be one of the more memorable of the Mega Man games and probably one of the most charming.

Mega Man 8 at Schmup stages plus these hard has hell automatic sliding stages
Mega Man 8 at Schmup stages plus these hard has hell automatic sliding stages | Source

Mega Man 9

After Mega Man 8’s released there was another Japanese famicom game released with him in it and then the series kind of went dormant has a whole bunch of side series and spin offs took over. We had Mega Man X,,, Zero,,,, Battle Network, and even Legends just blowing up all over the place. However all these series started too peter out about a decade ago so Capcom and Inticreates decided to go back to the drawing board and take the Mega Man franchise back to its 8-bit roots and release one of the worst games in the series. Ok it’s not bad enough for me to claim it doesn’t exist, but I can say that it makes the same mistakes has Double Dragon 4, in the thinking that in order to be old school it has to kick players heads into the ground, just not too the same extreme. There is some fun in Mega Man 9, it has some good stages, music, and decent designs in its enemies and bosses, although I don’t know if I like the idea of them taking out the charge shots and sliding those have been in there since Mega Man 3 and 4 after all. But it’s also unfortunately ridiculously hard to the point where it goes from hard yet fun, too just annoyingly difficult. In the stage most guides recommend you go through first. Not only do I have to stand on some bubbles which if I get on the wrong one at the wrong time I get to restart the whole puzzle. But a little while later I run into this.

Obstacles like this screen shot

traps like this is why I hate Mega Man 9. How the hell am I suppose to get past this screen without dying. Im playing Mega Man not freaking Battletoads.
traps like this is why I hate Mega Man 9. How the hell am I suppose to get past this screen without dying. Im playing Mega Man not freaking Battletoads. | Source

Just Look at THIS how do I do that none of the platforms come close enough for me to make a safe jump and that’s instant kill spikes….SCREW THIS. Yes I know this game has its fans and defenders but I got a question to ask all of you who fall into this category. Would this game be any worse if the difficulty wasn’t toned back just a little? God this game feels like a really big frustrating mess and I really do hate it.

Mega Man 10

Fortunately we do have Mega Man 10 to usher the Mega Man series into the sun set on a high note. Everything I complained about 9 it fixed. There are now multiple difficulty levels and while normal mode is still ridiculously hard it’s a lot fairer in its challenge then Mega Man 9 was, and easy mode fixes everything up so if I want a breezy Mega Man experience I can have that. It also has multiple characters and while I haven’t played thorough the game has Bass yet I know I love Protoman so much. He has the classic charge and slide moves for those who enjoyed the later Mega Man games more, he also has a shield to help deal with projectile. On the bad side though he’s a bit flimsy so he takes a lot of damage when an enemy scores an attack but he has just so much fire power it’s just amazing.

Adding Protoman was a great way too not alienate fans of later Mega Man game

Protoman is awsome.
Protoman is awsome. | Source

So what are the extras and menus like. For the most part there pretty good, way easier than the anniversary collection even if there just simple menus you select a game, and then start it you can toggle some additional options if you want.

Once inside the game, the game does provide one helpful option to make these games a tad easier, a quick save feature…sort of. Rather than starting you back to where you hit the save button, it takes you back to the last check point with the amount of health and lives you had when you saved, it’s kind of a neat way too make sure you get more lives and continues, without the outright cheating that can happen with this kind of set up. That said while 3 out of 4 of these games have saved states Mega Man 7 does not and using the quick save for this game is a bit awkward make sure you have a pencil and paper around just in case.

Next too that there is a museum mode with some nice art work, and several challenges that are added in for a nice variety and a little extra flavor to the games themselves.

So what's there too complain about

So what do I have to complain about in this legacy collection 2, well for only having 4 games and only 3 that are really worth playing, I don’t like the 20 dollar price tag I think this should have been 15 just like it’s predecessor. And I know I wouldn’t feel this way if they added in one more game, and it has nothing to do with those crappy arcade games. Remember that famicom game I mention earlier it was called Rockman and Forte and was released only on the Super Famicom in Japan, we didn’t get it for are super Nintendo’s. But we did get it for are Game boy advances has Mega man and Bass. And while does suffer from some of the complaints I gave to Mega Man 9 it is a fun game worth checking out and it would have made this collection feel a lot more complete.

Final Recommendation

In the end Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is a good game to put on your wish list but not too purchase at full price. You get 3 really great Mega Man game and one that’s kind of crap in my opinion, with the original giving you 6 games for 5 dollars less it kind of makes me want to recommend it less.


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