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MontblancMeisterstuck 149

Updated on October 7, 2011

The Meisterstuck 149

Meisterstuck 149: The Creation of Legend

The rich legacy of Montblanc can be traced back to a company that has endured nearly a century of growth and downturn with consistent passion and a strict adherence to quality and artisanship. The Montblanc pen line in particular is a shining example of how a corporation can invoke vision in its audience while being less corporate. The flagship of this pen line is the Meisterstuck 149.

In the culture of writing instruments, 1924 stands out as a cornerstone year. The year that Montblanc introduced a the Meisterstuck 149. A glorious piece of art and function that would set the writing world on blaze and change the look and feel of fountain pens for years to come. Revolutionary in its design and appearance, the 149 quickly became one of the most famous pens in the world. Today, the 149 still commands the respect it garnered over all these years. Do just as much to Montblanc’s dedication to the flagship product as much as the publics simple love for this majestic pen.

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Overview of Meisterstuck 149

The ink of the Meisterstuck 149 fountain pen is fed by a piston. The ink is transferred to the paper via a hand crafted 18K gold nib with rhodium-plated inlay. The 149 carries the opportunities to have a nib widths in either M, EF, F, B BB, OM, OB or OBB. Allowing for a wide range of writing character. The barrel is comprised of black precious resin. Understated, but elegant. The cap is also black precious resin, but inlaid with the now famous Montblanc emblem in white. The pen is trimed in three gold plated rings with a gold plated clip bearing the individual serial number. The standard size while it is capped is approximately 15 centimeters and it’s a bit longer when it is posted. It has a unique torpedo shape that gives it definite class. Over all it is a pen that commands attention of those is any class and demographic.

A Writing Instrument

There exists firm agreement that the Meisterstuck 149 has no rival in regards to look, feel and presentation. It is 100 percent show. But how does it write? Does the Meisterstuck Montblanc perform? The answer to this question is, unfortunately, yes and no. According to the pen forums and personal experience the Meisterstuck 149 is prone to defects that range from cracking caps to tarnishing clips. Some owners have reported that the ink flow was to excessive leading to blurred and feathered script. Others stated that the ink flow was seized and nothing could be done to wet the nib enough to write at all. Others complain that the weight is excessive for a fine writing instrument or that the shape is not ergonomic enough.

I believe all of these complaints are true. People who purchase $600 pens don’t tend to complain about their purchase unless there is something to complain about. But I also think these complaints are rare. The Meisterstuck 149 has been in production for 86 years. Handcrafted for 86 years. On one hand you would expect perfection by now. But the more realistic view is you are going to find a pen with a flaw now and then, but for the most part you will find excellence. I will admit that there do seem to be a greater propensity for flaws in the later models. But lets hope this too is a fluke and not a trend.


The Meisterstuck 149 is a gorgeous example of the quality and craftsmanship that has made Montblanc the premier pen company of the world. It’s handcrafted components and unique torpedo shape provide the user with a truly inspired writing instrument that will last a lifetime. Flaws are apparent in certain runs and distributions, but on the whole the pen is as solid as the Montblanc reputation. The Meisterstuck 149 is a must have for any MB collector.


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