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Melissa And Doug Jumbo Wooden Puzzles For One Year Old

Updated on May 21, 2013

Melissa & Doug wooden puzzles are fun for all ages. They are one of the leading brand of children's educational toys and products on the market today. They have puzzles designed for different ages. They have wooden puzzles designed especially for your one year old to help improve fine motor skills and troubleshooting. Both of my girls love Melissa & Doug toys, especially the first wooden puzzles we purchased for them. Take a look at a few of the Melissa & Doug wooden puzzles my girls enjoyed playing with the most.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Fish Bowl Wooden Puzzle

This Melissa & Doug Deluxe Fish Bowl Jumbo Knob Puzzle is the perfect first puzzle for your one year old. It features easy to grasp jumbo wooden knobs for their little hands and consists of only three pieces to the puzzle; Goldfish, turtle, crab. In addition to helping them with their fine motor skills, you can also begin teaching them colors as you help them put the pieces back together.

Melisa & Doug Pets Jumbo Wooden Puzzle

With matching pictures below each piece, your one year old will learn to match the pieces to the proper spot with this puzzle. Perfect for the smaller hands, this puzzle also has jumbo wooden knobs to help them place the puzzles correctly. My girls loved seeing the pictures of the three animals in this one; Bird, Cat, and Dog. When we put this puzzle together, we said the name of the animal and made the sound of each animal as well.

Melissa & Doug First Shapes Wooden Puzzle

Develop their fine motor skills with the jumbo wooden knobs with this first shapes puzzle for your little one. This puzzle also has a matching picture below each shape to help the child put the puzzle together. Extra large knobs make it easy for small hands. This puzzle also has the name of each shape so your child starts to recognize the shape with the word. Both of my girls still love playing with this one!

Melissa & Doug Barnyard Animals Wooden Puzzle

The Wooden Barnyard Animals Jumbo Knob Puzzle features easy to grasp knobs, extra thick puzzle pieces, and brightly colored pictures. There are three pieces to this puzzle, each one featuring a different barnyard animal. Neigh like a horse, Baaa like a sheep, and Moo like a cow to teach your one year old the sounds of the barnyard as you put this puzzle back together.

Melissa & Doug Vehicle Wooden Puzzle

This wooden puzzle is a stop sign with three vehicle puzzle pieces inside. Featuring extra-large wooden knobs for easy handling, the pieces consist of a pickup truck, a sports car, and a police car. Your little one will love playing with this puzzle, pretending to 'drive' the vehicles into place. Brightly colored, this puzzle with definitely keep your one year old car enthusiasts attention.


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