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Melissa and Doug Toys - Melissa and Doug Puzzles Review

Updated on September 17, 2010

Melissa and Doug Toys - Bringing Back Great Toys

Remember the days of wooden toys? Remember when you were a child and you had all those beautifully crafted toys just waiting for you in your toy box? You would come home after play school and eagerly pull out your favorite toy and play for hours and hours.

These days most kids aren’t lucky enough to be able to play with toys like you did. They are either sat down in front of a computer to be parented by a software program or worse the TV. If a child is lucky enough to have a real life three dimensional toy, it is likely to be made out of cheap plastic.

But all is not lost. Those toys of your youth are being made again by a company called Melissa and Doug. These good people make wooden toys and puzzles that can keep your child entertained for hours and are great for mental stimulation and encouraging the child’s imagination.

Melissa and Doug Toys- Varieties

Melissa and Doug’s puzzles and toys are some of the hottest products on Amazon this year. Known for their beautiful Melissa and Doug puzzles, Melissa and Doug toys also come in other varieties such as:

  • Plush Toys – Giraffe, Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear, Sea Turtles, Dragons
  • Pretend Play – Fire Chief Costumes, Doctor Costumes, Pirate Costumes
  • Play Food – Sandwich Making Set, Pizza, Ice Cream, Cookie Set (These are Gorgeous)
  • Classic Toys – Wooden Blocks, Pattern Blocks, Toy Tool Kit, See and Spell
  • Magnetic Toys – Responsibility Chart, Magnetic Wooden Alphabet, Magnetic Doll Dress Up Kits
  • Music – Toy Band Set, Toy Piano
  • Arts & Crafts – Easel, Artist’s Smock, Stamp Sets, Stringing Beads
  • Dollhouses – Family Doll Set, Wooden Folding Castle, Wooden Furniture, Medieval Castle
  • Outdoor Toys – Cute Umbrellas, Butterfly Binoculars
  • Baby Toys – Frolicking Frog Pull Toy, Bead Maze, Jumbo Shapes

Check Out Melissa and Doug puzzles

Melissa and Doug Puzzles

Melissa and Doug Puzzles are excellent for building critical thinking and logic skills in your children. These puzzles are tough, durable and beautifully made and are innovative in the sense that they provide your child with interesting and entertaining ways of learning about the world.

Puzzles have always been an excellent way for a family to spend time together and they also help children learn about the value of critical thinking and “seeing something to the end.”

These Melissa and Doug puzzles are not too difficult but provide enough of a challenge for a young child to build their self confidence and learning skills.

Melissa and Doug puzzles come in many different varieties and all of them have gotten raving reviews from parents all over the world. If you home school your young child then these Melissa and Doug puzzles are especially beneficial because they help build the child’s cognitive and critical thinking skills. They are also super cute and come highly recommended.

Final Word

Melissa and Doug Toys have very vivid colors. They feature cute animals and are available in various colors and sizes. They are the perfect gift for any young child.

Melissa and Doug Toys and Melissa and Doug Puzzles are in very high demand by discerning parent everywhere. This is not surprising considering that they are high quality products.

Our kids deserve all the good things that we had when we were young and Melissa and Doug toys are certainly a step in the right direction. In an age of cheap and poorly manufactured toys, Melissa and Doug have given us a breath of fresh air and our kids some great hours of entertainment and learning.


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