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Memories to Share: A Game of Connections

Updated on October 19, 2014
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Memories to Share card game
Memories to Share card game

Memories to Share Game

Come eat, drink, and be sharing with your friends and family. Memories to Share is a card game for all ages. In Memories to Share players take turns playing cards with different memory prompts on them. For example, “Tell us something you've always wanted to try” or “”Tell us your favorite thing about your family.”

When Should I Play this Game?

Memories to Share is a great game for family get togethers, holidays, and ice breaking. Since the game encourages people to share experiences they've had it's a great way to learn more about people or see them in a new light – and to hear some silly stories too.

Who is the Game For?

This game is designed for children and adults of all generations. Kids need to be old enough to share some memories in order to play. (Probably at least 5 or 6 years old.) The game's tag line says, “They will remember everything you share.”

What Are the Cards Like?

Each Memories to Share card has two memory prompts on it. Each time you share you only pick one prompt from a card.

How Do I Play this Game?

There are two ways to play this game – a basic game and a competitive game. One of the most interesting things about Memories to Share is that since its designed to share memories its a really fantastic way for children, parents, and grandparents to learn more about each other in a fun setting.

The Basic Game: In this version you shuffle the Memories deck and deal 3 cards to each player. Then, starting with the youngest player, each person picks a card from their hand and shares a memory from it. After playing a card, draw a new card. Play proceeds clockwise for 3-5 rounds.

The Competitive Game: In this version of the game you shuffle the Memories deck and deal 3 cards to each player too. Then, going clockwise each player shares one memory. After all players share, everyone secretly writes down which memory they found most interesting. The player who gets the most votes keeps the card as a victory point. (If there's a tie, both players get a point.) The player with the most victory points after 5 rounds wins.

The basic game is a really good option to play if you just want to spark some conversation, learn more about each other, or you are playing with children. The competitive game is good if you're in the mood for a more traditional playing experience.

Memories to share can be played as a cooperative or competitive game.
Memories to share can be played as a cooperative or competitive game.

Sample Questions

Here are some more sample questions from Memories to Share:

Tell us your favorite children's book. Why is it your favorite?

Tell us about your luckiest moment.

Tell us about someone you would like to see again but don't think you will.

Tell us your favorite Thanksgiving tradition. Why?

Tell us about something you like that lots of other people don't.

Tell us if I could live in another time in history which would I choose? Why?

Cooperative Games

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Where Can I Buy the Game?

This card game is published by Living Legacy Publications LLC. You can purchase the game here.

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