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Merchandise Monday - Dishonored Tarot Cards

Updated on March 14, 2013
Gamestop's Dishonored pre-order poster
Gamestop's Dishonored pre-order poster | Source
Dishonored tarot card box
Dishonored tarot card box | Source
Dishonored tarot cards in the "secret me" spread
Dishonored tarot cards in the "secret me" spread | Source

Dishonored (2012: Xbox 360, PS3, Windows) had a variety of pre-order add-ons depending on the retailer. Target gave out a smartphone decal, Best Buy’s customers received a replica whale oil lamp, the source of light in the game. GameStop gave its customers a seventy eight-card tarot deck. The cards features characters such as the protagonist Cover, the empress Jessamine Kaldwin, and Granny Rags, the blind, senile, elderly woman you met during your first major mission. You can use the deck to play the Game of Nancy, which the instructions are included with the deck. However, this is not what I want to concentrate this hub on...

I have recently picked up an interest in learning how to read tarot cards. Luckily, this deck is just a special version, so it can be used for divination and readings. The cards feature the mark of the Outsider on the back, and readers use the position of the mark to identify if the card is upright or reversed.

The deck features the usual Minor and Major Arcana, but they have their own names fitting to the game. Their translations, and the characters that represent them, are below:

The Minor Arcana:

  • Rats are Pentacles.
  • Swords are Swords.
  • Guns are Wands.
  • Skulls are Cups.
  • The Kings and Queens remain Kings and Queens. Jacks are Pages, and Commoners are Knights.

The Major Arcana:

  • Judgment - Judgment (Emily Kaldwin)
  • Lust - Strength (Madam Prudence)
  • Man on Stilts - Chariot (tallboy)
  • The Boatman - The Sun (Samuel Beechworth)
  • The Witch - The High Priestess (Vera Moray/Granny Rags)
  • The Weeper - Fortune (plague victim)
  • The Lady - Justice (Lady Boyle)
  • Regret - The Tower (Daud)
  • The Urchin Prince - The Moon ( Slackjaw)
  • The Twins - The Lovers ( Custis and Morgan Pendleton)
  • The Hermit - The Hermit (Piero Joplin)
  • The Artist - The Magician (Anton Sokolov)
  • Cruelty - The Devil (The Royal Interrogator)
  • The Governess - Temperance (Callista Curnow)
  • Nobility - The Star (Treavor Pendleton)
  • The High Overseer - The Heirophant (Thaddeus Cambell [red] and Teague Martin [blue])
  • The Drowned Man - The Hanged Man (Admiral Farley Havelock)
  • The Lord Regent - The Emperor (Hiram Burrows)
  • The Empress - The Empress (Jessamine Kaldwin)
  • The World - The World (map of the empire)
  • Death - Death (Corvo Attano)
  • The Outsider - The Fool (The Outsider)

If you are interested in reading with this unique cards, there is a link to the product page on Amazon. Happy reading!


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    • jjackson786 profile image


      4 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Okay, these are seriously cool!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I got one skull#6

      Than the rest rats


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