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Metal Gear Rising Revengeance walkthrough: Data Storage Locations

Updated on February 28, 2013

Occasionally on your mission you'll come across Data Storage disks. There are 20 disks in all; try to find them while you're playing the game through for the first time. Doing so will earn you the Data Mining achievement or trophy. Woo!

File R-00

The first Data Storage is located during the Sundowner chase through the exposed sewer system. After you've slid through the first set of pipes, check the ground for a narrow sewer grate. Slice through this to open up a small path you can slide into. Descend into the space to find the Data Storage.

The second Data Storage is located on the train before you meet up with Sundowner and Jetstream Sam. Proceed until you can see them and lightly jump down from the last set of crates. You'll find the Data Storage on the edge of the train car. Avoid Ninja Running or you'll wind up on the cyborg's car and spark a cut scene you can't escape.

File R-01

The third Data Storage is located near the beginning of the File. After fighting three cyborgs you'll enter a multi-floor building. Climb to the second floor and you'll be able to target a chandelier in the middle of the room. It will crash down, bringing the Data Storage down with it.

The fourth Data Storage is in the same area as where you fight your first Gekko. After destroying the Gekko, check the left side of the street for a ledge you can climb on. At the end of this small alley is a blue box you can slice open to find the Data Storage.

The fifth Data Storage is accessible after you destroy Blade Wolf. Once the battle's complete, check the right side of the street for a door in the wall. It leads to a storage room containing the disk.

The sixth Data Storage is right at the end of the File, inside the refinery. Before you reach the stack leading to the battle with Mistral you'll come up on a series of catwalks. Explore the opposite side of the catwalks from where you come up to find the Data Storage, sitting on a small ledge.

File R-02

The seventh Data Storage is in a sewer tunnel patrolled by two Mastiffs, just after you find your first Cardboard Box. Before you hop down onto the bottom of the tunnel, check along the catwalks and pipes. The disk is in a blue box at the end of a pipe.

The eighth Data Storage is in the section of Desperado's laboratory that you'll explore as a Dwarf Gekko. Find your way to the rear of the room, just after the second guard patrolling the area. The disk is sitting atop a stack of crates. Raiden will visit this area as well, but he's too big to reach the disk.

The ninth Data Storage is in the same section, and again can only be grabbed by the Dwarf Gekko. Check the walls on the bottom floor for a vent you can roll into. The disk is sitting inside.

File R-03

The tenth Data Storage is at the beginning of the File. After you defeat the two GRADS you'll gain access to the lobby of a nearby building via an escalator encased in glass. Use the stairs and bridge on the other side of the street to get on top of the lobby and check the top of the glass. The Data Storage is up here.

The eleventh Data Storage is located on the rooftops of Denver. Make your way to the last building and you'll be overlooking a line of air conditioning units and several cyborgs. An unmanned Slider will drop a cyborg off and fly past you. Slice up the Slider before it can get away and it will drop the Data Storage.

The twelfth Data Storage is in the darkened underground railway. Kill off the first Mastiff and make your way down the right side of the tunnel. Once you see a second Mastiff, quietly check the rubble off to your left. Hop over some crates to find the Data Storage amid the rubble.

The thirteenth Data Storage is in the business area leading up to the conversation with Jetstream Sam. Before you ascend the long set of stairs patrolled by soldiers, check the right side of the landing. The Data Storage is sitting atop a ledge above a café. Use the vendor's cart just outside the café to jump up to it.

File R-04

The fourteenth Data Storage is in the lobby of World Marshal HQ. Make your way to the elevators but turn back before you reach them. Look at the lobby and you'll see platforms on the four columns lining the lobby. Jump to the column to your left, then to the two flatscreen TVs on the wall. Use them to jump to the second column. The Data Storage is on the other side of the platform.

The fifteenth Data Storage is in the Japanese garden near the top of World Marshal HQ. After clearing out the area, check to the left of the big red door beneath the waypoint. Atop a ledge is the Data Storage, inside a blue box.

The sixteenth Data Storage is carried by one of the cyborgs that attacks you on the two lifts that ascend through World Marshal HQ. Near the end Doktor will pressure you to jump to the opposite platform before yours is destroyed. Ignore his advice and kill the cyborgs harassing you. One will drop the disk.

The seventeenth Data Storage is in the server room at the top of World Marshal HQ. Wait for Sundowner to finish his speech and leave. Get onto the walkways he'd used and you'll find two paths, one to the left and one to the right. Get on the right path and follow the open doors to the end of the walkway. Jump on the server at the end and use the ledge here to reach the opposite walkway. At the end of this path is a blue box containing the Data Storage.

File R-05

The eighteenth Data Storage is located on the street covered in light rail cars and patrolled by Gekkos. Check the opposite side of the street from where you start, behind one of the light rail cars, to find a trash can. The Data Storage is inside the trash can.

File R-07

The nineteenth Data Storage is found just outside the VTOL hangar. To your left, opposite the security cameras, is a stack of crates. Use the crates to get on top of the green roofing and find the Data Storage.

The twentieth and final Data Storage is inside the VTOL hangar. Clear the area of soldiers and climb up on the third VTOL plane (via crates or the walkway). The disk is sitting atop the right rotor.


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